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The world moves really faster, keeping pace with the changing times and trend is a very difficult task. Earlier in ancient times there were people who would be assigned the jobs of imparting news and updating the knowledge bank of the prominent personalities. At later stage these people were replaced by the newspapers, radio and television. People trusted these media tools for gaining real information. Though the newspaper is still one of the major sources of gaining information from all across the globe, radio and television news have been sidelined by the rise in internet technology.


Now people rely more on newspapers and internet for extracting true information. Internet has proven to be speedier than radio and television and equally effective like newspaper. The newspaper has retained its charm, because of its ability to connect with the reader on one on one basis. Reading newspaper is a very private and personal thing. Pondering and stimulation are the activities which are carried out while reading it. Touching human lives at different levels is the basic objective and function of the news, the news touch soul and mind of individual who reads it. It also creates a kind of stimulation in our though process. Almost every adult is addicted to reading the newspaper in the morning. This ability of connecting with the reader on personal basis has been retained in the internet news.


There are various news portals, which offer constantly updated news and information for their readers. These portals include various sections which target different age groups and interests. For example, there are political, financial news for business people and professionals, health and entertainment for kids, elderly and women folks. Thus these news portals display a complete array of news. Offering the people food for thought of their choice is one of the most important factors these news portals have. Such as offering Christian news, this is one of the types of news which lays lots of emphasis on the religious and spiritual teaching. Their news and information has a spiritual touch, which can be liked by the people who believe in the highest power and have faith in it. Moreover it is a selective process. People who have faith and believe in Christian way of life can personally visit the link and avail the knowledge bank existing on the site. Similarly, Christian newspaper acts as a showcase to display the Christian thoughts and spread the teaching of Christianity. Whatever the personal choice is, the internet news portals are currently in high demand by all the people for achieving updated knowledge at a lightning fast speed.

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