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Create your own video on ! Mount Hood, a dormant volcano in the Pacific Northwest. Climate zones of the lower 48 United States. ‘The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor,’ painted by William Halsall, 1882. the Mayflower transported Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. The drafting committee presenting the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress. Painted by John Trumbull 18171819. Immigrants landing at Ellis Island. An abandoned farm in South Dakota during the Great Depression, 1936. Farm Security Administration photography by Sloan. West Front of the United States Capitol. The north side of the White House. The Bald Eagle appears on the Great Seal of the United States. Protection of this once endangered species has helped save it from extinction. The New York Stock Exchange, on Wall Street, is a private exchange located in New York City that, together with the fully electronic NASDAQ, represents the status of the United States as a major global financial marketplace. The Space Shuttle Columbia takes off on a manned mission to space. New York City. Los Angeles. Chicago. Pisgah Baptist Church in Four Oaks, North Carolina. The Bible Belt is well known for its large devout Protestant Christian population. The University of Virginia, designed and founded by Thomas Jefferson, is one of 19 World Heritage Sites in the United States and one of many highly regarded universities supported by the state level of government. There are also renowned private
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“The Story of Liberty” hosted by John Bona Part 2 of “Live from Israel.” In this episode we travel to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb. John Bona also interviews a very interesting tour guide from England who has dedicated his life to the Garden Tomb. Live from Israel is our special radio broadcast from the Holy Land. I was travelling with Matt Staver, founder and president of Liberty Counsel. Two millennia have passed since Christ was born in Bethlehem, the event that marks the start of the Christian era. For over two thousand years people’s from all over the world have been coming to Israel, to visit the sacred places where Christ preached His Gospel. They travel to the city of Jerusalem where we start our pilgrimage to discover the Holy Land and understand the Scriptures better. We will be reading passages at several sacred sites connected with them. If you have had the privilege of visiting Israel this radio program can help you relive those wonderful days. Its also our prayer for those unable to visit Israel to date, the land where Christ the Lord chose to live His life, can get to know it better through this special radio program. May this program bring joy and understanding to many.
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One By One: Homeschool Group Leader’s Guide To Motivating Members

One By One: Homeschool Group Leader’s Guide To Motivating Members
Mega-resource Giving Servant Leaders Proven Strategies And Inspirations Of How To Motivate Their Members To Be Actively Involved In The Homeschool Group And Their Volunteers To Happily Keep Coming Back To Help The Group.
One By One: Homeschool Group Leader’s Guide To Motivating Members

Best of the Northwest: Visitor guide to Portland and the Pacific Northwest iPad App launched by The Oregonian with

Portland, OR (PRWEB) October 24, 2011

The Oregonian, powering, has launched the Best of the Northwest: Visitor guide to Portland and the Pacific Northwest iPad app, with premier issues focused on Greater Portland eating and drinking, events, music and the outdoors.

The Best of the Northwest: Visitor guide to Portland and the Pacific Northwest iPad app can be downloaded now for free. It also includes an introduction to the region, with photos, videos and short essays about what makes the Pacific Northwest a world-class travel destination.

“This app is exactly what its name says,” said N. Christian Anderson III, publisher and president of The Oregonian. “With the unsurpassed experience and knowledge of Oregon’s largest news organization, we will provide an insider’s guide to all that is so wonderful about this great place we call home.”

Future issues will include timely updates on venues and events in Greater Portland, plus coverage of other areas across the region, including Seattle and Vancouver, from the newsroom of The Oregonian.

?The Visitor guide is an innovative resource using the iPad platform to conveniently provide valuable information about entertainment, dining and events to all. The Oregonian and will continue to work together to connect our communities and provide information in new and exciting ways,? said John Jackson, general manager,

The app is available for download at no charge in the App Store. It was developed and launched with Advance Internet and Mobile IQ?s PressRun software to provide a uniquely compelling iPad experience for people interested in travel and tourism in the Pacific Northwest.

Download the Best of the Northwest: Visitor guide to Portland and the Pacific Northwest for free from the App Store here.

?From restaurant reviews to remote campgrounds to family friendly activities, the app brings together the best of Portland and beyond in an easy-to-use format,? said Ben Sherman, editor-in-chief,

About, a subsidiary of Advance Digital, is the leading local website for news and information throughout Oregon featuring the latest Portland news, business, sports, travel, weather, traffic, shopping and entertainment information. In addition, has a comprehensive business listings directory, as well as local classified listings for jobs, homes, apartment rentals and autos. is powered by The Oregonian and Hillsboro Argus.

About The Oregonian

The Oregonian is the leading newspaper in Oregon, read by a majority of adults in the Portland area. The Pulitizer-prize winning paper delivers news and entertainment every day and has been telling the story of the Northwest for 160 years. Weekly features highlighting Northwest people, events and lifestyles include Community News, A&E, FOODday, Homes, Autos, and Homes & Gardens. Subscribe at

About Advance Digital

Advance Digital, based in Jersey City, NJ, provides digital information and connection solutions for local consumers and businesses. The company operates 12 media properties across the U.S. that are the number one local news, information and community hubs in the markets they serve. The sites include,,,,,,,,,,, and

About Mobile IQ

Mobile IQ helps publishers and media agencies take their content mobile in intelligent, engaging, profitable ways. Its publishing hub enables content owners large and small to reach new audiences and make new revenue. Added with its ability to rapidly develop, integrated smartphone apps, Mobile IQ helps its customers stand out from the crowd. Please visit or for more information.


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God in our Stress: The Christian’s Guide to Stress Management

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God in our” rel=””>Stress: The Christian’s Guide to” rel=””>Stress Management
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God in our” rel=””>Stress: The Christian’s Guide to” rel=””>Stress Management

Homebrew3Wizard – Play Homebrew Games on your Ps3!
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Homebrew3Wizard – Play Homebrew Games on your Ps3!

Travel Guide to Nigeria, Travel tips

Getting flights to Nigeria at cheaper rates is not enough to make your holidays economical; digging out an excellent, easy on your pocket, covering over your head is a main preference. Now a day, many traveling sites are offering you quite fabulous deals to get flights and hotel reservation at quite minimal rates. You can pick the best with flights to Nigeria and can make your itinerant quite handy and with in your budget. The oil rich state of Africa, Nigeria has become best traveling spot not only for business concerns but also for leisure travelers who can have innumerable activities and striking backdrop to enjoy their holidays there. Extremely affluent in history, art and ethnicity, Nigeria with its eminent metropolises like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano, had made a distinction among other traveling destinations. The voluminous rivers, tremendous beaches, inimitable wild life, rain forests, splendid cascades and marvelous weather conditions are the major key factors contributing in enhancing the tourism towards this country.


Get cheaper reservation on accommodation as well with flights to Nigeria and make your stay quite comfy and convenient. Top notch quality hotels are available in all famous cities of Nigeria which must be booked well in advance to avoid any hassle as late bookings can make the reservation slot already filled and you might not get that within your desired dates. Besides many luxurious hotels; government run catering rest houses, sporting clubs, guest houses, hostels and Christian missions are available at very cheaper rates which are comfortable and offering best environment and good services to their guests. After landing from cheap flights to Nigeria instead of heading to, in search of a cheap accommodation, it is better to arrange it before traveling.


In different stars types, we can categorize hotels in Nigeria. Lagos which is the commercial hub of Nigeria has the huge collection of low cost to high quality luxurious hotels. Abuja which is the capital of Nigeria is quite a posh city and offering very expensive and costly accommodation. Port Harcourt is the hub of the national oil manufacturing and presents a huge range of lodging to the industry, which is also accessible to sightseers. Few famous hotels of Nigeria

Besides these many more awesome hotels are offering best lodging. Pick one for you according to your taste and budget and book it with flights to Nigeria with flights to Nigeria  Lagos

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Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World

Insider’s Guide to Successful Importing from the Third World
Learn How-to Start Your Own Business Importing from the Third World and The Money Will Follow! With 30+ years in the business importing from the Third World, I’ll teach you all you need to know to become successful in import export business.
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Toraja South Sulawesi Tourism Object Travel Guide Information Indonesia

Tana Toraja is one of the beautiful region in South Sulawesi, let alone in Indonesia. From the distance, one can see the jagget ridges of the hill stretching side by side along the slop of the mountains. Moreover, one can be also find beautiful valleys in which bamboo and sugar palms are growing and the traditional houses with curved roof among the paddy field, beautiful and naturally carved and colored by the skillfull people of Toraja.
Before the Ducth came to power in this highland in the 20 th century, there was not a single word given for the name of their religion except for the word “Aluk” means “the way” which refers to rituals and daily life activities that are to be controlled; like how to build a house, to cook rice, to greet children and the head of the vilage, and the number of buffaloes and pigs that must be slaughtered in every ritual ceremony. The most prestigious ceremony in Tana Toraja is the Death Ceremony.
More than half of the people of Toraja are Christians, but they are proud og their Cultural heritage and uphold it. This can be seen when they welcome the guests ritually.

The Torajan people had little notion of themselves as a distinct ethnic group before the 20th century. Before Dutch colonization and Christianization, Torajans, who lived in highland areas, identified with their villages and did not share a broad sense of identity. Although complexes of rituals created linkages between highland villages, there were variations in dialects, differences in social hierarchies, and an array of ritual practices in the Sulawesi highland region. “Toraja” (from the coastal languages’ to, meaning people; and riaja, uplands) was first used as a lowlander expression for highlanders.
As a result, “Toraja” initially had more currency with outsiders such as the Bugis and Makassarese, who constitute a majority of the lowland of Sulawesi than with insiders. The Dutch missionaries’ presence in the highlands gave rise to the Toraja ethnic consciousness in the Sa’dan Toraja region, and this shared identity grew with the rise of tourism in the Tana Toraja Regency. Since then, South Sulawesi has four main ethnic groups the Bugis (the majority, including shipbuilders and seafarers), the Makassarese (lowland traders and seafarers), the Mandarese (traders and fishermen), and the Toraja (highland rice cultivators).

Tana Toraja tourism object and travel guide information in South Sulawesi can be enumerated as below :

Sangalla/Buntu Kalando.
Sangalla is a village lying among the leafy bamboo trees at the foot of the hill. Here you can find an interesting tourism object, that is a special cemetery og young babies. Moreover the cemetery of King Sangalla, widely know as Suaya, can be found at one of the slopes of the hills in this village.
These graves are carved on the hill sides. They are resting place of the seven kings of Sangalla Kingdoms and their families. “Tau-tau” (effigies) of the King and their families are placed in front of the stone graves. They are dressed traditionally in accordance with the dress of king of Toraja. Not far away from this place, you can find a “Tongkonan House” that was built by the king of Sangalla which today is know as “Museum Buntu Kalando”. Though themodel of this museum is quite new, you can find several properties of past kingdom and some house equipment which formerly were the belongings of King Sangalla (Puang Sangalla)

Suaya (King Suaya Graveyard).
The graveyard lies on one of the hillsides. It is carved as the resting place of the kings and king’s family; in conform to the Toraja King dresses, placed in front of stone grave. There are some stone steps to reach the hill, where the kings had their contemplation during their life. A museum will be built in this place to keep the property of King Sangalla.

In Lemo graveyard you can see the several “Tau-tau” together adjoining the steep rocky museum on the open air, a combinations between death, arts and ritual. “Tau-tau” is a small wooden statue which sometimes is made of bamboo tree. The clothings are altered periodically in a ceremony called Manene. This statue is considered as a home of the spirit of the death person.

Londa is teep rocky side grave. One of its side is located on a higher place from the hill with deep caves where coffins are arranged and grouped based on the family lines. On the other side of the hill, on the balcony, dozens of “Tau-tau” stand up high, as if they were alive, eyes open, looking over the green landscape.

Kete’kesu is a village which is still traditional in character. If you take a look from the front side, you will find it lying in the middle of the wide paddy fields, it beautiful sequences of curved roofs and carved barn walls. This village consists of four traditional Tongkonan House of Toraja, rice barns, and megalith stones set among the rice fields. Inside one of the Tongkonans, some kind of a small museum is located in the middle of the ground floor. Most of the people of this village have a good mastery in carving and painting. This can be seen among them who are doing carving and painting.
Ke’te’ kesu is located about 4 km to the southeast of Rantepao in the district of kesu’. There is also a aristocratic burial site on cliffs with hanging graves and effigies ( ‘ tau-tau ‘) located about a hundred meters at the rear of this village.

By tracing to the north along the Sa’dan River, you will come to an area named Pallawa. In this place, “Tau-tau” and Tongkonan House welcome the tourists coming to the place. Tongkonan Pallawa is one of the interesting Tongkonans, which is located among the leafy bamboo tree on top of the hill. It is decorated with a number of Buffalo’s horns attached to the front of their traditional house.

The cold Batutumonga is located in Sesean area. It has an altitude of about 1300 m. In this area you can find about 56 Menhir stones in one circle with five trees in the middle. Most of the Menhir stones are of 2 – 3 m high. The most beautiful view of Rantepao and its surrounding valley can be seen from this spot. The beauty of the landscape make this area very interesting to visit.

Makula Hot Spring.
Located 27 km from Rantepao at the district of South Sangalla. There is a hot spring water resouces in this place and you can also find a house for taking s rest. It’s nice to have a bath in this warm water after a long trip.

Nanggala is a group of special Toraja settlement with large Tongkonan. This settlement exciting is unique because it is occupied by a group of bats. The visitor can see them in the afternoon. What make this settlement exciting is the number of bats that created a crowd. By sitting in front of the Tongkonan, the visitor can see them hanging on the bamboo and other trees.

Marante is a village where a lot of Tongkonan House, big paddy barns and big rocky hill containing hanging stone graves which the located called “Erong” can be found.

Tumakke is a small village at the district of Rembon, about 10 km to the west of Makale. On this village you can see a distinguished traditional house. The house has roofs made of stones, called “papa batu”.

Located is about 19 km to the south of Rantepao in the district of Sangalla. It can be reached even by walking from Sangalla. There are a lot of baby graves in the living trees. Some of the graves are hundred years old.

It is 6 km from Rantepao a road to Sa’dang and Pallawa. The most intresting object in Bori is the tall ‘rante’, menhir stones, soared up several meters above the land.

Karassik refers to bamboo houses painted in various colors stand in a row in the side of ritual ceremony place, rante and some menhir stones.

Lokomata is about 35 km from Rantepao at the district of Sesean Suloara, and has a very beautiful scenery of 4 big stones levels on the side of the road having 60 stones mountain sides graves with beautiful terraced nice field, mountains and valleys underneath. There is no effigies (Tau-tau) but there are lots of funeral remains.

Sa’dan To’barana.
Some people believe that To’barana Sa’dan is the centre of Toraja area. At certain parts of these villages there are four rice-barns that are very well kept with a neat grass yard. Very interesting Toraja weavings are displayed and sold in this village. Around the village, terraces of rice fields are also beautiful to look at.

Bolu Traditional Market.
Bolu is a unique Toraja’s traditional public market. It is located about 1 km from the center of Rantepao town. Every six days, on the big market day, many buffalos and pigs are available for sale to those who need especially for funeral or thanksgiving ceremonies.

Toraja Funeral Ceremony.
Torajanese held traditional ceremony called Rambu Solo. Rambu Solo is customary ritual death Tana Toraja  society that aims to respect the spirit and the people who deliver death to the spirit, which is returned to the immortality with their ancestors in a health resort, called Puyo, which is located in the south where people live. The ceremony is often also called the completion ceremony of death.
Therefore, local people consider this very important ceremony, because perfection ceremony will determine the position of this spirit is the person who died, the soul reaches the level of the gods (to-membali puang), or become a patron deity (deata). In this context, the ritual signs Solo into a “duty”. In the beliefs of Aluk, soul of someone who died must be delivered so that he can reach heaven (puyo). Rambu Solo is a delivery. If family did not carry Rambu Solo, soul of the deceased will be rumble. So with all the power efforts, a certain kinship will conduct this ceremony. If kinship do not have cost to implement them soon after death, they may collect money first. But before the ceremony was conducted, the dead must be considered only as a sick or weak men. Remains stored in the house, still given food and drink, even ask the dead to talk as always.
Read More Toraja Funeral Ceremony Rambusolo >>

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