Make The Most of Being Single Christian Video

A funny and creative Valentine’s Day movie satire, portraying the single life of many young Christian believers. In their time of being single, they have many opportunities to study their Bibles, spend time in selfless prayer, reach out to the needy and participate in many God-honoring activities. Instead, they cleverly use those opportunities to fall in love. This Valentine’s Day sermon video illustration is the ideal tool for your upcoming Valentine’s Day message, or any sermon on the topic of singleness, love, dating or courting. Subscribe to Sharefaith and get the full, non watermark version of this video and hundreds of other quality worship video backgrounds, motion video loops, countdown timers and more. Visit: Sharefaith is used by over 17000 churches worldwide and is the internet’s leading provider of christian video, church bulletin covers, church newsletter templates, sermon powerpoints, art and illustrations.

6 Responses to “Make The Most of Being Single Christian Video”

  1. JavaSpitLava says:

    gawwww!!!…that dude has stacks! damn!…did anone else look at? that wod of cash in his hand

  2. DexterRufus says:

    This is a really stupid video that frankly, mocks Christian single people. What a waste of time to? make such a worthless video….and all the “single” persons in your horrible video looked like they were in their twenties when most people are still single.

    Try making a thoughtful video about singles in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who are trying to cope with genuine loneliness and sometimes being misunderstood in their churches!

  3. jamesfarmer74 says:

    I hate singleness as bad as the Russians hated the Nazis and Fascists during
    World War II (1939-1945)!” Thats right! To put this into graphic perspective consider
    the brutal war crimes and murderous atrocities the SS perpetrated against Russian
    P.O.W’s captured by the German Army or Werhmacht! This is exactly my sentiment
    against singleness,? which incidently I refuse to aplogize for! Signed, Anonymous
    going on 55.

  4. loveisnot143its316 says:

    I’m totally? in love with the Lord!

  5. GodReignsInMe says:

    My siblings totally need to know about this haha. I’m gonna tell them:
    1. Be content with singleness.
    2. Spend time in the Bible.
    3. Go? on the mission field.
    4. Learn to be a cheerful giver.

    Encourage! 🙂

  6. GodReignsInMe says:

    Funny and great message! What I learned? Chase the heart of Yahweh,? and seek His kingdom and righeteousnesses, first – everything is according to His will.

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