Christians: What do you think of these Christian video game ideas?

Question by Jason G.: Christians: What do you think of these Christian video game ideas?
I know there aren’t that many good Christian games out there, so here are some of my ideas I’d like to share:

1. Two guys are mission leaders, running an Christian outreach program for kids. A crime boss hears of them and sets his men to go capture the kids form the outreach program- he sees the mission leaders as a threat and wants to get rid of them. The two mission leaders set out to rescue them, and along the way they meet other Christian kids who tip them off to where the kids are being held and give them speical items along thew way to use in their fight-they have to fight the mini bosses and rescue kids being held hostage and fight the Crime boss at the end.

2. A Christian sim in which you have to build as many Christian churches as you can, all the while facing oppostion form people trying to stop you.

3. A Christian war game in which you have to take over enemy terrority and convert as many people to Christianity as possbile.

4. Another game in which you simply have to give out as many Christian tracts as possible.

Which of these ideas do you like the best?

Best answer:

Answer by anonymous1_anonymous5
christian version of RISK!

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6 Responses to “Christians: What do you think of these Christian video game ideas?”

  1. Solly Llama NOR?CAL R&S says:

    persecuted much?

  2. PleaseInsertACoin says:

    Christian themed games are doomed to be bad. I know what I’m talking about.

    They should make a Hellsing game. Not only would it be a good portrait of how literal biblical christians would be like, it also makes christians look 10000 times more badass than they really are.

  3. Anti-Christian Otaku says:

    I think the last 3 wouldn’t sell very well.

  4. orchidmg says:

    cute but people won’t buy them. Not violence and blood.

  5. Shelby M says:

    I think that they should make a “religious” version of sims. Where you can have the choice to attend church, choose a religion, become baptized, etc.

    maybe like an expansion pack… but not a whole game devoted entirely to it

  6. Messenger of God says:

    I have played many Castlevania games the Church always sends a Belmont out to kill those evil vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other unholy creatures.

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