Stephen Fry’s beautiful comments on a world without God.

Stephen Fry delivers a 6 minute ‘speech’ on how a world without a belief in God should be neither mundane nor uninspiring.
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Part 10/12 of ‘Your World IS Changing’ ~ All you need to know is that the primary goal behind this New World Order is (always was) to eventually end all religions and to install a global one world religion (bahai) (maitreya) based on “scientific” unproven theories that scientists are in consensus with but disputed by many other modern & eminent scientists: * theory of evolution * theory of man-made global warming * theory of neurological chemical imbalance Prepare for major power black-outs manually generated (not from a solar flare or CME) in order to disrupt communications in strategic military objects in America. All this civil war talk.. pray it may not happen.. realize they are ideologically prepared.. but if the shit hits the fan.. America most likely will split into several regions.. if not.. the “North American Union” (SPP – Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America) the merger between Mexico, Canada & USA will be fact in and from 2010. Either way.. US national sovereignty will end.. as planned.. in order to breathe absolute power into THEIR (Political Occult Illuminati Bankers) United (NATO) Nations. Prepare.. false flag biological terror attack in Miami, Denver and/or Kansas.. Pakistan, Venezuela, Russia provoked.. in order to create more NATO missions beyond Europe’s borders (and beyond peacekeeping) “to face down the Soviet Union” (words Obama in Berlin – July 24, 2008). False flag terror attacks in Europe to be expected: Berlin, Rome and Paris. Look
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Stephen Fry’s beautiful comments on a world without God.”

  1. Rafabenitez01 says:

    @arnorparnor2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ryobies says:

    @arnorparnor2 i could listen to him read the obituaries and he’d make it seem like a shakespearian sililoquy

  3. infinit888 says:

    Let us not forget that Jesus actually never uttered those words. The passage is a later interpolation by scribes.

  4. Nerfi says:

    @graemealee It’s not necessarily religion that’s the problem, but the power an organized religion grants to a select few individuals, who then sway the rest of the organization to their way of thinking because “we say God said so.” People can believe whatever they like, but they shouldn’t sacrifice their free will in order to do so.

  5. landonsoccer12 says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess at he’s read Nietzsche. Alot of what he said is nearly quoted from him. Though Nietzsche is my hero i won’t complain.

  6. arnorparnor2 says:

    I could listen to Fry read the phone book.

  7. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @01101100d “the Soviet Union was all about ending religion”…again, I never said Stalin`s atheism. YOU check my comment. anyway, the point is, atheists do as much crap as religious people do, the difference is, religions believe in something higher, atheists don`t. If you believe in certain morals doesn`t mean you actually practice them, you may try, but sometimes you fail.

  8. 01101100d says:

    @6MemoryOfForever9 Oh yeah, sure. I really got that from your first comment you sent me saying what stalins atheism was apparently all about, go look it up, page 3 if you need your memory refreshing. I have asked you the same questions before and you never told me that answer.

  9. PollyJuice says:

    Stephen Fry is an intelligent man. Thank goodness he has a sense of humour, or he might have been an unstoppable tyrant. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @01101100d I did not say he did it BECAUSE he was atheist, I just said he was atheist, so stop putting words I never said. well, who’s fault is it that some morons refuse evolution? if even their religious leaders say that Evolution has enough proof, what more can be done?

  11. Colcum says:

    @henriktor Its funny how people mistake a comments section for a forum.

  12. 01101100d says:

    @6MemoryOfForever9 No you didnt, but that isnt the point is it, we are talking about stalin, that you claim his acts were done just because he was atheist. Not all catholics believe in evolution at all. Many, like christian fundies, take the bible literally. Not all christian and catholics are bible literalists, but many still are, they are the dangerous ones are they not.

  13. SlipperedGuppy says:

    Such a perfect summation of humanistic potential. Stephen Fry is truly one of the most enlightened men alive today.

  14. henriktor says:

    Wow – someone on the comment section below likes to hear himself talk.

  15. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @Computerdisplay no, I’m just saying there are different views on religion and God other than that of Dawkins, a full blown hater of religion… so I’m saying, take the point of view of other people, not just Mr. God killed my mommy so now I hate Him!!

  16. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @01101100d did I even say something about evolution? Catholics and Orthodox believe in evolution smartass!

  17. Computerdisplay says:

    @6MemoryOfForever9 so you just heard someone smarter than you saying what you want to hear and NOW you dont need anybody elseยดs biased thought on the matter. The thing about God and Baalbek is that we can do research about the second…when it comes to God…its the same if you think he is an omnipotent flatulence or the master of all that exists, the existence of the universe is completely feasible without a God, so why lose your time worshiping something that does not affect you at all?

  18. djehuty13 says:

    I believe that religion is a way to understand the world. When knoledge of the world increases, the need for religion diminishes. Some (Like S Hawking) believe that there is enough knoledge in the world to exist without God. Some people are completly against atheism. But some (like me) are somewhere inbetween. One day religion will be frowned upon over knowledge and religious peoples will be considered insane.

  19. chathuthushari says:

    Factual Local naughty girls here

  20. 01101100d says:

    @6MemoryOfForever9 lol, what are you, a jehovah witness. I ask that because i read that argument from their “awake” edition from the watchtower. I keep an eye on what people say.

    In fact, yes, you can give me names of people with degrees “higher” than Dawkins. I hope you can at least be bothered to give me names of people who criticise evolution who are actually geneticists and not some other branch of science like physics, criticising evolution. I look forward to your response.

  21. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @6MemoryOfForever9 … top religion analysts like Bertrand… all state this:” the world has desperately tried to dissociate faith and science and show they are contradictory. But what is happening now is that the world is waking up and realizing that science and faith actually work very well together”… so I don’t need anybody else’ biased thought on this matter. Plus, we think we can prove or disprove God? we don’t even know how Baalbek was possibly built thousands of years before our time!

  22. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @01101100d healthy skepticism of religion is deadly to religion? seriously? should I start mentioning the number of scientists with degrees far greater than Dawkins who have converter to Christianity or any other religion for all that matters? keep on living in that bubble where they tell you only stupid people believe in God. Up until now, the number 1 religion graduate from McGill University (1rst in Canada), Mr. Boyle, as well as doctors in faith and reason, not to mention

  23. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @01101100d I didn’t blame his atheism, I am not like the militant atheists these days, blaming everything on religion. All I said is “yes, he was against Christians”!!
    and my point was…. evil and crap exists everywhere, so stop blaming religion for everything!

  24. 6MemoryOfForever9 says:

    @01101100d OH, SORRY…PUH-LEASE… Stalin persecuted Christians, no, not those who refused to blabla antiquities… Christianity as a whole. yeah, not every single church burned, every single christian killed… sorry he didn’t have enough time!?
    please if you are not able to understand figures of speech, get more education. It is a way of saying that all Dawkins does is bitch about religion all the while never mentioning the whole truth, or how EVERYBODY does evil, the whole context.

  25. woweixiaomiandui says:

    @01101100d dude, what!? I never said that stalin killed people and was evil because he was atheist! Where did you get that from?
    Alot of people were killed because they were religious, but not all.
    All i said is that people have started going to church again in russia because it’s ok and is not regulated by the government, and you started to read all kinds of stuff into it…

  26. ab2300 says:

    i bet dennis got murder after this

  27. mrkilluminatix says:

    Go to my channel, I uploaded a 3 part video exposing new material!!!! PLEASE WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE!


  28. RMGAbeliever says:

    To all and especially the American people
    pls study islam my allah gauid you all to the light
    thank god i’m muslim

  29. nibirushock says:

    @kubb724.. yes they want you too won’t see anything without the proper context..therefore they are providing you their context, which is a framework of total deception ofcourse..that they are delivering in this transitional stage of Babel-like confusion of belief systems (the perfect distraction and chaos) on the internet..iaw..if you wake up to the NWO ending up with believing the New Age conceptions of for instance Madame Blavatsky.. that’s the order they seek and encourage.

  30. kubb724 says:

    @nibirushock sure i know whats goin on . Within your reply “they had to operate decades-long in silent secrecy.. but now they are in the process of trying to make it all legitimate.. that’s what’s happening.. as calculated.. planned of course” << this is why i think all this crap is being revealed because they want you to see..which is why i said what i said

  31. kubb724 says:

    @nibirushock I’ve researched them the past 3 years , im pretty sure i know whats goin on . Within your reply “they had to operate decades-long in silent secrecy.. but now they are in the process of trying to make it all legitimate.. that’s what’s happening.. as calculated.. planned of course” << this is why i think all this crap is being revealed because they want you to see..which is why i said what i said

  32. nibirushock says:

    @kubb724.. with all due respect, I don’t believe you really understand their plan.. they had to operate decades-long in silent secrecy.. but now they are in the process of trying to make it all legitimate.. that’s what’s happening.. as calculated.. planned ofcourse.. question remains if they anticipated the growing resistance of the educated younger generation well enough.. exciting times indeed.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. dogsofwarclan says:

    @seebistoo are u serious XD your comment made my day , cnn Criminal news network

  34. Anousone619 says:

    @seebistoo it is on world order look it up

  35. kubb724 says:

    Has any of you thought that maybe the only reason they allow themselves to be so non because they want you to know…so you will tell other people and stir everyone up into thinking they can do something …so that you WILL fight against them so their PLAN will fall into place..the more and more i research these people the more i start to see , duhhh if the goverment was so good at keeping secrets how would they let such gigantic conspiracy be visible ..hello..this is there plan

  36. dominique0704 says:

    @seebistoo because CNN is not going to air it because this is something they dont want you to see

  37. UglyCrispies says:

    Fight the dominators of this world to save te world !

  38. Killuminati911 says:

    @seebistoo rofl

  39. TheHazcam says:

    @seebistoo Mate who controls the mass media?

    Here’s another thing to ponder. Why do you think all these videos on youtube aren’t being taken off and accounts ip banned etc? Because the plan is nearly 90% complete. So none of this would get in the way. 100,000 views is nothing like 1 billion, we are more interested in watching other random shit and the sheeple among us turn a blind eye to this and call it “crazy”.

  40. TheHazcam says:

    @jathomas901 Preach!

  41. TheHazcam says:

    @regerbryan There’s going to be a new nth american currency the Amero. Wait and see. Iran, Pakistan will be attacked in similar ways that Iraq and Afghanistan were. Millions of civilians have died from this and millions more displaced. It’s not like the USA cares, they killed 3000 of their own in 2001.

    Next up will be Syria and Lebanon.
    There will be more terror attacks in Europe similar to Madrid and London bombings.

    Not much we can do but live our lives happily and pray I suppose…

  42. maria610421 says:

    America has nearly 70 Million people living in Poverty, now they want Global Poverty, America has 50% of the population in prison, the NWO will have the rest in FEMA death camps. The call the NAZI state of America NWO, Police State. Rule of the GUN, not common sense. Every body rounded up to invade the rest of the world. National service, that is what Rahm Emanuel said.

  43. jathomas901 says:

    I truly am scared. I believe it. But I know my lord will come back for me before this tribulation starts.

  44. jathomas901 says:

    FREEEEDOOMMMMMM!!!! Ill be your William Wallace and well all fight these bitches together. Well take back whats ours and thats our control and freedom of our country. Fuck the Illuminati/NWO/Satanists/OBAMA. Put me on ur list u wont get me in there ill be shot because ill die fighting till Im killed.

  45. CelticReap says:

    @seebistoo r u that stupid?

  46. mrkilluminatix says:

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    And a wealth of new material in the making that is a MUST SEE… We are warriors. Lets all stand together and fight the new world order!

  47. knowledgewisdom100 says:

    all i can say is damn.

  48. neouberx says:

    If everyone would just stop and realize that our sovereignity was taken at birth and replaced with a “straw-man” this game would end pretty quick. We won’t stop the illuminati because we are under their jurisdiction. We have to remember and acknowledge our natural, GOD given rights. Its a deep rabbit hole with a lot of risks but that’s probably the only way we? can win.

  49. mxsniper50cal says:

    To avoid all this crazy shit the best choice will be wiping (kill) all adults 18+ over leave the children 17 and under. Allow 50% become Canadian territory and the other 50% Mexican territory. MXP will be higher than Canadian Dollar but it will increase its cost too. It will be a stable wealthy on both countries.

  50. nibirushock says:

    @seebistoo.. I rest my case.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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