Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?

Question by John: Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?
I heard this statement from Jack VanImpe. However, I seen him proclaim Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on the Christian World News…Can anyone clarify this for me please? Thank you.

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11 Responses to “Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?”

  1. This is my avatar 3 says:

    Doubt it, it’s not his job to tell Americans what religion to believe or not to believe

  2. Steve's Web Hosting says:

    In any country the politicians always claim to support the locally dominant brand of fairy tales.

  3. KansasGirl [2011) says:

    He’s keeping other religons in mind.

  4. That Dead Guy says:

    Now Mr. Obama claims to be a ‘Muslim’ but I’m tending to think he’s an atheist or agnostic… sure talked about science alot.


  5. Idealistic Dreamer says:

    Why does American presidents even have to push this religion thing.

  6. Helios says:

    Jesus Christ – the right wing WILL tell any lie it can – won’t they?

  7. Mike says:

    yeah sure just like Bush believes the way to heaven is by killing soldiers for oil

  8. Four of Pentacles says:

    I do know Oprah Winfrey made severally claims about all roads of religious faith lead to the divine. but I’m not sure about Obama

  9. Jim Romo says:

    Obama did say this several years ago. He claims to be a Christian. He is your classical liberal Christian who likes Jesus’ social message but not the part about believing that Christ is God. Like I said, he’s a liberal.

  10. Endorse Freedom says:

    Many politicians claim to be religious when it seems they aren’t. It’s just a way to get votes since the American people still tend to expect religion, which is sad because it should be policies that are a requirement, not religion.

    I haven’t heard this claim, but I would search it online or look at youtube and see if there’s a clip there.

  11. StreetProphet says:

    No. Jack Van Impe is a liar and one who uses his supposed belief in a loving Christ to stir up hatred and indifference to those who don’t subscribe to his conservative views. Take everything he says with a grain of salt, he’s an opportunist who uses his power as an evangelist to pressure politicians, which is incidentally why his organization pays taxes even though religious groups are supposedly exempt. He is not a pastor, an evangelist, or a Christian. He is just a liar.

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