19 Responses to “Will the absurdities of terrorism compel us to abolish religious freedom and implement a one-world religion?”

  1. God Of The Godless says:

    Organized religion holds nothing, but enslavement.

  2. Castro F says:

    with or without terrorism there is a push for a one world everything.

  3. Susy says:

    They will accomplish this during the 7 year Great Triblulation..

  4. fred yahweh says:

    what an horrendous nightmare.

    a bunch of fanaticaly pious twats of any religion ruling the world.

  5. Karl P says:

    All ‘that’ is leading up to the antichrist, yes. (Jesus will Rule and Reign when He gets here!) < ')))><

  6. TheKitten says:

    Imposing a religion on all of mankind in an effort to bring about peace…

    It’s been tried.
    Results have been disappointing at best.

    As for terrorism, a war on terror is like a war on ambushes. It’s perpetual, pointless and silly.

  7. kiowarose777 says:

    Nah people will just find another reason to blow other people up.
    If you deny everyone religious freedom, you’ll be giving people a perfect excuse.Only then it’ll be called something else.
    Read your history. Denying people personal freedoms just pisses them off. So its best not to do it.

  8. Hail Naw! says:

    If that happens then the end of days are very soon. The Antichrist will come when the world is in chaos and will bring order to the world. When he is revealed, he will show himself and will force the world to worship him as a God.

  9. cosmo says:

    I don’t see how abolishing religious freedom could possbly reduce terrorism.

    Nor do I see how terrorism (which is already criminal) is in any way encouraged by religious freedom.

  10. jay says:

    I know a way to solve the world’s religious problems.


    seriously…..religion is stupid….

  11. Pfistulated Cow says:

    Saying that religion is responsible for terrorism is like saying clothing is responsible for terrorism because suicide bombers wear clothes.

    There’s plenty of cases where terrorists are driven by motives that have nothing to do with religion:

    * Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City bombing)
    * The Tamil Tigers
    * Sacco & Vanzetti

  12. Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!! says:


    In a perfect world we would all be Buddhists, or Deists.

  13. pjpackers says:

    Be careful when you talk one world that is what the antichrist will promote. This will come to pass one day,World will be made to take a mark,Possible economic ties do not take it under any circumstances!
    Jesus will come back and rule for 1,000 years but we our out of here!

  14. Blessed says:

    It is true that there is a push for a one world everything. That is to make it easier for satan to rule mankind.
    To insure peace, everyone must rebel against one world everything.
    Unless we be lambs led willingly to the slaughter. Or in this case, to hell.

  15. section hand says:

    Yes it will along with Economic Melt down; These 2 Items will bring about the Renewal of The Imperial Leader of Fragmented Rome;
    Superman will need assistance from Religious Leader;to carry out
    3 and 1/2 yrs. of Global Government; At that time the Religious
    System will be destroyed by The Man;Although the Head of that System will assist with Rationing of Food and everything else:
    I think that a Renegade Catholic Bishop will be the Pope:

  16. solem says:

    It’s called secularism… In which all the religions hold no value other than that of morals… this is the new world order… talking about religion is to be forbid by each individual & teaching religion is to be a crime… punished by ostracizing & by displacing of jobs & eventually as in much of the world by death & imprisonment… It is the push & the movement of the one world order… & the US has had their jobs shipped over seas to places in which this New World order is the greatest & sent the success of America away… in the name of cheaper labor… it has gone to those who are already under it’s control & the US has supported it in the name of lower prices… it was before this, the economy was set up to make the odds even & the US enjoyed the success of the world… but as the successful they have sent missionaries all over the world who have by their finances helped & made a name for their God in good works… only to have it reversed so that now, those willing to work have trouble supporting themselves & their families more & more & are called all manner of evil falsely…

    Secularism is the biggest organized religion in the world. This one world religion you speak of has been what secularism has attempted for many ages… to bring all religions into one man made religion so that they can ultimately have all peoples everywhere following one world leadership… they are even willing to say there is a God… as long as it promotes their authority & rule… but they cannot have a house divided, they want the whole world under one rule & order… Terrorism is being used to show all religions as evil… Secularism lumps all religions in one big pile & see’s no difference… they claim to be whatever is most popular… Politics is intended to satisfy all people everywhere… this is impossible with the many religions… yet as the religious of the US voted in favor of one President… the pull of religion is respected in terms of it’s influence… yet not in terms of it’s truth.

    If those who believed were to educate themselves to these things, they would soon see they have been supporting these things for centuries… & Even as far back as 200 A.D. with Tertullian & Constantine who merged World & vast Roman beliefs with Christian as Christianity gained popularity… Yet the word of God itself remains true.

  17. flossie mae says:

    This is an absurd question and of course the answer is no,to both questions.There is no freedom when someone has the power to do that.Sounds like the anti-christ to me.Spell checker wants me to capitalize {anti} and I won’t.

  18. jungle girl says:

    one day, we will no longer live in a free world. America won’t always be what America claims to be. and one day, there will be an attempt to force a one-world religion. there will be trouble, i’m afraid…..

  19. Me! says:

    The world religion will be Humanism which exalts the value of the human and the power of the Human spirit. All people will be able to fit into this one, and it won’t look to be destructive and conducive to wars and bloodshed but rather more of caring and preserving in a higher meaning to our fellow man and fellow creatures. It will seem to be good, and will go hand in hand with the world system which will promise a Heaven on Earth with peace and global prosperity without hunger.

    It will turn out to be something completely different in the long run.

    Me! :- )

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