Christian Singles Get Busy, Get Focused and Get Content! You are already COMPLETE in Christ

Christian Singles Get Busy, Get Focused and Get Content!!!! You are already COMPLETE in Christ Jesus!!! Here is the article I was referencing: Intro: Dating Christians who are content with being single, who feel complete in Christ, and are open to finding a godly mate or staying single…

25 Responses to “Christian Singles Get Busy, Get Focused and Get Content! You are already COMPLETE in Christ”

  1. cliftonhauusd says:

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  2. madisonmiak says:

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  3. aleenweiszjca says:

    This is greatest for you ** **

  4. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @GeneralSirDouglasMcA I certainly agree it is not a sin.

  5. GeneralSirDouglasMcA says:

    In Matthew Chapter 19, Jesus talks about marriage, and He says that “not everyone would be able to accept singleness, but only to those whom it is given”. While you are 100% correct, we should all be content, however, it is not a sin to seek a spouse. 🙂

  6. GeneralSirDouglasMcA says:

    True, the Bible does say to be content with the situation that we’re in. However, it is not a sin to look for a spouse. 8) Usually, when you’re bitter about being single, that bitterness tends to repel potential mates.

  7. lilglenwood100 says:

    Mercy! You were speaking to me! Alright I here you Lord.

  8. Rainy5062002 says:

    @1086Lynn I agree with you Lynn !!!!

  9. Rainy5062002 says:

    ..Ok so I am officially subscribing to your videos. Girl you are on point and have answered ALL my questions!! You are sooooo encouraging!!! Keep the videos coming!!!!!!

  10. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @lns1988 Praise God. God bless you also!

  11. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @1086Lynn Amen Sis!!!

  12. lns1988 says:

    This video is very encouraging. God bless you. 🙂

  13. 1086Lynn says:

    Definitely agree with this LadyD!… The enemy, esp. now, wants is focused on even persuading God’s elect and the one of his best ways is to distract us–keep us focused on our pesonal ‘less than perfect’ circumstances so that we cant be effective [single men and women] in the kingdom.>> the more I have focused on the things of God the more I see why its best I am single at this time (although I do desire to be married eventually 🙂 ..)

  14. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @Virtuouswannabe No need to be worried about trying to be “so fine” ,you are beautiful like you are be who God created you to be and the one for you will respect that and like you for YOU. We don’t have to try to be something, just be and whoever comes your way that doesn’t like you…their lost not yours. When that happens, I say, Thank you Jesus for me not wasting my time. Continue to grow in the Lord and become the woman HE wants, in due season he’ll come according to God’s timing and will.

  15. Virtuouswannabe says:

    @LadyLovelyLocs I know Im 24 but I feel so like for me I have so much that is different about me that I don’t know if there a man that can deal with me..I love to be a wife one day but I use to be the one who would be so deathly depressed about not being able to get a date..I have been single for 6 yrs and I just in recent in finding your videos content in being solo..I just don’t want to go crazy worrying about trying to be so fine so a man can look at me.

  16. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @Virtuouswannabe Hey Sis! 1st, Thank you but let me say you are beautiful too, girl have you looked in the mirror lately ;-). Forreal! & 2) What do you mean by retired to a life of singleness…at your age??

  17. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @bbnne1 LoL

  18. bbnne1 says:

    lol ..Woe is me!

  19. Virtuouswannabe says:

    You are pushing me to make the best of my singleness..Im not as beauitful as you are so I have retired to a life of singleness..but I still will push in my walk in order to glorify our father..I will not sell myself out because the world has..lovely message

  20. bbnne1 says:

    @GladILeft Yes! Hallelujah! : )

  21. bbnne1 says:

    @misstrinity79 Amen!

  22. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @joyelle79 Amen Sis, Praise God for giving us wisdom and helping us to be content and truly live in TODAY. He’ll take care of tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for watching and commenting.

  23. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @misstrinity79 Amen Sis, I thank God for giving us understanding and peace in his will and timing. Thanks for watching!

  24. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @drroberson4 God bless you also! Thanks for watching 🙂

  25. LadyLovelyLocs says:

    @GladILeft Amen Bro! I’m sure it’s a huge sacrifice. We have to indeed learn to be content across the boards really. Thanks for watching and sharing your wisdom as always!

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