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If you are a Christian single believing God for marriage within the next 1 year, you need to watch this …
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Dear Cynthia, I do have a question, listening to your videos, I see that you really love the Lord, and that you desire to please him. My question is what are your interests or passions outisde ministry. Are you like into sports or bowling, and etc. Also, in your ministry, do encourage women to have balance and be well-rounded, so they have more in common than Jesus and the bedroom? Oh yeah, what are your thoughts on being equally yoked, in particular, should there be inter-denominational dating? I look forward to your thoughts.

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  14. 21sttnmemphis says:

    I say it can be done only if the future married couple agree. Some people like me wanted to date someone from another church because it’s a unspoken rule now that people shouldn’t date within the same church which is very risky

  15. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @mghbluphi5 Thank you for respectfully disagreeing with me. Can you tell me what you mean by: “Denominations allow people with? different beliefs and interpretations to exist under the same “Christian” umbrella.” and by “God moving in NEW, FRESH ways across denominational lines.”

  16. mghbluphi5 says:

    I respectfully disagree with my sister, LadyLovelyLocs. Denominations only cause divisions when we as believers allow them to. Denominations allow people with different beliefs and interpretations to exist under the same “Christian” umbrella. Do I think that a relationship between denominations can work – yes. As a student at an interdenominational seminary, I see everyday God moving in new, fresh ways across denominational lines. The division is in the mind, we need to get over that.

  17. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @mpenny226 Amen Sis, ” He has been more than good to me and I love I must live? like it.” I know that’s right….I’d rather wait and be in this will to jump on my own and live in hell (here and literally).

  18. mpenny226 says:

    @LadyLovelyLocs Amen Sis. I sometimes feel like denomination is a way that enemy uses to divide the house of the Lord.

  19. mpenny226 says:

    Praise God for blessing you to be a blessing. I struggle at times, even at 40. I am making more of a commitment. He has been more than good to me and I love I must live like it. Hallelujah.

  20. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @poo0115104 YES, I will get on anything and don’t let the lines be low, oh it’s time for Round 2!!! Cedar Point Sisters Activate!!! 😉

  21. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @minimalistmaverick89 Yes, Cynthia Loves The Coasters…LOL!!! My mother started me when I was little and she will still get on most to this day herself! I’m thinking about joining a bowling league to help me with my consistency b/c I do like to bowl. Baptist & Apostolic dating HAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Hard…I would say impossible especially if you adhere strictly to each teachings/traditions.

  22. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @GenuinelyGiGi I hear you Sis, I grew up in Pentacostal Holiness church and I still have some of those roots in me esp how I live my life regarding certain things which line up with the Word but now I’m non denomination and attend a church that is the same. I’m def not a fan and don’t see the purpose. Thanks for weighing in!

  23. poo0115104 says:

    I LOVE amusment parks too…lol. I love Cedar Point too…….lol!!!! I will get on ANYTHING. Stuff even my son wont get on!

  24. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @NotYourTypicalNegro Unless it’s a fairly new ride like within the last year or so, I’ve got the t-shirt, hat, and key chain already HA! If not, next time I’m there in the ATL, I’m coming for Golaith!!! LoL!

  25. minimalistmaverick89 says:

    I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS!!! free-falls are a little hard for me to stomach, but I can do it:) I can’t bowl LOL….thats interesting, the little tibit on unequally yoked christians, I never thought about it that way…ooh I think that baptist/apostlic relationships would be hard…

  26. GenuinelyGiGi says:

    i am not a fan of denominations, but i dont really understand the differences b/t them. this is probably b/c i didnt grow up in church so i can worship all over the place, lol!

  27. NotYourTypicalNegro says:

    5:48 – Bet you won’t ride that “Goliath” as Six Flags down here in Atlanta! LOL!

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