Q&A: Our over a year ago, now, he is acting like this! What do you make of it?

Question by Elaine: Our over a year ago, now, he is acting like this! What do you make of it?
Our break up was the worst one I have ever gone through in my life, I was so hurt and devastated by his actions preceding the break up that I stopped speaking to him for nearly two years even though we share a child.Not even two months into our separation, he had gotten married to the person he cheated on me with. I held my head up high and did what I needed to do for me to past the pain and I am happy now.
The problem that I am having with my ex is that even though he had moved on with his life he sort hoped that I would not and wanted to still be around me, calling and taking me out to lunch and even wanted be the other woman.
Unbeknownst to me that he was married and one month into his marriage, he was trying to sleep with me. I told him a few choice words via email and copied his new wife on it. Of course, she blamed me and claimed that no Christian values and that I was trying to destroy her family. I stopped talking to him completely! He has envolved my family and some now ex-friends to do his bidings and when I wouldn’t listened, the vacuous lies started.
This man has gone around telling people that I was harassing him and yet he has been the one calling and coming over my house, my family to get me to talk to him. Although we have a child together, he shows no interest in the child and I seemed to be the point of his obsession. He constenly drives by my house and even claimed that our child is not his.
On Tuesday, I had to meet with him to get some travel forms sign for our child, he showed up at the designated site rather than verbally greating me with hello, he rubbed his hand around my back and asked how I was! I say hi. Ten minutes later he came by asking me if I had the forms ready, I said yes, he went off again and reappeared 30 minutes later making some small talk about application fees and told me ” btw, I forgot to tell you, you nice” come to find out, the wife was arrested for hitting him and he is going through the ringer. What is his game now

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Answer by W W
Typical tale, old story, everyone has heard it a million times. Man gets bored with woman, man seeks new woman. It’s called polygamy. You should consider it. You were born with two parents, do you love them both? If you had two children, could you love both of them? Why is it so hard to imagine that a man could love two women? You had a kid with him, it’s a shame to think you’d break all this up and drag your child through the mud in the process because of the situation.
Sorry if you think life is supposed to be the way disney made it out to be, it ain’t.

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