38th Annual GlaxoSmithKline Holiday Invitational (Ryan Harrow, CJ Leslie, Reggie Bullock, etc)

Here is a video recap of the 38th Annual GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Holiday Invitational. The event featured some of the top talent North Carolina has to offer. In the last day of action Rice High School’s Shane Southwell hit an off balance jumper to beat out Kinston High for the Shavlik Randolph Invitational. The night game featured United Faith Christian Academy against Word of God. UFCA came out on top, 71-59. Players Featured; Dezmine Wells, Jeremy Jeffers, Shane Southwell, Hanner Perea, Kadeem Jack, Ryan Harrow, Tyler Lewis, Emanuel Chapman, Dallas Best, Kadeem Green, Ian Miller, Peter Jurkin, Bishop Daniels, Brian Richardson, Connor Belicic, Reggie Bullock, Kamren Belin, and CJ Leslie. For more information of the GSK visit www.holidayinvitational.com
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25 Responses to “38th Annual GlaxoSmithKline Holiday Invitational (Ryan Harrow, CJ Leslie, Reggie Bullock, etc)”

  1. tamim227 says:

    like dis if u think the best dunk is at 1:03 and the best pass is at 1:30. dam these guys r good

  2. CstyleszMusic says:

    @treballa24 hell yeahhh i go to apex and I was at t he glaxo. i was liek damn!!

  3. 2steve24 says:

    Ian miller is soooo underated

  4. MANICE955 says:

    LOL 21 is tryna play it off at 2:13

  5. KidzBreakHeart says:

    0:20 wilson stand up!!

  6. TREzyGetPuzze says:

    @giantstarheels93 word

  7. tjtheplay says:

    Lol at 1:34 he made the holy rams on his jersey become unholy.

  8. aaronssmithjr says:

    Haha damnnn Jordan Connor broke you offf

  9. aztsucks says:

    aztsuckscom become a fan of aztsucks facebook

  10. kycatlady2010 says:

    Kadeem! We love your game! You would really look good dressed in Kentucky blue! Check out the big blue nation and Rupp Arena!

  11. JustinBurrell24 says:

    Kadeem Jack is amazing

  12. akiraandmj says:

    1:05 EPIC

  13. wolfpack9097 says:

    @zinedinefede 10ft

  14. zinedinefede says:

    Can anyone tell how high are the rims at highschool?they look a few inches lower than in the NBA or other professional league!

  15. Wcds11 says:

    damn cj leslie’s last dunk was one of the first plays of the game

  16. giantstarheels93 says:

    that pass at 1:30 … redic

  17. runescapedud3 says:

    lol it isnt safe to take a lay up, dunk or get blocked =P

  18. dieyaboo14 says:

    shane southwell is definitly a problem. he hit the game winner to take home the chip for rice

  19. mbruck7 says:

    KSTATE commit Shane Southwell gonna be legit in Manhattan.

  20. JohnWallFan1 says:

    @02bballer nahh school

  21. christiancornerJC7 says:

    For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever belives in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    JOHN 3:16 New King James version?

  22. insertanger says:

    why are like all of these like fast breaks

  23. josette5 says:

    holy rams gotta whip

  24. josette5 says:

    hell yeah that dude head was at the rim

  25. josette5 says:

    i guess dezmine well suppose to be the man since john wall left i didn’t hear shit bout dude when wall was there wall took all the spotlight

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