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It is to be confessed by many, with shameful guilt, that it is sometimes hard to keep in touch with the Bible in all the hurry the modern world has. It is sadly true— our everyday lives have grown to be so hectic and time consuming, that most of us have lost touch with our holy book and the fellow Christian. We are so pressed for time that we cannot even stand to utter a simple prayer lest it cut into our busy schedule. After a week of tedious work we have no energy left to go to church on Sundays. This is the sorry state of things, yet people are in desperate need to get in touch with the benevolent Lord.

This is where Christian newspaper comes into the picture. Christian news informs us about the Christian community. It reports happenings and events of over 75% of the global Christian community. These papers also report the beliefs and ideas of their lives and how to live as a true Christian. They also act as a platform to share mutual grief and multiply public joy. The main two aspects of a Christian newspaper are religion and the right way of living.

There is a class of people who can be categorized as the active practicing Christian—goes to church regularly, regularly peruses the Bible, interacts and relieves fellow beings and is in introspective meditation thereby achieving a degree of union with the Lord.

Christian news will tell you about the other group of people too. They are regular church goers and pragmatic to some extent—but that is it. They are not interested in any divine connection. They are too caught up in their little lives to bother about Jesus or the Bible.

These are the two poles of the Christian community. If you look between them you will find all the other types. Church attendances are at an all time low—why you ask? It may be because your church might have stopped addressing personal grief and has moved on to higher matters. There has been a loss in the personal touch and the church is no longer attuned with the thoughts of the community.

The Christian community demands that church leadership be boosted and thereby enable them to bring back the stray Christian brethren back on to the path to righteousness.


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