Q&A: Creationist who use answers in genesis, what do you think of this?

Question by tylertxan: Creationist who use answers in genesis, what do you think of this?
Pastor Biker utilized many of these worthless arguements–trying to convince someone by subtrafuge is the same thing as lying so I wouldn’t think a good christian would print such trash–but at any way–Bikers arguements refuted and a good kick in the seat to answers in genesis.

The Australia based Answers in Genesis (http://www.answersingenesis.org/intro.as… is one of the more strident of the young earth creationist organizations. It is a repository of a zillion (and growing) or so articles “proving” that the earth is young. As an antidote for such nonsense, try the alternate site No Answers in Genesis (http://home.austarnet.com.au/stear/defau…

As for Evidence for a Young World (http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs/400… it’s not only typical of the creationist “shotgun” approach (list so many “evidences” that it’s too much work to bother answering), but also pretty stupid. Just look at some of Humphreys’ “evidences” for a young earth: Agriculture is too recent and History is too short. Those are supposed to have something to do with the age of the earth? That’s so stupid it’s unbelievable that somebody with a post grade school education would even suggest it, let alone somebody who really does have a PhD in physics.

As for the “scientific” reasons, they are for the most part, easy to refute, if you know enough about the science to get past the creationist fluff.

Galaxies wind themselves up too fast is known as the “winding dilemma” in astrophysics, but it has long since been solved. The dilemma goes away as soon as you realize that spiral arms are not rigid structures, but traveling waves. The stars don’t move to create spiral arms, but the waves travel through the stars to create the spiral pattern. The solution is ignored by creationists who don’t want you to know that there is a solution.

Comets disintegrate too quickly would be a problem if there was no source for new comets to replace the old ones. Creationists simply assume without reason that there cannot be such a source. But astronomers continue to find evidence that both the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud are where they are expected to be (see A Response to the Short Period Comets Argument (http://www.tim-thompson.com/resp9.html))…

Not enough mud on the sea floor and Not enough sodium in the sea are bogus arguments that have nothing at all to do with the age of the earth. Both are examples of highly variable geologic processes. Creationists try to argue that sea water sodium would build up to its present level in a mere 42 million years, so the earth can’t be much older. But if you use the same argument for aluminum, the maximum age for the earth turns out to be 100 years. That should ring a bell somewhere, but creationists can’t hear it.

The Earth’s magnetic field is decaying too fast is an argument that is too circular. the only way to support such an argument is to presuppose a young earth, and ignore just about everything anybody knows about magnetohydrodynamics. Bogus pseudo-science (see On Creation Science and the Alleged Decay of the Earth’s Magnetic Field (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/magfield…

Many strata are too tightly bent was written by a physicist who flunked geology I guess, or didn’t take a course in continuum mechanics. Rock under pressure is plastic and bends without cracking. Duh. So far as I can tell, the injected sandstone argument is another example of the same fallacy.

Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic ‘ages’ to a few years, except that the polonium halos aren’t actually polonium halos (see the Polonium Halo FAQS (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/po-halos…

Helium in the wrong places isn’t quite as bad as the others, but it’s still pretty lame. They do not in fact account for loss of ionized helium around the earth’s magnetic poles, and the helium outgassing & loss rates are not constant with time anyway.

Not enough stone age skeletons is based on the rather shakey asumption that there must be 4 billion of them (why?). It’s also based on the equally shakey assumption that we should have found them (where would you dig?). It’s just an invention.

So much for Answers in Genesis. Young earth creationism is about as scientifically bogus as it is possible to be, just one made up tale after another. But they could at least try to be more imaginative.

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Answer by ???????? Mother Nature ????????
Sorry, but..

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help me with this essay?

Question by : help me with this essay?
I have had many people tell me that I should give you a “slice” of my life to separate me from other candidates who are doing the same, so here goes. My name is Caleb Acosta, I am seventeen years old, and I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. I was born in Santa Maria California along with my twin sister and lived there till I was four years old.
My mom then entered partial ownership of a mobile rock crushing plant with my uncle Robby. As the company’s name implies, this involved a lot of moving. For seven years we moved from place to place crushing rock with my uncle. In this period we moved a total of 24 times, all throughout California; places like Snelling, Vernalais, Truckee, even in Carson City Nevada. We lived on site at the different rock crushing plants many times. For this reason, our family bought a travel trailer to better enable us to move to these unique places.
Life in a travel trailer, out in the middle of nowhere, not a mile from a rock crushing plant was harsh. Every time we moved my sister and I would go look for things to do. Our favorite activity was catching lizards and frogs, as we both always loved animals.
During this time we learned school at home. Since we moved so much, my mom put me and my twin sister through an accelerated Christian home school program called A Beka academy. We always paid close attention to our schooling because we had very little to do, reasoning which reflected in our advanced grades.
My mom and uncle finally sold the rock crushing plant and we settled down in Paloma California, I guess we just couldn’t get away from the ‘off the wall’ places. This was in 2005, just in time for junior high. We decided to stay in the home school program because we had so easily adapted to it.
Home schooling has caused us to compensate our time unused in public school with doing many other things in our community. I trained in an ancient martial art for five years, and even taught it for three. Those five years taught me a great deal of responsibility and persistence. I have counseled at two church camps, the first of which you already know of. I am a leader at my youth group, as well as a ‘leader in training’ at another as well.
In our community I am known for being incredibly intelligent, writing a biographical essay should authorize you to brag a bit I think. I love science and mathematics especially, though I regret not paying as much attention to English as I could have. However I have been studying English vigorously this year. Now that my sister and I are seniors in high school we are looking to further our education. My love for science and mathematics has bloomed into a deep yearning to study engineering. I toured the campus at Pacific and I was enthralled by the campus and faculty. I loved everything about the tour.
I know that this essay has been a bit informal, but I tried to put my personality on the page. I am sure that there are many other students out there who have submitted their life story; but I assure you, if you give me an education at this school, your gift will not be squandered.

I wrote this the other morning but was busy all day, so I couldn’t correct it. Now i’m gonna be busy all day again. So if you could correct this essay it would mean the world to me. I need to send it in by tonight.

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Answer by Ben Sobel
Can’t believe I actually read all of it..

What a wonderful College Application Essay! 😀

sounds good, good luck 🙂

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Q&A: Athiests. Answer the question properly this time.?

Question by doug: Athiests. Answer the question properly this time.?
Dont ask for proof, on a hypothetical.
What if you were a witness. What would you think?

1) Say, for example like in Portugal 1917. A few kids had visions from the Virgin Mary. Mary said at a certain time and date, she would perform a miracle in a certain location.
So say, like the 70,000 pilgrims like in Portugal, started traveling to the location and you follow too and see out of curiosity. Theres heavy rain, but your clothes aren’t getting wet.
Suddenly you reach the location, then the rain stops and the Sun dances in front of everyone, then flashes brightly and settle back to normal.
Keep in mind technology isnt around to create such an effect in that time.

Google for non biased sites if your interested

2)Or say your in Jerusalem. Its the Orthodox Christian Easter.
Your with a religious friend.
Your dragged to the service.
Your holding a candle, and suddenly the church is flashing and your candle lights in front of you eyes. the priest exits the tomb with the holy light too, but everyone around you jumps for a piece of the flame. You put you flesh over the flame, but its not burning. Cool effect.
Later after 33 minutes you put flesh over the flame again, but it painfully burns you.

3)Or say your with a friend with chronic pain without a cure.
There a crying Virgin Mary Icon.
Your friend visits it and has a church member collect the myrth coming out of marys eyes and collect it on a cloth then perform the sign of the cross over the area in pain.
A week later your friend is cured.
You’ve witnessed these things, HYPOTHETICALY
What will go through your mind?

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Answer by Wild Animal
That sure is a lot of typing you’ve done.

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Q&A: Our over a year ago, now, he is acting like this! What do you make of it?

Question by Elaine: Our over a year ago, now, he is acting like this! What do you make of it?
Our break up was the worst one I have ever gone through in my life, I was so hurt and devastated by his actions preceding the break up that I stopped speaking to him for nearly two years even though we share a child.Not even two months into our separation, he had gotten married to the person he cheated on me with. I held my head up high and did what I needed to do for me to past the pain and I am happy now.
The problem that I am having with my ex is that even though he had moved on with his life he sort hoped that I would not and wanted to still be around me, calling and taking me out to lunch and even wanted be the other woman.
Unbeknownst to me that he was married and one month into his marriage, he was trying to sleep with me. I told him a few choice words via email and copied his new wife on it. Of course, she blamed me and claimed that no Christian values and that I was trying to destroy her family. I stopped talking to him completely! He has envolved my family and some now ex-friends to do his bidings and when I wouldn’t listened, the vacuous lies started.
This man has gone around telling people that I was harassing him and yet he has been the one calling and coming over my house, my family to get me to talk to him. Although we have a child together, he shows no interest in the child and I seemed to be the point of his obsession. He constenly drives by my house and even claimed that our child is not his.
On Tuesday, I had to meet with him to get some travel forms sign for our child, he showed up at the designated site rather than verbally greating me with hello, he rubbed his hand around my back and asked how I was! I say hi. Ten minutes later he came by asking me if I had the forms ready, I said yes, he went off again and reappeared 30 minutes later making some small talk about application fees and told me ” btw, I forgot to tell you, you nice” come to find out, the wife was arrested for hitting him and he is going through the ringer. What is his game now

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Answer by W W
Typical tale, old story, everyone has heard it a million times. Man gets bored with woman, man seeks new woman. It’s called polygamy. You should consider it. You were born with two parents, do you love them both? If you had two children, could you love both of them? Why is it so hard to imagine that a man could love two women? You had a kid with him, it’s a shame to think you’d break all this up and drag your child through the mud in the process because of the situation.
Sorry if you think life is supposed to be the way disney made it out to be, it ain’t.

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Q&A: How do I get rid of this “Meet Christian Singles” link (it’s not a pop-up)?

Question by : How do I get rid of this “Meet Christian Singles” link (it’s not a pop-up)?
I mean no offense to others but I am not Christian. I want no dates. There is a Cross with a “meet Christian singles” link as a part of my page. It’s not an ad or pop up. I find it presumptuous and offensive and want it gone. Can someone help me?
As soon as I asked it turned into a netflix ad. Thanks for the answers, folks. Was really tired of looking at that cross.

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Answer by Mark S
It’s on everyone’s page. It is an advertiser that pays for their little logo to be put there. Not too much I think you can do. Sorry.

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where is this site, jkot@americafundraisers.org?

Question by Mike S: where is this site, jkot@americafundraisers.org?
This is a Christian mission who is traveling across the US to raise funds for terminally ill children.

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Answer by Joe Banana
Did you try the “Internet”?
And, SURE, they are, there’s nothing like a traveling charity to give lots of your money to.
By the way, I have a charity too, wanna donate?
But, I must admit, theres looks like a legitimate organization. Ya can tell by the .org part.

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Official This Is What Love In Action Looks Like Trailer 2011

GOTO www.loveinactionmovie.com for up to date info In the summer of 2005, Zach, a 16-year-old boy from Memphis, Tennessee wrote on his MySpace blog that he had told his parents he was gay. Within days of his coming out, his mother and father would send him to Love In Action (LIA), a fundamentalist Christian program that refers to homosexuality as an addictive behavior. The depressed and fearful teenager shared his feelings on his blog. “This Is What Love In Action Looks Like” documents the widely controversial and inspirational story of what The New York Times referred to as “A modern day message in a bottle.” In the documentary, former Love In Action director John Smid as well as former adult and teenage clients share their hearts on these experiences. In addition, local bloggers, community activists and classmates of Zach tell their stories of becoming involved with what would become an international news story. Concerned people around the world awaited news of how Zach was doing during his eight weeks in Refuge. By the time he emerged in late July 2005, there was a barrage of headlines in the international press, including Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times, Time Magazine and The Advocate among others. In the years since it began, with all the media coverage and investigations, Zach had declined to tell his story. Until now. The teenager whose MySpace blogs began it all gives an exclusive interview for the documentary. “This Is What Love In Action Looks Like
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Pastor and bible prophecy teacher Paul Begley discusses the latest news, current events, recent natural disasters and events from a biblical perspective paulbegleyprophecy.com _________________________________________ Download the daily radio show free at trunews.com _________________________________________ Keywords TRUNEWS wednesday “November 9” “November 9th” 2011 11/9 “11 9” bible prophecy teacher Paul Begley “Paul Begley” geopolitics Middle East Iran Israel Daniel “Book of Daniel” “end times” apocalypse new world order “new world order” NWO conspiracy alex jones illuminati rick wiles “rick wiles” news current events natural disasters science evolution creation bible viral video religion christian jesus christ returning news “Book Of Revelation” armageddon end of the world “end of the world” doomsday
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(Christian) Is this game sinful?

Question by Daniel-Joseph: (Christian) Is this game sinful?
Hey, I’m helping with a christian game but I feel that if I make it i’m turning life into entertainment, am i? the game might include spirtual warfare but even if I don’t add that, I feel I’m still possibly sinning.

At the moment I want it to be an online 3d-chat, as I said it might have spirtual warfare (but is that right to turn into a game either?) I don’t think were having money since atleast some of us don’t want people just running round for cash.
It’s not that I think the game contents might be wrong to have (although I’m weary of having spirtual warfare, because it’s somthing serious, and not possibly somthing I should make into a game) I just feel I’m turning life into entertainment.

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Answer by Bride of Jaysus
Does it entail playing hide and seek with a priest?

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Save This Christian Marriage With Love And Respect

A Religious marriage retreat is truly a wonderful way to understand how to celebrate not only your own marriage, but also relish within the tranquility, joy, and ecstasy of being surrounded by like minded Religious partners who all maintain correct exactly the same values, ideals, and frequently objectives (the way you can turn out to be a better Religious) that you’ve.

There are some essentials to bring along to a Christian marriage retreat which will enhance your encounter. Primarily these should be items that are somehow “share-worthy” using the team of other partners.

One. Yahtzee. Well, alright, it doesn’t have to become Yahtzee, but me and my Lovely always prefer Yahtzee. But basically any sort of team board type online game where enjoyable could be had amidst a group of strangers. There truly is nothing like a simple board game to do the trick. On our last Christian relationship retreat a couple had introduced alongside their own manipulated Monopoly panel on the internet game wherever instead of an old shoe or tire iron as on the internet game pieces, they had a dozen or so patron saints to select from and instead of purchasing properties like Park Location or Marvin Gardens, you could purchase the Vatican! Needless to say, hours of enjoyable…

2. Your Religious Object. A retreat is component display and inform. Numerous people will bring along their preferred Christian object and reveal it among the team. Those without a object frequently really feel left out, wishing they would have introduced something alongside to reveal throughout the Christian relationship retreat. Since we as followers of Christianity sometimes depend on materials objects to enhance our religious encounter, your Christian item should enhance some thing about the powerful religious bond current withing your personal Religious relationship. Be it jewelry, sculpture, a particular candle to become lit, or even a effective photograph, there are numerous choices for the object. I’ve even encountered somebody who brought a vial of holy water from there hometown church, which they bring along with them everywhere and anytime they “need a small faith”, apparently they would give a one finger dash of holy to there forehead. The vial was passed around at the Religious relationship retreat and we all had a small hometown splash!

Three. Intimacy methods, literature, information. Frequently neglected at the retreat is shared information among partners about the way you can improve intimacy inside marriage. Mixing Christianity with relationship intimacy can be challenging and many queries abound. What a significantly better technique to educate yourselves and educate other people by sharing in intimacy discussions. One simple technique someone did at a retreat was pass out questioneers on how they enhance sexual intimacy within marriage. It absolutely was completely anonymous and in the end we all got copies from the answers. We surely learned a entire lot, and discovered out a whole lot more resources on wherever to learn more! Love and respect christian marriage

A retreat can be astonishingly enjoyable; not only a time to share, but a time to learn and discover out how to become a better and more intimate married couple!

 If you need Love and respect christian marriage and christian marriage help please dont delay its gods will to keep you married and happy living under Gods will for man and woman

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