Do you think the new video game Dante’s Inferno would be acceptable to be played by a Christian?

Question by .•°?Rae Rae?.•.™: Do you think the new video game Dante’s Inferno would be acceptable to be played by a Christian?
Would the new Dante’s Inferno video game go against any of christianity beliefs? Would just watching demos out of curiosity and not playing the game be considered still wrong in any way?

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Answer by stephen
Well, it would be okay to play it, but if you adore it more than God and play it other than reading ur Bible and going to church then it would be a big problem.

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6 Responses to “Do you think the new video game Dante’s Inferno would be acceptable to be played by a Christian?”

  1. Wesley says:

    Definitely not.

    It’s a fictional game and there shouldn’t be any conflict as long as you don’t become obsessed with the story.

  2. Pope Palpatine says:

    The Divine Comedy by Dante isn’t an official religious thing. It’s just a story.

    The game is based on the very famous set of writings that ONE man made, that are NOT considered religious. They only portray his opinions on his religion.

    So no I don’t think it’s a problem.

  3. Elan Undercover says:

    I’ve played all the Silent Hill Games, all the God of War games and all the Devil May Cry games.
    and I’m still a good Christian.

    Don’t worry about’s just a and have fun. It’s only if you start role playing characters from the game that there would be a problem.

  4. mainlee1 says:

    Dante’s Inferno is similar to xtian revelations so have at it.

    xtianity is a mythology religion, replete with man/gods, virgin births, a god who can impregnate a human, human sacrifice to appease the gods, hell and demons.

    jesus was supposed to be Jewish, but Judaism has no hell or demons. Either jesus can save you from hell, meaning zeus is god – or – jesus is extremely effective at distracting you from reality (out of Eden).

  5. Dylan says:

    It’s just a video game. Damn. I’m so glad I’m an Atheist. I’m so free.

  6. armoredninja2 says:

    You see, I was wondering the same thing! I consider myself to be a sold-out, strong Christian (heck, my family is Jewish by blood). I think it would be funny taking my rage out on some virtual baddies & the Devil himself for all the hell he’s caused in my life (pun DEFINITELY intended). My mom, with whom I live with, does not want it even in the house, and I agree with her in some respects. But we’re killing demons here! I think EA were real thorough in making this game. Dante, a soldier from the Crusades, comes home to Italy to find his wife Beatrice has been kidnapped by Satan (?) & dives into Hell to bring her back, with Death’s scythe & Beatrice’s Holy Cross in hand. Now honestly, compared to the teachings taught in THE BIBLE, this is a little far-fetched. Only Jesus, the One True God, can & WILL defeat Satan at the end of time, but maybe we can have some virtual revenge on our spiritual adversary. >:D I myself haven’t played it yet (I want to), but in the case of blasphemy, I think Bayonetta would be the one to really worry about. It ultimately comes down to your own personal convictions & relationship with Jesus. How firmly rooted in your faith are you? Could this cause you to stumble? If your unsure of these things, then maybe you should avoid it. Someone once said, “If you doubt, then don’t.” I personally am still working my stuff out. Hope this helps. May God be with you.

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