Belzec – the house of Christian Wirth http Christian Wirth was the first commandant of the Belzec death camp and in the summer of 1942 became the overseer of the Aktion Reinhard operations which led to the deaths of at least 1.4m people in the death camps of Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor. Despite being one of the greatest mass murderers in history, very littls is known about him. He had previously served in the CID in Stuttgart and was noted for results – probably through the use of beatings to get confessions. Unlike most of the other criminals of the holocaust, Wirth was not a young man. He was born in 1885. Despite being in his mid fifties he possessed a great deal of physical strength which turned to violence probably due to mental problems caused by his asthma. This film shows the house where he lived in Belzec during his time as commandant there before moving to a flat in Lublin airport when he was replaced by his deputy Gottlieb Hering as commandant. The house became vacant following the death of the occupier in December 2006. My channel on you tube : is one of themost prolific from Poland, although unfortunately not the most visited. With almost one film per day, one may be forgiven for thinking I do nothing else but I do have a day job as well. I have produced more than 400 original films, most in English but also in Polish, French, Italian, Spanish and the occassional hint of German and Hebrew. My big interest in life is travel and history but I

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25 Responses to “Belzec – the house of Christian Wirth”

  1. firefox666moll says:

    @Breezeaired their was another to equal Christian the terrible , Otto Moll ,

  2. Breezeaired says:

    From what I´ve red about this man, and if it´s true, I can surely say he was the most disgusting, putrid human being to ever walk on earth.

  3. TennesseeOwnsMyBones says:

    Belzec sends shivers down my spine… Not to take away from the horror of the other death camps, but the sheer chaos of Belzec, where the concentrated, systematic destruction of human beings was first put in practice, and the presence of Christian Wirth truly must have made it the anus mundi…

  4. JohninBasel says:

    @alanheath You seem to assume since you are asthmatic and suffer from mental ill health that all asthmatics are the same????

  5. FieldMarshalRommel23 says:

    The vast majority of people in war carry out their sworn duty but some people seem to sadistic cunts.

  6. alanheath says:

    @pgl0897 I do see the connection and understand the medical evidence behind it.

  7. pgl0897 says:

    @alanheath I can’t even believe I’m entering into a discussion about this…


  8. pgl0897 says:

    @alanheath I have fuck all idea about Christian Wirth. I don’t know anything about the man. You are deliberately missing the point. You cannot make a causal link between two entirely unrelated things. It’s a basic logical fallacy. Christian Wirth may well have been very violent or mentally ill. He may also have been asthmatic. There was not, and never will be, a connection between these two things. People have tried to find a connection between asthma and depression thru research, and failed.

  9. alanheath says:

    @pgl0897 I am sure you know far more about Christian Wirth than I do. In that case, to what would you attribute his violence? What evidence have you that it was not the asthma – given that you reject medical evidence.

  10. pgl0897 says:

    @alanheath At no point have I insulted anyone. I asked if you were for real, which obviously you are. I would politely suggest rewording the introductory text to this video as it makes you sound like some sort of mental patient by attributing asthma as the cause of mental ill health. This is poppycock of the highest order, and one doens’t need to have studied medicine to understand that.

    Good series of vids tho. I enjoyed them.

  11. alanheath says:

    @pgl0897 I am also asthmatic. And you are wrong as in all likelyhood the asthmatic problems of Christian Wirth did cause his violence. I knew you were not a doctor – if you had been you might have known. However rather than question how you went straight for the insult route. I suppose that is how social workers behave.

  12. pgl0897 says:

    @alanheath Ah, I see I have stumbled upon the internet’s biggest pedant. If you want to play that game, you didn’t actually ask if I was a doctor, you supposed I was a doctor. Which, incidentally, you supposed wrongly, as I’m a Social Worker. I’m also asthmatic.

  13. alanheath says:

    @pgl0897 Really??? That was not the question. I asked you if you are a doctor.

  14. pgl0897 says:

    @alanheath LMAO. Are you for real?? You do realise asthma is a respiratory condition and can’t possibly be the CAUSE of mental ill health?

  15. alanheath says:

    @pgl0897 I suppose you are a doctor and know better?

  16. pgl0897 says:

    “due to mental problems caused by his asthma” – WTF!?

  17. BLUEHIPPO47 says:

    I have only recently read of Wirth’s sadistic cruelty and the twisted joy he got from abusing,torturing and killing adults ,children ,the weak ,the old etc.
    Wirth is without doubt one of the vilest people ever shat into creation.His surrender to those sadistic and dark forces within him show that Wirth was weak,pathetic and without any human qualities.Any person who supported nazism or who could have acted but did nothing is complicit with such crimes as those of Wirth..

  18. alanheath says:

    @fischech I have a real life job as I have written very clearly.

  19. fischech says:

    this is an amateur doku attempt, not worth watching. Thanx, and please get a real life job.

  20. ffmalex437 says:

    haha this is awsome
    a guy in my class names christian wirth hahaha

  21. alanheath says:

    Michael Tregenza, who you can hear and sometimes see in this film, has written a book on Christian Wirth but still has not given it for publication. He says that it was Wirth’s extreme asthma that led to his aggression which at times he could turn on Germans as well as their victims.

  22. alanheath says:

    Intriguing questions. I remember seeing Rauff’s funeral pictures in the newspaper.
    I doubt Wirth would have made it to Nuremburg. I think they would have gone after him much later.

  23. bm534 says:

    Just like Wirth, its a shame little is known of Walter Rauff-the inventor of the gas vans, gestapo cheif of Italy, Norway, and Tunisia.
    Rauff was one of the last Nazi’s known to be alive, dying in chile in 1984.

    Also, wonder if Wirth would of been tried at Nuremberg, if he’d been alive, or have been tried in Poland, like Hoess.

    One of the SS men with wirth said, “You should be glad he is dead…because he would of killed you…he sacrificed 11 of his own men to get his cross”

  24. bm534 says:

    Are their any books on Christian Wirth coming out?-so little is known about the man who commanded the murder of millions of people…I read once he had asthma…and this manefested itself into extreme violence.

  25. alanheath says:

    @MargaritasAntesPorco Thank you very much for your comments. Lots of material here which has taken me several years to research and 3.5 years to put up here!

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