Gangs, Gangsters, Prison, Jail, Christian Rap, and Jesus

The first song is “All Riders” by Prime Minister, second song is “Look at me Now” by Lunie 3:80, and the Gospel Message is by The Warriors from their album “No Limits.” Lyrics: Time to put this key in the ignition start me up Theres bout to be a lynching on the Devil posse up We’s about to call my crews, all my dudes with the dog (?) Suit up like Nehemiah, cause we going to hit it hard We large, coming straight up out of the life of luxury Some riders on the ball, and we getting on them knees And flagging ZOE, my set is what we claim We step up in the front cause we about to throw them things About to lay them hands on the sick and the afflicted The lame and oppressed, the bound and addicted The wicked, and we kick it for the men in the sin We coming with some hooks, because we going to reel them in So homie if its you then recognize Grape Tree is coming up and we brothers on the rise And homies when we ride dont thinking we be soft We be up in your grill, we’s bout to break you off All riders Come on let’s gather in the name of the Lord Meet in the upper room just to be on one accord Cause I know the Lord, is strictly looking at the heart A million to be saved, not a million in a march God has got some plans for you man Gotta understand that plan if you can lift them hands To prosper you and then cleanse your sins in His sight No need for chasing money, fame, girls, or that ice Seek yee first the Kingdom is at hand The riches of the Earth will be added to you then And

25 Responses to “Gangs, Gangsters, Prison, Jail, Christian Rap, and Jesus”

  1. wechanteuse says:

    @BlueMoon858 Did Muhammad RISE from the dead yet? Enough said!

  2. RAVEITTPURE says:

    Love this! All riders in christ our lord churrrrr

  3. AM310965 says:

    @catdog5545 funny

  4. catdog5545 says:

    @BlueMoon858 Some cat told me that Mohammed married a nine year old little girl named A’isha. Why did he marry such a young child?

  5. BlueMoon858 says:

    Islam will take over prison naturally. Its the ONLY true religion of God Muhammad was sent for All humanity, everyone read the quronnnn and submit to Allah – God

  6. jendeh1000 says:

    I saw my uncle in this slide-show, I thought that “mofo” was dead.

  7. greenbayandtottenham says:

    @m109r1800 King David was not a Christian- He was a Jew.

  8. anniedalilaHG1 says:

    Wow we could really learn a great lesson in freedom and salvation here may be this was the only way God could get a hold of these men, I hope they are saving many souls in the name of Jesus!

  9. habibi020202 says:

    they look scary, it better that they stay there and not ever come back to society.

  10. topdogofthehood says:

    Theres my dad on the left at 1:52 he went in for grand theft auto, Just two more years until i see the bastard !

  11. pok3mon45 says:

    i thank God for saving me before it’s to late he died for me so why not live for him
    for us born again christians its our job to go to our old friends, gangs we used to chill with, and tell them about christ.the devil has a grip on them and by praying or fasting for them it’ll break that grip and one day they’ll be in church praising god i have faith because i’ve seen it happen before and i know it could happen again[:GOD BLESS PRAY FOR THE LOST SOULS AND FOR THE PEOPLE LOCKED UP like my uncle[:

  12. xCANDI90x says:

    the 1st song is tight =]

  13. boxerpup7 says:

    The Bible instructs us to not forget our people in the prisons. God Bless guys these songs,are awesome. Incredible in the spirit. May God continue to Bless and guide I pray for all. amen.

  14. TearzMedia says:


  15. rockitrapitordropit says:

    @dstan600 Of course the War on drugs doesn’t work man. the military allows the drugs into the country. The war on drugs and the war on terror are just there to distract us from stuff that really matters like family and finding God

  16. dstan600 says:

    over in europe they still try to rehilbilitate and here its just warehousing bodies,,get money,,,prison system is out of control and does not work,,i spent 6 years in and got out to be worse than before i went in. it took going back for another 2 years to snap out of it,,,u.s. prisons breed killers…and i think its mostly about drugs,,the war on drugs does not work..

  17. SWAGxxOuTxxKiD says:

    If it wasn’t for jesus dieing on da cross 4 r sins we wouldn’t be here 2day

  18. jmart680 says:

    Now only if you finished school. You would be able to do all kinds of wonderful things, like SPELL and guess what. It wouldn’t be God spelling it would be you. Unintelligible summaries are waste of your time and mine.

  19. chun060309 says:

    @catdog5545 God.

  20. chun060309 says:

    @jmart680 com on man, you can do the better than that!! Nice speech. You just got it all wrong,but it’s ok!! go to church, Its never too later!!! baby babe!!!!!! I Love you Jesus!

  21. 24kvideo says:

    most gangsters are in plastic coffins in the cooler in hospital, you should have add some pictures of those man too.

  22. lilvallero559 says:

    @jmart680 Lol

  23. jmart680 says:

    @figueroaalberto26 what does that even mean so what if the old testament was written 3000 yrs before jesus doesn’t make it real. And as for monkeys you don’t understand anything about evolution, if that’s the way you try to simplify it with your monkey brain.

  24. figueroaalberto26 says:

    Get down brother . No need for the pics though .

  25. figueroaalberto26 says:

    @jmart680 The book of revelations was written years before CHRIST…Read and you will understand that we are not born from monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!

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