Jesus equips us for our life's journey

Jesus equips us for our life's journey
Unlike the sinful world, Christian sojourners are holy. We travel through the world, but not without troubles and spiritual needs, to a greater place in the future of Jesus. Along the way, we have battles to fight. Yet, we have some joy.
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Ugandan pastor attacked by Muslims heals in Israel
A few days later, he is flown to India, and then on January 5 he arrives at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, to be cared for by one of the world's foremost hospitals for burn victims. The Christian Edition visited Mulinde in his hospital room a
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002 Bob Conklin Testimony of Jesus Christ Hope Eternal LIfe

Click More Bob Conklin no. 2 of 2.Also see this love message to Bob as he is in the hospital for a possible Gall Blader probelm. http 70 Megs 4 minutes 4 seconds. See Bob’s Website at : This is a faith message from Bob Conklin in Houston, TX Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church “Testimony of real life changing faith You can learn more about using YouTube as a valuable tool by viewing my user friendly information and tips site by CLICKING BELOW or copying and pasting this address in your browser Remember to save it in your favorites for future reference on problems with learning all about YouTube. It is very handy and easy to use when you are new to using YouTube A compendium on a single very large page. Just keep scanning down for hundreds of tips. Call Brian Nelson 713-467-3025. You can learn more about using YouTube by viewing my user friendly information and tips site by CLICKING BELOW or copying and pasting this address in your browser Remember to save it in your favorites for future reference on problems with learning all about YouTube. It is very handy and easy to use when you are new to using YouTube A compendium on a single very large page. Just keep scanning down for hundreds of tips. YouTube Tips and Instructions Printer Friendly Version: 40 pages (2) YouTube Data for BrianNelson123. Hi, My goal is to get thousands of people to make a difference in
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Gangs, Gangsters, Prison, Jail, Christian Rap, and Jesus

The first song is “All Riders” by Prime Minister, second song is “Look at me Now” by Lunie 3:80, and the Gospel Message is by The Warriors from their album “No Limits.” Lyrics: Time to put this key in the ignition start me up Theres bout to be a lynching on the Devil posse up We’s about to call my crews, all my dudes with the dog (?) Suit up like Nehemiah, cause we going to hit it hard We large, coming straight up out of the life of luxury Some riders on the ball, and we getting on them knees And flagging ZOE, my set is what we claim We step up in the front cause we about to throw them things About to lay them hands on the sick and the afflicted The lame and oppressed, the bound and addicted The wicked, and we kick it for the men in the sin We coming with some hooks, because we going to reel them in So homie if its you then recognize Grape Tree is coming up and we brothers on the rise And homies when we ride dont thinking we be soft We be up in your grill, we’s bout to break you off All riders Come on let’s gather in the name of the Lord Meet in the upper room just to be on one accord Cause I know the Lord, is strictly looking at the heart A million to be saved, not a million in a march God has got some plans for you man Gotta understand that plan if you can lift them hands To prosper you and then cleanse your sins in His sight No need for chasing money, fame, girls, or that ice Seek yee first the Kingdom is at hand The riches of the Earth will be added to you then And

Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?

Question by John: Did President Obama say, “There is many ways to enter Heaven, other then through Jesus Christ?”?
I heard this statement from Jack VanImpe. However, I seen him proclaim Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on the Christian World News…Can anyone clarify this for me please? Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Jack

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Prominent Rabbi Provides Controversial Perscription for Interfaith Dialog, But is Viewing Jesus as an “Unfished Messiah” for the Gentiles Going Too Far?

(PRWEB) January 31, 2005

In more than 40 years of pioneering the Jewish-Christian dialog, the prominent rabbi, Irving (Yitz) Greenberg, has been at once embraced and ostracized by both Christian and Jewish leaders.

And for good reason. Never before has any religious leader, let alone an Orthodox rabbi, had the courage or insight to cut to the very heart of the divide between these religionsÂ?offering an honest critique of bothÂ?and with great hope, suggesting a visionary prescription for healing and change on both sides.

Now for the first time, religious leaders, scholars, and lay people of both faiths have access to this important theologianÂ?s ideas and arguments in his new book, For the Sake of Heaven and Earth (Jewish Publication Society, $ 20 paperback). Within these pages (essays written from 1969-2000, as well as much new material) are GreenbergÂ?s core assertions:

On the validity of pluralism: Â?It was GodÂ?s will that Christianity be born within Judaism,Â? says Greenberg, Â?that it separate itself and reach out to Gentiles with the good news of God the Creator, the God of Israel, and the Divine call to humanity to perfect the world. The two religions were intended to work side by side, appealing to different groups and disagreeing on important issues but as partners nevertheless with God and humanity, and with each other.Â?

On theological misreading: The theological misreading (e.g. Christian supercessionism and Jewish dismissal of Christianity as false or idolatrous) led to a destructive relationship for the past 1,900 years, which must now be corrected.

On the Christian Messiah: In his essay, Covenants of Redemption, Greenberg makes a convincing case that Jews and Christians are not as totally contradictory on this issue of Christ as is the popular impression. In this discussion, he presents his most provocative assertionÂ?that for purposes of a Â?new encounterÂ? Jesus can be viewed by both faiths as an Â?unfinished messiah for the Gentiles.Â? For Christians, this view acknowledges ChristÂ?s unfinished work while at once affirming the Second Coming. For Jews, this view requires the acknowledgement that Jesus is a messenger of Divine to humanity. But whether or not this more modern theological thought takes deeper root in Christianity, ultimately both sides must Â?Leave it to God what religious messages should be given, and to other faith communities how signals should be heardÂ?unless that have evil consequences.Â?

Five short responsive essays by noted Jewish and Christian scholars James Carroll, David Novak, Mary Boys, Michael Novak and Krister Stendhal and a study guide round out this breakthrough work and offer readers plenty of Â?spiritual food for thought.Â?


Laurie Schlesinger

800-234-3151 ext. 5613

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Inspirational Christian Author Answers Questions in New Book, ‘Does Jesus Speak to You?’

Ada, Okla. (PRWEB) April 23, 2008

Inspirational Christian author Donna L. Ferrier’s new book, “Does Jesus Speak to You?” answers a variety of questions regarding faith. Inquiries responded to include, “Does Jesus speak to us today?” “How does he speak?” and “Why is this important?”

Donna says the book challenges professed born-again Christians to examine their walks with God to see whether they really have been transformed by the Lord.

“Sadly,” Donna says, “I’ve discovered that many professed Christians, for example, can’t even spiritually discern God’s Word enough to apply it to their lives. This is more indicative of someone who isn’t a Christian, however, than of someone who is.” Throughout the book, Donna uses personal testimonies combined with scripture to discuss how Jesus reveals Himself.

Donna says that the key to understanding a Christian’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ lies in verses like Romans 12:2: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is, his good, pleasing, and perfect will (NIV).”

“Unfortunately,” says Donna, “this transformation does not take place among so many who claim to know the Lord, and as a result, people who aren’t Christians look at professed believers getting drunk in bars or beating up their spouses and saying, ‘See, look, that person’s a Christian.’ Many false doctrines have been perpetuated because of that mindset.”

Donna believes that one of the greatest spiritual tragedies is that people who are searching for Christ ironically don’t want anything to do with Him because of all the false Christianity they mistake for the real thing. “Don’t get me wrong,” Donna says. “Everyone sins, and every Christian makes mistakes that disrupt our fellowship with the Lord and with one another. That’s why we as believers must be sure that our minds are being renewed on a daily basis. It’s the only way we can a) have the mind of Christ and b) let the world see what that really means.”

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About the Author:

Donna L. Ferrier was born and raised in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and relocated to Ada, Oklahoma, in 2004. She became a Christian at the age of 21 in college in 1988, and has been active in numerous singles ministries since that time. Donna is now an inspirational author, editor, and book publisher, and is working toward her MA in Biblical Studies.

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Baptism in the time of Jesus – by Dr. Randall Smith

The New Testament opens with John baptizing the Jewish people in the River Jordan. What did the people understand when John the Baptist and Jesus told them to be baptized? And where in Jerusalem could 3000 people, on the day of Pentecost, possibly be baptized? In this DVD we follow archaeologist and theologian Dr. Randall Smith on tour as he takes his students to various sites in the Holy Land explaining the historical development of the theology of the Rabbis during the 400, so called silent years, between Malachi and Matthew. From the traditional site of baptism in the Jordan River, to the ritual baths at the steps to the entrance of the Second Temple, and then to Bethlehem and Tabgha, Dr. Smith explains how baptism was practiced in Israel during the first centuries of church history. This DVD is truly a must see; it is an eye opener that sheds light on the very important subject of Baptism.


Book 5 – Interrogation 10 SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE FINAL PART Answer to the sixth question. “As to why I wanted to be baptized, I answer: Anyone who wants to found or start a new way, must lead the way for others. The ancient people were given a way of the flesh, circumcision, as a sign of obedience and future purgation. Among the faithful observers of the law, this brought about a certain effect of future grace and a promise before the coming of the promised truth, that is, before I, the Son of God, came. With the coming of the truth, however, since the law was but a shadow, it had been eternally determined that the ancient way should fade and lose its effect. In order that the truth might appear, the shadow recede, and the way to heaven be more easily seen, I, God and man, born without sin, wished to be baptized as an example of humility for others and so that I might open up heaven for believers. As a sign of this, heaven was opened when I myself was baptized, and the voice of the Father was heard, and the Holy Spirit appeared in the likeness of a dove, and I, the Son of God, was revealed in my true humanity, so that all the faithful might know and believe that the Father opens heaven for the baptized faithful. The Holy Spirit is present with the baptizing minister and my human nature is virtually present in the material element, but the action and the will are one and belong to the Father and to myself and to the Holy Spirit together. On the coming of the

Jesus’ 1st miracle was at Cana is this the same Q’ana where the children were bombed?

Jesus turned water into wine at the marriage at Cana. I heard somewhere that Cana = Q’ana in S. Lebanon, a town that was completely destroyed by bombing and where > 30 mothers and children were killed when they hid in a basement. I can’t find a reliable reference for this, if you know one, please post. Also, if there are other Christian sites in S. Lebanon that you know about, can you give me a reference? I think there are at least a few because Jesus travelled all around the area. No insults please, I’m seeking information.
43 – Jesus has nothing to do with Aljazeera. Are you trying to be clever? Either this is true or not , it doesn’t have to do with a political orientation, facts are facts and this should be a simple one.
wiseguy: In Catholic school, I was taught this was Jesus’ first miracle, I don’t recall the Gospel but will check. Catholics don’t learn the Bible as well as Protestants.
John 2:1-11.

Noone had info, Y!A not good for much besides insults. Wikipedia says “While the village of Qana, now in southern Lebanon, is said to be an unlikely candidate for the location, many Lebanese Christians believe Qana to be the correct site. ”