A Job for a Cause! Sick of Being Unemployed!?

Question by baileycooper85: A Job for a Cause! Sick of Being Unemployed!?
I am currently unemployed and looking for a job I love. My ideal dream job would be a position in which I can travel and speak to young people about a cause. I love motivational speaking. I am a Christian and would love to inspire young people in their faith or something along those lines. My problem is, that it’s hard to come across paying positions like this. Below is a link to a job listing that would be perfect for me (the only problem is it doesn’t pay.) Where can I find a job like this that is a payed position and not just on a volunteer basis?? Please help!

I would like to find something like this:
Invisible Children Job

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Answer by dayve
look at americorps.gov they have alot of stuff like that and u get paid with good benefits…

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