If you don’t plant a seed would you expect a harvest out of prayers? If prayers don’t  give it to you would you blame religion? Or “Care for a switch?” To reiterate, can you expect “white out of black”? Who’s to blame?

Only a few are lucky enough to be born with silver platters. There are larger number of people at the bottom searching for  gold secondary to daily bread. Some would go to the church as perennial worshipers seeking for mercy and begging for fortune.

However, this is the real world. We do not depend everything to the Lord. We need to strive in searching and earning money in order to live. The same way, we do not pray for the fruits to fall down our mouths.

We do not offer ourselves to God and rely on other’s fortunes. Evidently, most people would do crimes and use “need” as an excuse. Afterwards, they go to church and pray for forgiveness.

“Give them a finger, swallow a hand” and worry about forgiveness later. Again, they go back to the church and seek for forgiveness hoping and thinking that God is so great, he so love the world, he will always forgive.

What happens when they lack luck is they switch religion and accuse their existing creed for their misfortunes. Rationalizing the time and prayers they have devoted, opportunity is still bland. Questioning the Lord, have I not served you? Why the sadness and misfortunes on me? For those who have experienced miscarriage and death within the family, some would blame the bible for such.

However, there is what we call responsibilities intertwined upon birth. Perhaps we should ask ourselves if we were careful enough during pregnancy as it is a meticulous stage. Life is developing.

Based on experience, love is the most powerful prayer. If you love so purely and pray for it, it will be granted to you. So, should failures be blamed to God? We are still on earth, so alive and kicking.

Then finally, they found security in their new religion. As their notion dictates, pray, pray, pray… but death and misgauge rule over faith.
Not to question God’s heavenliness, but why is there heaven and hell? Would killing infants and strangers be forgiven and use karma as an excuse? Who dictates karma by way? 

It is harder and progress is slower if there are commandments to matter to some. Who wouldn’t switch to a religion where freedom and power are inconsiderate? If they can’t attain glory from following rules and laws, why bear when they can steal thy neighbors’…

Boundary is going, going, gone…

Is it not a sin to barge in strangers life, brain, past, present and future? Play with emotions like puppeteers moving puppets? If this is so, then transparently, law is unknown.

Ah, thou shall not steal, covet thy neighbor’s wife, so on and so forth. Hindering and annoying law. What is it for anyways? What makes life?

There is a story of a former catholic member diverting to another religion. She found convenience and  security after quite a long walk. By fate or not, her live in partner happens to be a former catholic as well.

Sooner, she decided to join his religion as she saw money and influence from the members. Alongside with it, she didn’t have to worry about food, rental fee and money. She just helps in cleaning the house and she got a vacant room.

After sometime, she and her live in partner legally got married to her new religion and the catholic church as (XXX, name of religion), with all due respect for both.

Before and a year after their marriage, there they are together with the families from both sides, applauding to the world the support for the wife and the husband’s brother’s relationship. While the husband is chasing the ex girlfriend of his brother. And his brother is running after his ex girlfriend. And all of them are running after the ex girlfriend to the point of killing her.

Such a sad story about spiritual faith, hypocrisy and treachery.

If religion is to make or break, then why is change elusive? Can you teach old dogs new tricks overtime? Or vise versa, old dogs will teach you new tricks which is even worse because of the word “security”?

Religion is meant to be spiritual and solemn for the soul and guidance through life. It isn’t a bank of resources or advertising for power to rule the world as misused by its so called believer.

Alongside with it, is there reincarnation before death?

Beauty and life are given to all. It’s all a matter of appreciation and determination to be who we are and strive for what we want to become. Sometimes, it’s better to be content with our blessings and nurture them and let God lead the way so naturally about the future.

The search will never end as long as we keep on looking over our neighbors’  and desire what we see.

I respect all religion as infants have no choice but accept and live by the religion carried on by the parents. Can you say it’s destiny?

Heaven is to smiles, hell is to tears. Besides, it’s easier to smile then to cry. Be thankful for the blessings.


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