A Job for a Cause! Sick of Being Unemployed!?

Question by baileycooper85: A Job for a Cause! Sick of Being Unemployed!?
I am currently unemployed and looking for a job I love. My ideal dream job would be a position in which I can travel and speak to young people about a cause. I love motivational speaking. I am a Christian and would love to inspire young people in their faith or something along those lines. My problem is, that it’s hard to come across paying positions like this. Below is a link to a job listing that would be perfect for me (the only problem is it doesn’t pay.) Where can I find a job like this that is a payed position and not just on a volunteer basis?? Please help!

I would like to find something like this:
Invisible Children Job

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Answer by dayve
look at americorps.gov they have alot of stuff like that and u get paid with good benefits…

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Make The Most of Being Single Christian Video

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Some nuts think religion is useless: God is non-existence! But it is the only explanation for your being!

Some nuts think religion is useless: God is non-existence! But it is the only explanation for your being!


Some nuts think that religion is useless and bad. They proclaim that God does not exist and He is the invention of humans of a Big Someone. No proof for God and no one can see God, therefore, for such imbeciles, God does not exist.

But these confirmed imbeciles forget that without religion there is no other explanation for our life and our death, our lifecycle, for the purpose of human being, for good and evil. There is no other explanation for living and suffering, for living and rejoicing, for desperation and hope.

Without religion how can we have a moral code in accordance with the nature of human being, in accordance with what the creator of man has designed and prescribed for him? How can we understand the object of being, growing, ageing and dying? How can we comprehend our task and modulate our lives accordingly?

But religion is only an invitation for man. It is only an admonition for the human race. It is only a path indicator. Religion leaves for man the ultimate choice of belief and disbelief. It gives all dignity and value as well as freedom of will to man to decide for himself, to choose between the path of God or any other path, the devil for example.

Religion explains to mankind the meaning of their existence, it invites them to believe in God and do good with the consequences of a reckoning in another life where all shall be held responsible for their beliefs, or disbelief, for their good and evil. It tells humans that the power that has put their atoms together can redo it again, at pleasure.

It tells us of the purpose of God for creating humans and how He would try and test them. It tells us about the mystery of our existence and the existence of the universe, our role and our end. It tells us of who has created the universe and created all life manifestations that surrounds us.

It informs us of the good path and the evil one to follow. It tells us how to avoid the evil and bad action and how to perform the good one. It is the only way to avoid evil and do good.

But such an ignorant imbecile does rejects religion for religion was taken as a pretext for crime, murder and all sins, under the Christians, Inquisitions, Crusades. Christians fighting one another in Ireland. Muslims are accused with terrorism and killings.

Such an imbecile cites the cases of the 9/11 and the Bali suicide bombing of a discotheque killing Australian citizens and other westerners.

The accusation is badly taken and is a false accusation directed against religion. No religion teaches hatred and teaches crime and killing.

But being ignorant of religion and religious texts, such idiots assume that religion prescribes such crimes. While religion denies humans committing any crimes, of murder or theft.

The Law prescribes Ten Golden Commandments exactly to avoid any evil doing and promoting what is good. The Gospel is an invitation to all mankind to do good and shun evil. The Qur’anic text is but an admonition to mankind to do good and eschew evil with the consequences awaiting the sinners.

God, is the only deterrent factor in the life of man to do good and avoid evil. If God is not there then man does what he wants. No moral codes, no laws of conduct, no deterrents, and everyone is free to do what he likes, at pleasure.

It is exactly because of this there so many belief systems and so many deities and so many paths to sin and do wrong, so many paths to take and so many deities to worship. Man is given the mind and the freedom to choose for himself and then he shall be held to account for his, or her, own deeds. He is given a short and transitory lifetime and then his return to the creator that has put his atoms together.

If there is no God then every human being is free to kill, murder, massacre, steal and lead his life according to his animal drives. Throughout history we have ample examples of such criminality.

Look at what Napoleon has does of humanity offering sacrifices at the altar of his personal glory, Caligula, Nero, Alexander the Great before them, Hitler, Mussolini, Paul Pot, Stalin, Mao, in our time, only last century, have done to humanity for they were disbelievers atheists, like those imbeciles who are against religion and deny God, they are responsible for the massacre of millions and criminality against humanity. Look at Ben laden what he has done of criminal acts against humanity, and his team of hard and professional religious mafia sowing terror in the world.

But religion is not responsible but those who deny religion and deny God that are responsible. The crusades in the Dark Ages and terrorist acts in our time, are performed by psychopath and distorted criminals that identify themselves with religion, whether Islam, Christianity of Judaism.

Humans take anything as a pretext for their evil doing, to justify massacre, crime, murder and destruction. Humans take any pretext to justify their dominance, power and control over others, individuals or states and people suffer always at their hands.

Such arrogant and ignorant idiots who reject religion and disbelieve in God have no idea of why they are there and cannot possibly explain there own existence except in terms of the absurd and the inutile.

How would such imbeciles, like Hawking  and Darwin, explain their own being and the existence of the universe if there is no God to ordain things?

But man is an ungrateful bastard to his own creator!

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