16 South Star Matthew Ziff to Play in World Cup Quidditch Match in New York, November 12 ? 13, 2011

Randall’s Island, NY (PRWEB) October 29, 2011

Matthew Ziff is a junior at the University of Miami. While attending college he joined the Quidditch team, loving the sport and enjoying playing every chance he gets. Acting and modeling since the age of two months, has helped Matthew learn not only to work hard at his job, but also to work hard in his personal life. With that in mind, he plays Quidditch with everything he has. This year his college Quidditch team will be traveling to New York to play with 99 other teams to compete for the World Cup. If you plan to attend the dates are November 12 ? 13, 2011 at Randall?s Island in New York City. For more information on the event, please go to http://www.worldcupquidditch.com/program.php. This is sure to be an amazing time and fun for all.

When not in school, Matthew works hard filming and producing various projects. He travels between LA, NY, and FL depending upon the project. Recently Matthew signed on to be a part of 16 South, a feature film written by Texas Writer Producer and Actress, Hope Kelley. Some of the amazing cast scheduled to be in this film, are Randy Travis, Daniel DeWitt, Tom Dvorak, Andy Benward, and Lorraine Ziff, with rumors of Sissy Spacek.

Among Friends is a Danielle Harris picture. This horror film set with an 80?s backdrop portrays the lives of its characters being pit against one another to get to the truth about their true feelings over their friends. In This project Matthew starred opposite veteran actor Michael Biehn (Tombstone, Aliens, Abyss, Terminator.) Cast includes, Lorraine Ziff, Jennifer Blanc, Danielle Harris, AJ Bowen, among a few. This is going to be a scary good time.

Six Gun Savior is a western style supernatural thriller in which Matthew will be playing Kyle Hawkins, aka…Hawk, along side actors Tim Russ(Tuvak ? Star Trek Voyager, Martin Kove (Karate Kid), Lorraine Ziff (Mansion of Blood), Jennifer Blanc (The Crow, Dark Angel) Don Stark (That 70?s show) and many others.

Mansion of Blood starring Carla Laemmle, Terry Moore, Robert Picardo, Lorraine Ziff, and Garey Busey, is a grueling horror film in which the guests at a lunar eclipse party are killed off one by one due to magic gone awry. Matthew plays the son of Samuel Corbett played by Robert Picardo.

Premiering on November 16, 2011 at the Arclight Theaters in Hollywood, Hardflip staring Rosanna Arquette, John Schneider, Randy Wayne, Matthew Ziff, and Christian Hosoi, known for being a skateboarding champion.

Matthew is rumored to be playing a major role in Fashion Slaves a film due out next year with Michael Biehn, and Jennifer Blanc as well as a new television pilot scheduled to start filming within the next few months.

On the Producing side Matthew is very passionate about his part in the Documentary Never A Neverland, which touches on the Aids epidemic in Swaziland and how it is leaving behind thousands of orphans with no adults to raise them. It is a heart wrenching true account into the lives of these children and how we as a world can help them.

Matthew?s philanthropy work will continue while he is in school and while continuing to hone his acting and martial arts skills with classes. Matthew is available for interviews and live appearances. You can find more about Matthew at the following sites:


Matthew Ziff Official Web Site


Facebook Fan Page


Please contact Wentworth Public Relations at 949-292-9305 or wentworthpr(at)me(dot)com for all press or media related to Matthew Ziff.

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Christian Dating Match Advise

Christian Dating Match doesn’t always have to be a complicated affair. There are several reasons why a relationship becomes complicated. Often times, relations and dating gets advanced because of different points of view.

When you consider this a little deeper, you understand that the difference in points of view are caused by different cultural backgrounds, different religions, and different family values. It is vital to understand another’s value and belief system right from the onset. Otherwise, the relationship is just waiting for disaster to happen.

When you do that, the distance between you and your date will be less. It is definitely easier to bond with someone who shares similar perspectives, morals and religious ideology.

naturally, different folk have different interpretations of the same religion. As an example, one Christian may interpret the Bible differently from another Christian. But that is’s okay. While we seek God first and have religion in Him we are on the correct path. And after all it is more engaging and fun when buddies don’t think exactly the same way. Individuality makes us unique.

Still, it’s critical to find dating partners that do not live in different worlds. Having different opinions is fine. But having completely opposite view points can lead to fights, quarrels, and finally, break ups. Break ups can be StressFreeFast.com” rel=”StressFreeFast.com”>stressful and rather agonizing. For sure, you do not need that to happen to you.

So if you are a Christian, start by attempting to date other Christians. One awfully effective way is to get to know more friends through Christian dating websites.

When you join a Christian dating match web site and you start to make chums, you find that you instantly have some common ground. You can talk about the church that you go to, and what are the newest activities that are going on in your church. Then slowly, bit by bit, you can progress to chat about more personal issues like your family, your buddies, your faculty, your work, and so on. These activities will bring 2 individuals closer together. It’s harder to get that going when you can’t find common ground.

First, you’ll need to register at the site and create your profile. Your profile let others learn more about you.

Once your profile has been made, you can search for other Christians that you want to meet. Who knows, you can just find the love of your life in just a couple of days!

Check out http://christiandatingmatch.info for more more information on a good Christian Singles Chat information.

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Senior Christian Singles in Georgia ? Where to Find Your Perfect Match

Georgia is known for a romantic place to getaway with its many fine arts museums. The artistic flair that senior Christian singles can get is enhanced the romantic arts and music places of interest. Lovers flock in these places, but at the same time, people who want to find their significant other! If you’re looking for that person to tie that bond with, you can always visit these romantic places and share a drink with someone you meet. It can develop into something if you handle things right.


Before You Start

Here are some tips before you venture in your own romantic story. Senior Christian singles in Georgia should be prepared for whatever might come when in Georgia. You should practice your social skills before even considering going out! The dating game will be tough. Don’t be desperate when you want to look for someone. Be cool and accept friendship if that is what the person will give you. There’s no rush, because love will come during its time.


Places of Interest

Visiting some fine art museums could help. If you’re interested in the arts, then you are sure to meet someone that shares that with you. If you feel you can start something with your person, throw in a few art appreciation comments and you could probably start something. Don’t be afraid to be rejected, because that could be the inevitable truth sometimes. Senior Christian singles in Georgia can meet people depending on how well they interact with them.


Where to Take Your Date

Before you start going out, you should plan on what to do when the person accepts you offer. Start out with having coffee or a drink at one of the fine restaurants in Georgia. You can have chats and learn more about each other. Before going out, you should have a few places planned out so you won’t aimlessly wonder off with your new friend. Have a plan ready so you can enjoy your first date after so many years. Feeling young again, senior Christian singles in Georgia can find their perfect match if they prepare.

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