Christian Publishing Companies and the Four Topics To Have a Successful Book Launch

Christian publishing companies are seeing increasing demand for Christian books today.  People are getting sick of everything happening in our culture, and they are looking for information from a Christian perspective.  Hollywood and the media are dominated by people who do not stand for Christian values.  Violence, foul language, and sexual perversion dominate movies, television, and video games.  Parents are looking for Christian literature for their children, and adults are looking for guidance on finances, relationships, and family.  This has opened the door for Christians to provide alternatives for family friendly books from a Christian perspective.

Christian publishing companies say there are a few book topics that are in high demand today.

The signs of the times are everywhere.  Corruption in our world today has never been worse.  Advances in technology have made it easier than ever for the media to expose us to all forms of corruption.  The media has desensitized people to accept violence and perversion on television and the internet.  Many of the world economies are having major financial issues.  This has led to a huge increase in people reading books on the last days.  People want to understand the prophecies in Revelation, and they want to be ready when Jesus returns.


An aspiring author could spend their entire career writing about the last days.  You could write a book about handling finances and preparing for the coming economic collapse.  Other books could discuss survival skills from a Christian perspective if things get really bad in the world economy.  Most people today don’t have the skills they will need if food becomes scarce.  Christian publishing companies love to see books that study the prophecies in Revelations and how they relate to events today.

Parents face many challenges in today’s world.  It seems like it is virtually impossible to raise a Christian family when they are exposed to television, music, and the internet every day.  Kids that go to public schools are exposed to liberal philosophies every day.

For this reason, there is a huge demand from parents looking for information about trying to raise a family in today’s world.  Books that teach parents how to raise a family in today’s crazy world are selling very well today.

Marriages are in trouble in our churches today.  Christian publishing companies want to see more books on Biblical marriage advice.  The divorce rates among Christians are just as high as the rest of society.  Christians have a long ways to go when it comes to understanding spouses in marriage.

The economic climate of our world has caused a lot of” rel=””>stress in the home today.   There are lots of ways to make money, but many of these methods are immoral.  Christian couples need sound financial advice.  Churches have dropped the ball in providing sound financial advice, and there is a demand for books on handling finances from a Christian perspective.

Christian publishing companies are looking for new authors to meet the growing demands of Christian parents trying to raise a family in a corrupt world.  More and more people are turning to Christian voices for a fresh perspective on the world’s events.  You can self-publish a book fast when you work with Christian publishing companies.

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