Q&A: Creationist who use answers in genesis, what do you think of this?

Question by tylertxan: Creationist who use answers in genesis, what do you think of this?
Pastor Biker utilized many of these worthless arguements–trying to convince someone by subtrafuge is the same thing as lying so I wouldn’t think a good christian would print such trash–but at any way–Bikers arguements refuted and a good kick in the seat to answers in genesis.

The Australia based Answers in Genesis (http://www.answersingenesis.org/intro.as… is one of the more strident of the young earth creationist organizations. It is a repository of a zillion (and growing) or so articles “proving” that the earth is young. As an antidote for such nonsense, try the alternate site No Answers in Genesis (http://home.austarnet.com.au/stear/defau…

As for Evidence for a Young World (http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs/400… it’s not only typical of the creationist “shotgun” approach (list so many “evidences” that it’s too much work to bother answering), but also pretty stupid. Just look at some of Humphreys’ “evidences” for a young earth: Agriculture is too recent and History is too short. Those are supposed to have something to do with the age of the earth? That’s so stupid it’s unbelievable that somebody with a post grade school education would even suggest it, let alone somebody who really does have a PhD in physics.

As for the “scientific” reasons, they are for the most part, easy to refute, if you know enough about the science to get past the creationist fluff.

Galaxies wind themselves up too fast is known as the “winding dilemma” in astrophysics, but it has long since been solved. The dilemma goes away as soon as you realize that spiral arms are not rigid structures, but traveling waves. The stars don’t move to create spiral arms, but the waves travel through the stars to create the spiral pattern. The solution is ignored by creationists who don’t want you to know that there is a solution.

Comets disintegrate too quickly would be a problem if there was no source for new comets to replace the old ones. Creationists simply assume without reason that there cannot be such a source. But astronomers continue to find evidence that both the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud are where they are expected to be (see A Response to the Short Period Comets Argument (http://www.tim-thompson.com/resp9.html))…

Not enough mud on the sea floor and Not enough sodium in the sea are bogus arguments that have nothing at all to do with the age of the earth. Both are examples of highly variable geologic processes. Creationists try to argue that sea water sodium would build up to its present level in a mere 42 million years, so the earth can’t be much older. But if you use the same argument for aluminum, the maximum age for the earth turns out to be 100 years. That should ring a bell somewhere, but creationists can’t hear it.

The Earth’s magnetic field is decaying too fast is an argument that is too circular. the only way to support such an argument is to presuppose a young earth, and ignore just about everything anybody knows about magnetohydrodynamics. Bogus pseudo-science (see On Creation Science and the Alleged Decay of the Earth’s Magnetic Field (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/magfield…

Many strata are too tightly bent was written by a physicist who flunked geology I guess, or didn’t take a course in continuum mechanics. Rock under pressure is plastic and bends without cracking. Duh. So far as I can tell, the injected sandstone argument is another example of the same fallacy.

Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic ‘ages’ to a few years, except that the polonium halos aren’t actually polonium halos (see the Polonium Halo FAQS (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/po-halos…

Helium in the wrong places isn’t quite as bad as the others, but it’s still pretty lame. They do not in fact account for loss of ionized helium around the earth’s magnetic poles, and the helium outgassing & loss rates are not constant with time anyway.

Not enough stone age skeletons is based on the rather shakey asumption that there must be 4 billion of them (why?). It’s also based on the equally shakey assumption that we should have found them (where would you dig?). It’s just an invention.

So much for Answers in Genesis. Young earth creationism is about as scientifically bogus as it is possible to be, just one made up tale after another. But they could at least try to be more imaginative.

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Answer by ???????? Mother Nature ????????
Sorry, but..

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Do you think less of a news writer’s credibility when they reference the Holy Bible in a news story?

christian travel sites
by Narisa

Question by Jay T: Do you think less of a news writer’s credibility when they reference the Holy Bible in a news story?
Take for example, this special interest piece on Yahoo’s front page where the writer is describing a “sinking hole” phenomenon along the coast of the Dead Sea:

“The parched moonscape, famous as the site of biblical Sodom and Gomorra, is the lowest point on earth and runs more than 60 miles through Israel and the West Bank.”

Here, we have two potential problems:

1) The author uses the word “moonscape” to describe a location which is not on the moon. This would be an acceptable metaphor in fiction writing where accuracy is not as important as mood. But in a news-type science article, it’s not considered acceptable by most editors.

2) The author lends credulence to the stories of the Christian Bible as he understands them by indicating that the area he is writing about is the location of a major Biblical event. He does not use any words like “fabled” or “mythical” or “supposed” or “speculated”. He states the location as fact.

It is NOT fact that God destroyed two cities along the Dead Sea because of their disobedience to him. It may be a widely held belief – but not a fact.
I’ve been noticing Biblical references in Yahoo’s News Stories, Fox News and other sites which utilize the Associated Press for quite some time now, and I’d almost be willing to wager that they come from the same little group of AP authors.

Whether you are a religious person or not, do these sorts of poetic or “accidental” oversights bother you to the point that you would consider them propaganda?

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Answer by secondhanddan
what wrong with that it is the truth if you are a non believer that’s your business but please keep it to your self instead of asking questions you no will make people Mad you can not change te mind of a christian and we don’t care what you believe thank you god bless

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Christian Singles: How do you think the church could help you?

Question by : Christian Singles: How do you think the church could help you?
Is there something that you’d like to see from your home church? Any ideas?

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Answer by Dusty Rhodes
it can help with some math, its a triangle. so the area must be half-base multiplied by the height. and u can see if its equilateral or isosceles…..

oh btw., churches are only useful for that…

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Do you think the new video game Dante’s Inferno would be acceptable to be played by a Christian?

Question by .•°?Rae Rae?.•.™: Do you think the new video game Dante’s Inferno would be acceptable to be played by a Christian?
Would the new Dante’s Inferno video game go against any of christianity beliefs? Would just watching demos out of curiosity and not playing the game be considered still wrong in any way?

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Answer by stephen
Well, it would be okay to play it, but if you adore it more than God and play it other than reading ur Bible and going to church then it would be a big problem.

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What Do You Think About Non-Christians Attending Christian Singles Events?

Question by Melissa L: What Do You Think About Non-Christians Attending Christian Singles Events?
Last night our parish held a Christian Singles party and I began a conversation with a guy.

I asked him what parish he’s from and he said “Oh, I’m not Catholic I’m here to pick up girls”

I hear about this a lot that people attend these thinking they will get “it easy”.

I know these events claim to be Open To Everyone but do non-Christians belong at these things?

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Answer by Secret Agent of God (BWR)
Why not?
If you’re weeding people out due to their religion, WHO IS THE DISCRIMINATOR?

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Some nuts think religion is useless: God is non-existence! But it is the only explanation for your being!

Some nuts think religion is useless: God is non-existence! But it is the only explanation for your being!


Some nuts think that religion is useless and bad. They proclaim that God does not exist and He is the invention of humans of a Big Someone. No proof for God and no one can see God, therefore, for such imbeciles, God does not exist.

But these confirmed imbeciles forget that without religion there is no other explanation for our life and our death, our lifecycle, for the purpose of human being, for good and evil. There is no other explanation for living and suffering, for living and rejoicing, for desperation and hope.

Without religion how can we have a moral code in accordance with the nature of human being, in accordance with what the creator of man has designed and prescribed for him? How can we understand the object of being, growing, ageing and dying? How can we comprehend our task and modulate our lives accordingly?

But religion is only an invitation for man. It is only an admonition for the human race. It is only a path indicator. Religion leaves for man the ultimate choice of belief and disbelief. It gives all dignity and value as well as freedom of will to man to decide for himself, to choose between the path of God or any other path, the devil for example.

Religion explains to mankind the meaning of their existence, it invites them to believe in God and do good with the consequences of a reckoning in another life where all shall be held responsible for their beliefs, or disbelief, for their good and evil. It tells humans that the power that has put their atoms together can redo it again, at pleasure.

It tells us of the purpose of God for creating humans and how He would try and test them. It tells us about the mystery of our existence and the existence of the universe, our role and our end. It tells us of who has created the universe and created all life manifestations that surrounds us.

It informs us of the good path and the evil one to follow. It tells us how to avoid the evil and bad action and how to perform the good one. It is the only way to avoid evil and do good.

But such an ignorant imbecile does rejects religion for religion was taken as a pretext for crime, murder and all sins, under the Christians, Inquisitions, Crusades. Christians fighting one another in Ireland. Muslims are accused with terrorism and killings.

Such an imbecile cites the cases of the 9/11 and the Bali suicide bombing of a discotheque killing Australian citizens and other westerners.

The accusation is badly taken and is a false accusation directed against religion. No religion teaches hatred and teaches crime and killing.

But being ignorant of religion and religious texts, such idiots assume that religion prescribes such crimes. While religion denies humans committing any crimes, of murder or theft.

The Law prescribes Ten Golden Commandments exactly to avoid any evil doing and promoting what is good. The Gospel is an invitation to all mankind to do good and shun evil. The Qur’anic text is but an admonition to mankind to do good and eschew evil with the consequences awaiting the sinners.

God, is the only deterrent factor in the life of man to do good and avoid evil. If God is not there then man does what he wants. No moral codes, no laws of conduct, no deterrents, and everyone is free to do what he likes, at pleasure.

It is exactly because of this there so many belief systems and so many deities and so many paths to sin and do wrong, so many paths to take and so many deities to worship. Man is given the mind and the freedom to choose for himself and then he shall be held to account for his, or her, own deeds. He is given a short and transitory lifetime and then his return to the creator that has put his atoms together.

If there is no God then every human being is free to kill, murder, massacre, steal and lead his life according to his animal drives. Throughout history we have ample examples of such criminality.

Look at what Napoleon has does of humanity offering sacrifices at the altar of his personal glory, Caligula, Nero, Alexander the Great before them, Hitler, Mussolini, Paul Pot, Stalin, Mao, in our time, only last century, have done to humanity for they were disbelievers atheists, like those imbeciles who are against religion and deny God, they are responsible for the massacre of millions and criminality against humanity. Look at Ben laden what he has done of criminal acts against humanity, and his team of hard and professional religious mafia sowing terror in the world.

But religion is not responsible but those who deny religion and deny God that are responsible. The crusades in the Dark Ages and terrorist acts in our time, are performed by psychopath and distorted criminals that identify themselves with religion, whether Islam, Christianity of Judaism.

Humans take anything as a pretext for their evil doing, to justify massacre, crime, murder and destruction. Humans take any pretext to justify their dominance, power and control over others, individuals or states and people suffer always at their hands.

Such arrogant and ignorant idiots who reject religion and disbelieve in God have no idea of why they are there and cannot possibly explain there own existence except in terms of the absurd and the inutile.

How would such imbeciles, like Hawking  and Darwin, explain their own being and the existence of the universe if there is no God to ordain things?

But man is an ungrateful bastard to his own creator!

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What do you think about these Christian game ideas?

Question by war1776: What do you think about these Christian game ideas?
I am a “game art and design student”. I am also a Christian. within the next few years, I am hoping to have my own Christian gaming company. Tell me what you think of these game ideas.

All games will be Next Gen

-Title: “Serve and Protect”
-Features: 3rd Person Shooter This game would be set up like GTA. However, instead of being a criminal, you are a hardcore cop. You start out walking the beat, then move on to other law inforcement careers such as SWAT and CSI.
-Title: Spirit of ’76
-Features: FPS. Showing how this Great Nation was started. It could have historically accurate battle sequences driven by intense storyline about a minute man/regular soldier in the Continental army.

As you can see, these are not “Christianity Based games”, they are simply alternative games for more strict families.
I have more ideas, but would like your opinion about these first.

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Answer by ffman20022004
In a Christian pretense, “Serve and Protect” would only inspire more violence as I am sure most players would just want to beat or murder the criminals. Although if they are not “Christian based games, I could see parents observing the change in the violence being for better possibly. Unless it makes children have a vigilante opinion on Law enforcement. “Spirit of ’76” Could work if you show that also, That the war was fought for a reason, instead of just the violence. Also the drama that would be implied within the plot of the war, could bring gamers to a different perspective of the war.

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Christians: What do you think of these Christian video game ideas?

Question by Jason G.: Christians: What do you think of these Christian video game ideas?
I know there aren’t that many good Christian games out there, so here are some of my ideas I’d like to share:

1. Two guys are mission leaders, running an Christian outreach program for kids. A crime boss hears of them and sets his men to go capture the kids form the outreach program- he sees the mission leaders as a threat and wants to get rid of them. The two mission leaders set out to rescue them, and along the way they meet other Christian kids who tip them off to where the kids are being held and give them speical items along thew way to use in their fight-they have to fight the mini bosses and rescue kids being held hostage and fight the Crime boss at the end.

2. A Christian sim in which you have to build as many Christian churches as you can, all the while facing oppostion form people trying to stop you.

3. A Christian war game in which you have to take over enemy terrority and convert as many people to Christianity as possbile.

4. Another game in which you simply have to give out as many Christian tracts as possible.

Which of these ideas do you like the best?

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Answer by anonymous1_anonymous5
christian version of RISK!

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Think About The Religion of Ancient India and the whole Civilization and Its Founding Father

    The word   “Hindu”  was  derived from the land name, “the Hindustan”, but what is its true religion and the founding father of it. Since hundreds of years whole Globe has been identifying Hinduism as the religion of Hindustan or India. And nobody is certain about the Founding Father of this religion and religious text.

   Name after River Indus or Sindhu   

             There is  a lot of controversial remarks regarding its religious text . It is a matter of ignorance, since thousands of years people residing in this ancient land of civilization, few knows what is the original or starting religion of this land. Since thousands of years people have been living at the Valley of Sindhu River or Indus River. The population residing at the valley of the river Sindhu was identified by the whole world as the Hindu. That is logically true the people residing at the valley of Indus are termed as “Indian” by the Greek or the people residing in valley of Sindhu as “the Hindustani” by Arabians.

 Whether Afghani is the religion of Afghanistan?

       The people residing in “Afghanistan”  are “Afghani” but their religion is Muslim , not Afghani , similarly people living in Pakistan  are called as Pakistani, their religion are not Pakistani, rather Muslim . People residing in England are termed as English people there religion are different from their land name. But in the case of Hinduism, people are identifying the name of religion with the name of their land “the Hindustan” which should be incorrect.

     What is the true religion of the ancient civilization of India? As per many saints or learned it is the “Sanatana” religion and as per Brahma Kumaris organization it is “Adi Sanatan Devi Devata Dharma” . As per them in ancient India, deities were residing as the normal human being of today with utmost virtuous and vice less life.

 The word Hindu is absent in Ancient Religion Text of India

      As the word “the Hindu” was never being mentioned in any important epics of India, that may be The Gita , the Mahabharata  , the Ramayana ,the Veda or Puranas, etc so identifying the religion of this land with Hindu creates a sense of doubt .  As per the history text book the origin of the word Hindu has come from the Arabian who termed the people residing at the valley of the river of the Sindhu as the Hindu. So Hindu is not the original word mentioned in sny ancient religious text of this land. This word was coined by the people who visited from outside to this land.  The land where Hindu was residing was identified as the Hindustan and their religion as the Hinduism.

     Still now it is a mystery “which is original religion of this holy land and who the Founding Father is and what is its religious text”. Regarding other religion such as Islam, Christianity or Jews people know their religion, their founding father and the religious text. But regarding India there are so many debatable opinions and theories by different philosophers.

 Brahma Kumaris about the mystery of Ancient religion  

    As many ancient religion text has mentioned the word “Sanatana Dharma” as the religion of this land which means “Eternal Truth/Teachings/Tradition” but originally when god and goddess were there, the name of the religion of this land was the “Adi Sanatana Devi Devata Dharma” as per Brahma Kumaris spiritual University. As in ancient time India was termed as “the golden sparrow”. The land where there was absolute peace, stability and prosperity. The land where there was truth, knowledge and divinity It was the land of milk and ghee, where god and goddess were living on this land which has been   adored as the Heaven, Paradise, land of angels, Golden age, etc.As people of this land have been worshipping the deities, who was the forefather of the present generation and were in living form leading their life as we are living today. 

       According to the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University the God Himself founded this through the teaching of the Gita , but with time the people of this holy land and the world as a whole  had forgotten their founding father of their real religion of this land  and as the most ancient civilization , religion of this land should be the ancient most religion of the whole world or the human civilization. As per the God is again establishing this religion for the new age, and the whole cycle of world drama will repeat again. So this the time for transformation.


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Elaine Howard Ecklund, Ph.D.: The Contours of What Scientists Think About Religion

Elaine Howard Ecklund, Ph.D.: The Contours of What Scientists Think About Religion
Almost a quarter of Americans think scientists are hostile to religion. But what do we really know about how scientists think about morality, spirituality and faith?

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