I need help with these questions?

Question by : I need help with these questions?
1- the pope based his claim to authority on the christian leader______

2-people who focused all of their energy on education and learning were best known as
d-the middle class

3-what technique did socrates use to teach his students?
a-taught his students to memorize text
b-questioned his students in order to get them to tink
c-used reasoning with his student to get them to understand
d-he told stories about what he wanted them to learn

4- according to plato ,who should run the goverment?
a-the wealthy
b-the philosophers
c-the poor
d-the middle class

5-the greastes difference between the patrians and the plebeians in rome was
d-forms and entertainment

6-an organized group of people in the same trade or craft who set rules to uphold standardsand protect their members was a an________

7-which of the following is not true abut islam?
a-its founder was mohammed
b-muslims pray 5 times a day
c-muslims must go to medina once in their life
d-dying in a jihad is a sure way to get too heaven

8-highly development courtesy or court manners in medieval times were____

9- the center of the feeudal economy was the _____

10- the purpose of the crusades was to ___
a- show the superiority of christianity
b-kill a lot of muslims
c-drive the muslims from palestine and the holy sites
d-take peasants minds from their many problems

11-the catholic church coul punish members severly by ____ them.

12-minstrels or poet-musicians who traveled from castle to castle singing songs of love and adventure were called______

13- the black dead was actually________ that came to europe from asia in ___________
a-polio,unsanitary wagons
b-typhoid,disease horses
c- bubonic plague , holds of rat-infesed ship
d-smallpox , infected slaves

14- the justinian code was based primarily on
a-roman laws
b-egyptian laws
c-greek laws
d-american laws

15-russian adopted the roman form of dictatorship from julius caesar which the called

16- charles______stopped the muslims from conquering western europe at the battle of_____
a-martel , tours
b-barley ,paris
c-wilkins ,calais
d-the lion-hearted,calais

17- a holy war against non-muslims is a

18- what role did muhammad play in the information of islam ?
a-he was a teacher and a prophet for islam
b-he was god himself
c-he focused on ethical questions
d-he had supernatural powers

19-hinduism’s holy book is the


Best answer:

Answer by VampirexGothxGirl
wow that is a lot.
I’ll tell you about some of them. The rest you really need to do on your own.

3=b-questioned his students in order to get them to think
10=c-drive the muslims from palestine and the holy sites
13=c- bubonic plague , holds of rat-infested ship
14=a-roman laws
18=a-he was a teacher and a prophet for Islam

Hope that helps.

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help me with this essay?

Question by : help me with this essay?
I have had many people tell me that I should give you a “slice” of my life to separate me from other candidates who are doing the same, so here goes. My name is Caleb Acosta, I am seventeen years old, and I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. I was born in Santa Maria California along with my twin sister and lived there till I was four years old.
My mom then entered partial ownership of a mobile rock crushing plant with my uncle Robby. As the company’s name implies, this involved a lot of moving. For seven years we moved from place to place crushing rock with my uncle. In this period we moved a total of 24 times, all throughout California; places like Snelling, Vernalais, Truckee, even in Carson City Nevada. We lived on site at the different rock crushing plants many times. For this reason, our family bought a travel trailer to better enable us to move to these unique places.
Life in a travel trailer, out in the middle of nowhere, not a mile from a rock crushing plant was harsh. Every time we moved my sister and I would go look for things to do. Our favorite activity was catching lizards and frogs, as we both always loved animals.
During this time we learned school at home. Since we moved so much, my mom put me and my twin sister through an accelerated Christian home school program called A Beka academy. We always paid close attention to our schooling because we had very little to do, reasoning which reflected in our advanced grades.
My mom and uncle finally sold the rock crushing plant and we settled down in Paloma California, I guess we just couldn’t get away from the ‘off the wall’ places. This was in 2005, just in time for junior high. We decided to stay in the home school program because we had so easily adapted to it.
Home schooling has caused us to compensate our time unused in public school with doing many other things in our community. I trained in an ancient martial art for five years, and even taught it for three. Those five years taught me a great deal of responsibility and persistence. I have counseled at two church camps, the first of which you already know of. I am a leader at my youth group, as well as a ‘leader in training’ at another as well.
In our community I am known for being incredibly intelligent, writing a biographical essay should authorize you to brag a bit I think. I love science and mathematics especially, though I regret not paying as much attention to English as I could have. However I have been studying English vigorously this year. Now that my sister and I are seniors in high school we are looking to further our education. My love for science and mathematics has bloomed into a deep yearning to study engineering. I toured the campus at Pacific and I was enthralled by the campus and faculty. I loved everything about the tour.
I know that this essay has been a bit informal, but I tried to put my personality on the page. I am sure that there are many other students out there who have submitted their life story; but I assure you, if you give me an education at this school, your gift will not be squandered.

I wrote this the other morning but was busy all day, so I couldn’t correct it. Now i’m gonna be busy all day again. So if you could correct this essay it would mean the world to me. I need to send it in by tonight.

Best answer:

Answer by Ben Sobel
Can’t believe I actually read all of it..

What a wonderful College Application Essay! 😀

sounds good, good luck 🙂

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I NEED A SCHOOL will you help me find one?

Question by not me but you: I NEED A SCHOOL will you help me find one?
Listen, i asked somthin like this once before but anwsers let me down. Now i must be specific.

I am looking for a boarding school. (i’ll list the states i’m willing to go to last)

I would rather no religious affiliation, but if there has to be one, make it christian.

AND PEOPLE PLEASE, IM NOT A TROUBLED TEEN, i dont know wtf it is with these schools, the only ones i found for christian keeps saying troubled teens. NOT THAT, just a normal christian school Or a normal boarding school with no religious affiliation, with normal people.

Please give me links to actual school sites, or links to a place where they all are together,

But please dont give me something saying
“Example.com go here you can find one”
If you have to do that ok but… if someone else if more specific, u dont win…

lastly the states im willing to travel for it.

nebraska, illinois, wisconsin, michigan, indiana, ohio, missouri, kentucky, arkansas, west virginia, and maybe kansas or oklahoma than
sorry didnt have enough room to say thank you

Best answer:

Answer by Aleta L
You did not include Alabama, but there is a good school in Birmingham called the Alabama School of Arts, Math and Science. They offer boarding, even for out of state students, but you must qualify to attend.

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Christian Singles: How do you think the church could help you?

Question by : Christian Singles: How do you think the church could help you?
Is there something that you’d like to see from your home church? Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Dusty Rhodes
it can help with some math, its a triangle. so the area must be half-base multiplied by the height. and u can see if its equilateral or isosceles…..

oh btw., churches are only useful for that…

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Homemaker Seeks to Help Christian Singles Find Mate

Homemaker Seeks to Help Christian Singles Find Mate
Despite having to single-handedly take care of a two-year-old son, she feels strongly enough about helping Christian singles meet for eventual marriage to start an online Christian dating website. "I think the motivation came from more so of seeing how
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West Aurora seeks more consistency on offense
While the offense is averaging 38.5 points per game, the defense has been the strength of this team dating back to the end of the 2010 season when the Red Ramblers finished 3-2 while allowing 9.2 points per game during that stretch.
Read more on Chicago Sun-Times

Holly Christian scored two goals in the 3-1 win over Nebraska Omaha.
The Bison (6-2-0) have now won eight straight home games dating back to last season. Senior Danielle Boldenow and sophomore Katie Tallas forced early saves from Mavericks goalie Katelyn Tschida and Nebraska Omaha responded with two shots of its own,
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Annual ACU Summit offers 'enough' for everyone
This year's Summit at Abilene Christian University will offer something for just about every taste. Music lovers will want to hear singer-songwriter Mindy Smith, the curious may want to sit in on a talk by the author of a book titled, "Dating Jesus,"
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Sean Curley Aims to Help Humanist, Secular and Atheist Parents by Detailing Non-religious Parenting with New Book: ‘Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion’

Sean Curley Aims to Help Humanist, Secular and Atheist Parents by Detailing Non-religious Parenting with New Book: ‘Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion’

Golden, CO (PRWEB) July 18, 2007

In his book Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion, Sean Curley, in conjunction with Lulu, discusses the ramifications of parenting without reliance on religion. He also details rites, rituals, and practices that can be used in a home regardless of religious affiliation.

Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion is a practical guide for parents, grand parents, educators and other child-care-givers who want to parent without depending on traditions, practices, and rituals of established religions.

Sean Curley wrote Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion because he believes in the value religion has provided to the family in the form of traditions and common practices. He is attempting to bring these same benefits to the Humanist household, regardless of religious belief. Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion is available for purchase at Lulu, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble.

“Parenting has always been difficult, but historically parents have had thousands of years of religious history, traditions and practices to use as a basis for their parenting. With the modern prevalence of the secular or Humanist household, this is no longer true and parents need a guide to help them understand the advantages of religion in parenting, but without reliance on religion.” said Sean Curley. “The book includes information on humanism, morality, spirituality, traditions, practices, moral issues, and has sections for teens and younger children.

Link to Publication*: http://stores.lulu.com/seancurley


Sean Curley has been studying religions and philosophy all his life. After studying world religions in college, concluding they all have value, but none are uniquely correct, he came to Humanism. When he married a like-minded woman they embarked on a program of humanistic parenting. Mr. Curley has a BS degree in Computer Science, an MS degree in Engineering Management, and an MS degree in Space Studies. He currently lives with his family in Colorado.


Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see http://www.lulu.com for more information.

MEDIA CONTACT: Sean Curley, humanismforparents @ spiritualhumanist.info, http://spiritualhumanist.info

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Why don’t we destroy all current religions and create a new One World Religion with the help of the spirits?

Question by Guy: Why don’t we destroy all current religions and create a new One World Religion with the help of the spirits?
Why don’t we destroy all current religions on Earth and wait for the God(s) and spirits that really exist to come and help us to create a One World Religion that would start again fresh?
That would stop religious wars and conflict between religion and science

Best answer:

Answer by V8

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I need help writing some Christian trivia for a game show?

Question by odugurl03: I need help writing some Christian trivia for a game show?
The questions need to be teen oriented so you can use slang.
For example
1) Name the man that two sisters tried to fight over

Best answer:

Answer by Crispy bacon and eggs
Try “The Applied Bible Dictionary” published by Kingsway.
Very informative, and a great help for crosswords too!

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Christian Blog offers Insightful Help and Hope

You can receive the help and hope needed to make it through this time and journey of your life with the help of a Christian blog. The lessons learned through the journey experienced from someone else can assist you on your journey.  Receive tremendous help from a Christian article.


A Christian blog offer help and hope for those who need a helping hand. Through the assistance of more mature Christians we can make it through the bumps in life. Everyone has a journey to travel through in their life and God cares about your life. The very hairs of your head are numbered by your heavenly Father. You were intricately and beautifully created in the womb and your life matters.


People of all ages and backgrounds appreciate the assistance and hope offered through a timely Christian article published on a Christian blog. The lessons learned by one person who shares their experience on  Christian blogs can assist you in avoiding the same mistakes or failure by learning from the knowledge and wisdom which they are able to offer you now. Your footsteps are ordered by God and as you receive the help offered through other mature Christians you can receive a lifeline of hope and the restorative empowerment offered through faith in Jesus Christ. There are many journeys in life which can be made easier with the help of a mature believer. It is similar to that secular song, “Lean on Me”. Though the assistance of a mature online writer you can find someone to lean on for truth and courage.


The Internet offers many temptations which can lead to the destruction of relationships, marriages, and peace of mind as well as the destruction of a right relationship with God. But the Internet also offers a tremendous connection between believers which will assist one another in their walk with God. As you read a Christian article posted on the Christian blog you can learn how to step into the privileges available to you through Jesus Christ. You can avoid the struggles and hardships that many experience in their Christian walk due to not knowing how to develop a relationship with their Savior. Jesus not only died for your sins but He offers you a friendship; a relationship which will transform your life and restore your peace, joy and comfort. Jesus sees each tear that you cry and He hears you when you pray;  Christian blogs are one way that the Lord speaks to those who need renewed hope and courage to face tomorrow and to conquer their fears so that they can step into the promises that they know are available through Jesus.


A church blog will provide you with insight into what is happening in your life. An insightful Christian article found on a Christian blog site is written from the heart of a believer who cares about you. The compassion of Christ leads a leader to pour out his heart and share insights that will lead your steps into the peace and hope offered in Jesus. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6) The bumps in life can be made smooth as you seek and receive the truth offered on Christian blogs.

Bumponablog.com is a Christian blog site and is an excellent source for Christian blogs designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith.

Article from articlesbase.com

How Christian Board Games Help You Learn The Bible

A number of board games exist which can help you improve your trivia knowledge, verbal skills, creative thinking, all in a fun way. However, most of these games aren’t suited to help you improve your Bible knowledge in any way, and if your faith is the most important thing in your life, this could be a problem. Having a wide base of Bible knowledge can be more important than knowing trivia, having great verbal skills or even your creative thinking, for none of those things will help you strengthen your faith as a good, working knowledge of the Bible will.

Bible games actually date back into the late 1890s. The Decker Partners released a game called Bible Characters. The game experienced some popularity because soon after, other games started to be released, with titles like Bible Authors, Bible Game of Facts, Places, and Events, and Bible Boys. Since this time, there has always been a market for quality board games based on the Bible, however unknown it might be to the general public.

Today, a number of board games exist in a variety of formats to help stimulate your Bible knowledge. Apples to Apples, a popular word association game, has a special Bible edition to help you start to draw associations between Biblical characters and events. This can help you start to understand the Bible better in connections between people, events, and different themes that the Bible tries to instruct on. In the same vein, the popular game Mad Gab has a special Bible version available to interested players. In this game, you need to sound out a seemingly nonsense phrase made up of random words. However, when spoken in the correct way, these words make a phrase that is also related to the Bible. Having a broad base of Bible knowledge can only help you do well in this game and this, in turn, can help you inspire to study the Bible more.

There are a few Bible Trivia DVD games available to players, allowing them to focus more on the game and putting everyone at a level playing field. When you play a Bible trivia game, it is almost assuredly so that you will learn at least one new Bible fact during game play. The Bible is a wealth of knowledge, not only in its instruction, but also in the facts and trivia that it contains. There are many different situations and people mentioned in the Bible and knowing all of it would be a daunting task for anyone. By playing a Bible trivia game, you really can help improve your Bible trivia knowledge.

There are a number of Biblical strategy games available to you as well. These games don’t focus as much on the trivia and knowledge aspect of the Bible as much as recreating a event or a scene from the Bible for players to play out in the game. Why this game may not directly increase your knowledge of the Bible, it can be great for making you and the other players more interested in the events you are playing out, inspiring you to find out more. The Bible is a great source of inspiration, not only for your faith, but to find fun also!

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures. You will find all these things and more if you visit Christian board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures.