Q&A: I’m looking for a shallow relationship based solely on sex. Is a Christian Singles site a good place to start?

Question by THE NOLTE-KMA: I’m looking for a shallow relationship based solely on sex. Is a Christian Singles site a good place to start?

…to meet that “special someone” who will cater to The Nolte’s carnal needs?
Teh Manuel, you enjoy twisting that knife you plunge into The Nolte’s heart, don’t you?

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Answer by kinda_fukced.up132
christians do have some pretty kinky sex… ive heard they go as far as missionary!!

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Anyone know of a website That follows world news on the daily looking for signs of the 2nd coming?

Question by static x: Anyone know of a website That follows world news on the daily looking for signs of the 2nd coming?
I was just wondering, I like to keep up with world news especially all the unique and spectacular current events that point to the 2nd coming.
example of current events:
Food cost crisis (33 countries)
War and rumers of wars
Especially the signs in space

Is there a site that watches these things from a Christian view point?

……….And for those of you that don’t care or believe in any of this stuff……………….I’m not asking you, so please keep your bias comments to yourself.

For those of you that care to help but don’t know of a site………………… if you are one that does your own independant “Christ Watch” I would love to hear any new input.

If you are interested in learning more or like to team up on the research email me I’d love to work others on this.

Ok Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May God’s Will be done in your life and your cup overflow!
Thinking cap never said it would events will take place over time yes but it does say He comes like a theif in the night.
Thinking cap….You see I believe that the whole 2/3 die n and the antichrist ect.. to occur during a 7 year peried in which hasn’t happened and I believe events are leading toward it and Jesus talked about signs coming from the ends of heaven. Today with events and theories of 12,2012 just upon usone can only anticipate and wonder. Example. For the first time in all of history we will be visiting the milky way from upside down which is also the end of the long count calander the mayans made up 1000’s of years ago. Calandor is more accurate then the one we use today.
With Israel in war and even being a state for 60 years seeing no peace and US calling for “two state peace agreement by the end of his term. An agreement that gives the Arabs part of the promise land away from Israel. The Nuclear threat against Israil and Iran are extremely high.What I’m looking for is current events that I believe are leading to a 7 year tribulation period that is about to be upon us.
Note *
I mention A date of great events but I also mention a 7 year tribulation so by no means do I think we can guess the day and hour for no man will know these things. However I believe blessed are the watchers.

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Answer by Thinkin’ Cap
Why do people look at the second coming of Christ as something that is going to happen at the snap of a finger?
There is already so much prophecy that has been fulfilled that leads up to the second coming and it has happened throughout centuries, not overnight. The Lord will come like a thief in the night. The Jews returned to Jerusalem in 1948, Caesar Nero is said to have been the Anti-Christ, The Black Death killed 2/3 of the worlds population. The best thing you can do to be prepared is to live as close to Christ as possible.
Peace be with you!

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Q&A: Looking for a Wife….I’m 20yo?

Question by Just Another Dude…lol: Looking for a Wife….I’m 20yo?
Before anyone posts comments about dating sites, let me remind u that I’m not desparate enough to spend money to meet people I prolly won’t be interested in. lol
I’m 20 years old.
I’m outgoging, some of my interests are racing, electronics, and sound equipment. I’m a Christian, so I need a Christian girl. I want a girl that isn’t ashamed of God. Looks don’t matter to me, but I do want a girl that takes care of herself. Like I said I want a Christian girl, so smoking, drinking, nightclubs are not my thing. I want a girl thats down to earth and fun to be around. I want a girl that knows what she wants in life and persues it, or maybe if she doesn’t have it all the way figured out but sorta knows what she wants…..I live in Monroe, LA…..I’m willing to travel to meet someone but that would be weird. lol Here’s my FB link http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1179488704

Please no weirdos….I just wanna meet nice people, and hopefully find the one for me. dating sites are too expensive and I don’t go out much due to work so meeting a nice Christian girl in my age group is difficult…. please no smart comments, I want real comments….if ur interested look me up. I won’t lie to you and stab u in the back, and I wouldn’t want u to do anything hurtful to me…. If u wanna know more, email me.

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Answer by BabeHart
There’s nothing desperate about using a dating site to help you meet people to date…it’s more “desperate” to post on a non-dating site (like Yahoo!Answers) hoping to get replies to your “ad”…

Start talking to people you meet offline and taking advantage of the various ways to meet people online (dating and social sites are great for that)…and in a few years, when you’re actually a LOT more likely to be ready to marry, hopefully you’ll have met someone suitable and be in a healthy, mature relationship…

Don’t be in such a hurry to tie yourself down…you’re a few years too young to even be contemplating marriage…

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anybody still looking for that special someone?

Question by lilly kins90: anybody still looking for that special someone?
hello i no this is not a dating site but im tired of not having somebody.i am 17. i live in missouri on a horse ranch.we have 16 horses,2 dogs,chickens,guinees,and 2 ducks, and 2 cats.i am a christian.i love to travel.but i dont mind staying home every now and then.i love to get out and ride my horses.im happy but not all the way because i have no one to share this happyness with.

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Answer by Richard J
At 17, I really don’t think you should be looking for someone to share your farm with (which I’d say is actually your parent’s, not yours).

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Looking for a good Christian Singles Website?

Question by LeighAnnah: Looking for a good Christian Singles Website?
Anyone know of a good Christian Singles website?

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Answer by da big guy
sorry i dont but im a christian and a good guy. check out my question please


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Any ladies in PA looking to take a chance to get to know me? Read on and email me if you’d like.?

I am a Christian first and foremost and I love the Lord. My interest include playing sports and being active and lifting weights. I also enjoy traveling to see historic sites, spending time with my family, working with kids, and having a good clean fun time. I graduated from college with a BA. I love being around people and I love a good time.