“A Lenten Journey through the Holy Land” with Justin Daniel & the Orthodox Christian Network

The Orthodox Christian Network is excited to offer a new travel blog that will take you to the Holy Land for Lent, Holy Week, Pascha and Bright Week. Join host Justin Daniel as he visits Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Nazareth and many other sites. The blog will feature not only descriptions of important sites and services, but also testimonies of Orthodox Christians currently living in or worshiping at the locations. Services attended will include Betrayal of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane at the Russian Convent in Gethsemane; Crucifixion Service and Descent from Cross Service at Golgotha; Service of the Holy Light/Fire @ the Holy Sepulcher; and visiting the authentic site of Christ’s Baptism on the Jordan during Bright Week.
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Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?

Question by John: Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?
I heard this statement from Jack VanImpe. However, I seen him proclaim Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on the Christian World News…Can anyone clarify this for me please? Thank you.

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Answer by Jack

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New Company Formed to Produce Interactive Fun-to-Play Christian Games Digital Praise Inc. to Encourage Positive Values Through Top-Quality Gaming Titles Without Violence, Sex, Hate or Horror

New Company Formed to Produce Interactive Fun-to-Play Christian Games

Digital Praise Inc. to Encourage Positive Values Through Top-Quality Gaming Titles Without Violence, Sex, Hate or Horror

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2004

Christian entertainment takes a step forward today with the formal announcement of Digital Praise Inc., a new company formed to produce high-quality interactive Christian games. Digital Praise is committed to releasing fun, exciting game titles that promote virtues and family values like forgiveness, tolerance and kindness, rather than the violent and sexual behavior that is the mainstay of most popular computer games today. Privately held by company founders, Digital Praise is located in Fremont, CA.

Â?Digital Praise is founded on the principle that fun, exciting computer games donÂ?t need to be flooded with violence, sex, hate or images of horror,Â? said Tom Bean, president and CEO of Digital Praise. Â?Our goal is to produce top-quality gaming titles that promote positive values while providing hours of exciting game play that will keep players coming back for more.Â?

Digital Praise is actively involved in the development of titles for release under its own brand and for third parties. The company is currently working on a series of interactive games based on Focus on the Family�s world-renowned Adventures in Odyssey® radio program. Digital Praise has secured the electronic rights for this popular radio series that has aired for 18 years and boasts over 1.2 million listeners each day. Digital Praise announced its agreement with Focus on the Family in a separate joint release today. The company expects to announce the first two Adventures in Odyssey computer game titles next week at the Christian Booksellers Association International 2004 convention. In addition, Digital Praise has completed Hamtaro: Wake Up Snoozer!, its first third-party development project for Riverdeep � The Learning Company.

Digital Praise has assembled a high-powered team of computer gaming industry veterans who among them have released over 20 popular game titles including perennial favorites Carmen Sandiego, Reader Rabbit and Oregon Trail. CTO Peter Fokos, himself a 22-year veteran of the entertainment software industry with such industry giants as The Learning Company and Disney Interactive, said of the companyÂ?s engineering team, Â?WeÂ?ve pulled together a group of developers, producers, artists and audio engineers as fine as any IÂ?ve ever worked with. This is the kind of group that will keep producing award-winning titles and best sellers.Â?

Christian Games: Market Opportunity

An enormous appetite exists for Christian entertainment in various forms. The recent success of Christian music, books, movies, television and art is a testament to the importance of Christian content in all media. There is also strong growth in the U.S. entertainment software industryÂ? sales jumped 8% in 2003 to $ 7 billion1. Recognizing growth in both the Christian entertainment and the software entertainment markets, Digital Praise predicts healthy demand in the emerging interactive Christian games market.

Â?We see a tremendous opportunity in the interactive Christian games market, an industry estimated between $ 100 and $ 200 million in annual sales,Â? said Bill Bean, vice president of sales and marketing. Â?As long as new game titles are top qualityÂ?offering exciting game play and high production valueÂ?we believe that interactive Christian games will skyrocket in popularity much like Christian music did 15 years ago.Â?

Digital Praise is a pioneer in the emerging interactive Christian games industry, joining companies like Big Idea, NÂ?Lightning, and others in the effort to prove that violence, horror and hatred are not necessary components of exciting, fun game play.

Â?NÂ?Lightning products have received enormous praise from all parts of the world for their challenging play, innovative stories, and overall creative qualityÂ?proving that Christian titles can have you on the edge of your seat,Â? said Ralph Bagley, CEO of NÂ?Lightning Software Development, whose Christian action games have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. He added, Â?Families, in increasing numbers, are saying no to entertainment products that undermine the values they consider essential. In the years to come, the current vanguard of Christian computer game publishers is certain to emerge as an important voice in the entertainment software industry.Â?

About Digital Praise Inc.

Digital Praise (http://www.digitalpraise.com) is an independent developer and publisher of interactive Christian games for kids, teens, adults and parents. The company produces games that are designed for families looking to enjoy interactive entertainment software that promotes virtues and family values like cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness, without the violence, hatred, horror and sex that fills computer gaming today. The companyÂ?s goal is to equivocate the Digital Praise brand with Â?just good clean fun.Â? Focus on the Family has granted Digital Praise the rights to publish interactive games based on its world-renowned radio program, Adventures in Odyssey. The company is located in Fremont, CA.

1 Â? Entertainment Software Association.

Digital Praise is a trademark of Digital Praise Inc. Adventures in Odyssey is a registered trademark of Focus on the Family. All other trademarks and trade names are hereby recognized and may be registered to their respective owners.

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