Sean Curley Aims to Help Humanist, Secular and Atheist Parents by Detailing Non-religious Parenting with New Book: ‘Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion’

Sean Curley Aims to Help Humanist, Secular and Atheist Parents by Detailing Non-religious Parenting with New Book: ‘Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion’

Golden, CO (PRWEB) July 18, 2007

In his book Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion, Sean Curley, in conjunction with Lulu, discusses the ramifications of parenting without reliance on religion. He also details rites, rituals, and practices that can be used in a home regardless of religious affiliation.

Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion is a practical guide for parents, grand parents, educators and other child-care-givers who want to parent without depending on traditions, practices, and rituals of established religions.

Sean Curley wrote Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion because he believes in the value religion has provided to the family in the form of traditions and common practices. He is attempting to bring these same benefits to the Humanist household, regardless of religious belief. Humanism for Parents – Parenting without Religion is available for purchase at Lulu, Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble.

“Parenting has always been difficult, but historically parents have had thousands of years of religious history, traditions and practices to use as a basis for their parenting. With the modern prevalence of the secular or Humanist household, this is no longer true and parents need a guide to help them understand the advantages of religion in parenting, but without reliance on religion.” said Sean Curley. “The book includes information on humanism, morality, spirituality, traditions, practices, moral issues, and has sections for teens and younger children.

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Sean Curley has been studying religions and philosophy all his life. After studying world religions in college, concluding they all have value, but none are uniquely correct, he came to Humanism. When he married a like-minded woman they embarked on a program of humanistic parenting. Mr. Curley has a BS degree in Computer Science, an MS degree in Engineering Management, and an MS degree in Space Studies. He currently lives with his family in Colorado.


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New Company Formed to Produce Interactive Fun-to-Play Christian Games Digital Praise Inc. to Encourage Positive Values Through Top-Quality Gaming Titles Without Violence, Sex, Hate or Horror

New Company Formed to Produce Interactive Fun-to-Play Christian Games

Digital Praise Inc. to Encourage Positive Values Through Top-Quality Gaming Titles Without Violence, Sex, Hate or Horror

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2004

Christian entertainment takes a step forward today with the formal announcement of Digital Praise Inc., a new company formed to produce high-quality interactive Christian games. Digital Praise is committed to releasing fun, exciting game titles that promote virtues and family values like forgiveness, tolerance and kindness, rather than the violent and sexual behavior that is the mainstay of most popular computer games today. Privately held by company founders, Digital Praise is located in Fremont, CA.

Â?Digital Praise is founded on the principle that fun, exciting computer games donÂ?t need to be flooded with violence, sex, hate or images of horror,Â? said Tom Bean, president and CEO of Digital Praise. Â?Our goal is to produce top-quality gaming titles that promote positive values while providing hours of exciting game play that will keep players coming back for more.Â?

Digital Praise is actively involved in the development of titles for release under its own brand and for third parties. The company is currently working on a series of interactive games based on Focus on the Family�s world-renowned Adventures in Odyssey® radio program. Digital Praise has secured the electronic rights for this popular radio series that has aired for 18 years and boasts over 1.2 million listeners each day. Digital Praise announced its agreement with Focus on the Family in a separate joint release today. The company expects to announce the first two Adventures in Odyssey computer game titles next week at the Christian Booksellers Association International 2004 convention. In addition, Digital Praise has completed Hamtaro: Wake Up Snoozer!, its first third-party development project for Riverdeep � The Learning Company.

Digital Praise has assembled a high-powered team of computer gaming industry veterans who among them have released over 20 popular game titles including perennial favorites Carmen Sandiego, Reader Rabbit and Oregon Trail. CTO Peter Fokos, himself a 22-year veteran of the entertainment software industry with such industry giants as The Learning Company and Disney Interactive, said of the companyÂ?s engineering team, Â?WeÂ?ve pulled together a group of developers, producers, artists and audio engineers as fine as any IÂ?ve ever worked with. This is the kind of group that will keep producing award-winning titles and best sellers.Â?

Christian Games: Market Opportunity

An enormous appetite exists for Christian entertainment in various forms. The recent success of Christian music, books, movies, television and art is a testament to the importance of Christian content in all media. There is also strong growth in the U.S. entertainment software industryÂ? sales jumped 8% in 2003 to $ 7 billion1. Recognizing growth in both the Christian entertainment and the software entertainment markets, Digital Praise predicts healthy demand in the emerging interactive Christian games market.

Â?We see a tremendous opportunity in the interactive Christian games market, an industry estimated between $ 100 and $ 200 million in annual sales,Â? said Bill Bean, vice president of sales and marketing. Â?As long as new game titles are top qualityÂ?offering exciting game play and high production valueÂ?we believe that interactive Christian games will skyrocket in popularity much like Christian music did 15 years ago.Â?

Digital Praise is a pioneer in the emerging interactive Christian games industry, joining companies like Big Idea, NÂ?Lightning, and others in the effort to prove that violence, horror and hatred are not necessary components of exciting, fun game play.

Â?NÂ?Lightning products have received enormous praise from all parts of the world for their challenging play, innovative stories, and overall creative qualityÂ?proving that Christian titles can have you on the edge of your seat,Â? said Ralph Bagley, CEO of NÂ?Lightning Software Development, whose Christian action games have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. He added, Â?Families, in increasing numbers, are saying no to entertainment products that undermine the values they consider essential. In the years to come, the current vanguard of Christian computer game publishers is certain to emerge as an important voice in the entertainment software industry.Â?

About Digital Praise Inc.

Digital Praise ( is an independent developer and publisher of interactive Christian games for kids, teens, adults and parents. The company produces games that are designed for families looking to enjoy interactive entertainment software that promotes virtues and family values like cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness, without the violence, hatred, horror and sex that fills computer gaming today. The companyÂ?s goal is to equivocate the Digital Praise brand with Â?just good clean fun.Â? Focus on the Family has granted Digital Praise the rights to publish interactive games based on its world-renowned radio program, Adventures in Odyssey. The company is located in Fremont, CA.

1 Â? Entertainment Software Association.

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Religion Lack Science Is Just Like The Body Without Soul

What a piece of work is man!

How noble in reason!

In action how like an angel!

In apprehension, how like a god!

The beauty of the world!

The paragon of animals!

If we believe in Shakespeare’s these lines, and are real at present situation, then there could be no reason to write this article. However, for today’s world, where even there is no reason to fight, but still they quarrel, this is must for them.

When the word “Religion” slaps the eardrum, most of the peoples think of some traditions, odd styles, myths and something called the “restrictions”. On next step, “Science” is the world of discoveries, researches, amazing facts and knowledgeable findings & thoughts. There are also some peoples who bold the science, and restrict to the religions. Some youngsters even evade their grandparents as they think the religion as a fable which is just for old peoples regarding big books (epics).

If we consider the religion as the whole & truth, then we may define the science as, “the right path in search of the truth “(i.e., religion).

It was a diamond achievement for the science to discover an “Atom” and also when they discovered 36,450 micro-organisms in a single drop of water. Science also proved the fact that “Trees are living beings”, Which though do not have the red blood like us, still called “immovable living beings”, and have their own unique systems just like us. Science also attends “health & diet” relationship and consults to daylight meal. Scientific views on night meal (dinner) says that “ultraviolet” (UV) and infrared (IR) radiations which are emitted during day time are more physiochemically active (research by W. Writer in 1801) and is the reason for the trees to prepare their food only during day time and ever human beings are more active during day time. This is also the reason for none or less production of micro-organisms; even insects do not come out in day light, While they are free to move anywhere at night. That’s why night eating may affect our health & body system besides killing uncountable micro-organisms. UV and IR rays get inactive before & after 48 min. of sunset & sunrise respectively. After reading such on science achievements one may feel haughty but here I flashed same topics with religious views.

Jain epics say that there are uncountable micro-organisms in a single drop of water, and they recommend for purification of water with different methods.

Epics also focus on atom, and in more & more depth.

Trees are living beings were though discovered by science, still it was already written in the epics, and called single sensed. (Ekendriya)

Religion much more talks about day meals, and has given extraordinary and supreme views on so.

On conclusion, there is much more written in epics, and science is trying to reach it so that peoples will ultimately believe the religion.

After reading this no one should feel arrogant of their religion, as science is the only way to lighten it. Indirectly, only the science is helping to prove the right existence of religions. Moreover religion & science give equal values for meditation, non-violence & peace. So why there is always quarrel between science & religion.

We usually put debates on “science or religion-which is great?” which may result in the diversion of people’s minds from either one depending upon winners.

Instead of this topic, it is better to put “Brotherhood between science & religious” how to reach religion through science. kinds of topics so that it would put our step forward in search of the truth.

If you think yourself as responsible person of either science or religion, then show some respect for it, by helping science research & discoveries, so that we world reach the victory of these two cousins which will indirectly result in peace of the universe.

(“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” -Albert Einstein)

Sachin Ramesh Chatur
Clinical Research

The autor for this article is a science lover.and respects all the religions. since childhood he has written many articles specially for ahimsa(non violence),peace,unity & affection towards science.He is so kind hearted.

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Share this video and please watch part 2!………Note: If you like this video, an updated version (without TTS) can be found on my chanel (The Second Coming). Thank you!! Man’s Flaw states the case that religion is a creation of MAN and NOT God. If you AGREE with the message in Man’s Flaw and believe that the world would be a much better place if people didn’t follow self-serving, devisive, simplistic, cultural traditions then PLEASE share this link on FACEBOOK, TWITTER ETC as much as possible (also part 2). Thank you!! I am undecided as to whether there is a God or not, however it is painfully clear that all religions are simply the manifestation of humanities weakness, flaws and fears. I would be happy for religious people to believe whatever helps them to get through their days, however religion, since its inception has made detrimental encroachments on all avenues of life. It is beyond me how people can still believe in it (or more accurately, want to believe in it). Topics Covered in “Man’s Flaw” part 1 and 2: Relgion, God, anger, hate, racism, fear, greed, doubt, execution, peace, war, death, september 11th, 9/11, the Crusades, killing, logic, faith, belief, radical,fundamentalism, suicide bombing, evolution, the big bang, hell, heaven, reward, torture, the bible, jesus, the koran, the quran, torah, prayer, natural disaster, atheism, theism, deism, deist, God’s Flaw exorcism, barainwashing, children, morality, iraq war, indoctrination, priests, kin psychology
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‘Religion Roundtable’ Gives Radio Voice to God Without Religion Author, Sankara Saranam

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) May 12, 2006

While still enjoying literary success, through a book that encourages establishing a personal relationship with God, Sankara Saranam moves on to his own Air America radio show aimed at spreading understanding by raising crucial questions. “Religion Roundtable” will be the only radio show hosted by a bona fide philosopher and mystic, who strives to offer a spiritual path unconfined by religion.

The premier show will air Saturday, May 13, and will stream live on the Air America site at 8:00 am Pacific time and 11:00 Eastern. The program will broadcast from the KUNM University of New Mexico campus studio in Albuquerque.

Sankara’s guest for this first show will be Rev. Dr. Michael Ellner, president of HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison), coauthor of Quantum Focus, and winner of the IMDHA Pen and Quill Award. Dr. Ellner will be exploring the controversy of whether HIV is categorically linked to AIDS.

Mr. Saranam, son of Iraqi Jews, became disillusioned with organized religion at a early age and embarked on a quest to discover God on his own. His motto for “Religion Roundtable” is best summed up by Carl Sagan, who said, “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge – even to ourselves – that we’ve been so credulous.”

Jeff Farias, director of programming and production for Air America’s Nova M Radio, says, “As a network that mostly deals with political issues, we look to Sankara Saranam’s program, “Religion Roundtable,” as a means to enable our listeners to explore their own spirituality and confront the greater questions of our existence and our purposes on this earth.”

Be sure to mark the calendar for “Religion Roundtable,” May 13, and stay tuned weekly for dynamic, groundbreaking discussions with notable and stimulating authors, speakers, teachers, and thinkers as Sankara explores the cutting edge of how the world’s view of religion is evolving.

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Stephen Fry’s beautiful comments on a world without God.

Stephen Fry delivers a 6 minute ‘speech’ on how a world without a belief in God should be neither mundane nor uninspiring.
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Part 10/12 of ‘Your World IS Changing’ ~ All you need to know is that the primary goal behind this New World Order is (always was) to eventually end all religions and to install a global one world religion (bahai) (maitreya) based on “scientific” unproven theories that scientists are in consensus with but disputed by many other modern & eminent scientists: * theory of evolution * theory of man-made global warming * theory of neurological chemical imbalance Prepare for major power black-outs manually generated (not from a solar flare or CME) in order to disrupt communications in strategic military objects in America. All this civil war talk.. pray it may not happen.. realize they are ideologically prepared.. but if the shit hits the fan.. America most likely will split into several regions.. if not.. the “North American Union” (SPP – Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America) the merger between Mexico, Canada & USA will be fact in and from 2010. Either way.. US national sovereignty will end.. as planned.. in order to breathe absolute power into THEIR (Political Occult Illuminati Bankers) United (NATO) Nations. Prepare.. false flag biological terror attack in Miami, Denver and/or Kansas.. Pakistan, Venezuela, Russia provoked.. in order to create more NATO missions beyond Europe’s borders (and beyond peacekeeping) “to face down the Soviet Union” (words Obama in Berlin – July 24, 2008). False flag terror attacks in Europe to be expected: Berlin, Rome and Paris. Look
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Travelling Without Travel Insurance

If you are going on holiday this year you will have to decide whether or not to purchase some travel insurance. A recent report found that one in five adults travelling abroad chooses to travel with no insurance at all. With the risk of theft increasing world wide, hustlers preying on tourists and the usual risks of illness, injury or cancellation it is quite a surprise that many people opt out of this cover.

There are few countries that have comparable health services to the UK and even less that we have a reciprocal arrangement with, so if you do become ill or hurt while on holiday, the expenses of getting you well enough to travel soon rack up to an expensive amount. In many countries it is not unusual for you to not only be charged for the treatment, but also the accommodation, the transport and other minor aspects like food.

Apart from insuring yourself against these hefty bills, travel insurance will protect your personal valuables. It is a sad reality that most hotel rooms and safes are easily broken into. Organised petty crime is on the rise in popular holiday destinations, with tourists being on the wrong end of hustlers and thieves. It is hard enough having to lose your savings, favourite jewellery and electronics, but at least if you are covered you will be able to somewhat replace them!

It’s a perfect nightmare; the thought of planning, packing and happily making your way to the airport to take your family on that perfect holiday, only to find out that your flight is delayed until the next day, or worse, cancelled.

Insurance policies can pay for a hotel while you wait for your flight and get your tickets for another airline to get you to your destination. Just think, the money you spend on your insurance versus having to go home and not go on holiday due to not being able to fund new tickets. You lose an awful lot more money!

Nobody likes to consider these things when they are going on vacation, but it is really important to keep a clear head and take a little time to make sure you are covered while you are away. That way you can really relax and enjoy your holidays without having to worry!

So where can you find the best travel insurance for your needs? Online price comparison sites such as and should be your first sources of information. Often you can specify what features of the policy you’d like, such as whether you need your baggage covered or if you’re going on a skiing or adventure holiday.

It is important to note that every travel insurance policy includes coverage for medical expenses, which is especially important if you are traveling to a country that has no state funded healthcare system such as the United States.

Remember to bring a print out of the policy with you on holiday to avoid any problems and take into account any time differences when calling your insurer from abroad.

Christian is an author of several articles pertaining to Travel Insurance. He is known for his expertise on the subject and on other Business and Finance related articles.