3 Responses to “Q&A: Is there any Christian senior dating site for Christian singles over 50?”

  1. Mature says:


    I got the site by video. I was a member of Christianseniordating.info. I met many sincere friends on the site. I met (Debbie) my last love by the site. Thank god!

  2. Trish K says:

    Try a free dating site that offers a different angle to online dating. Best is Friends Match Me dating site. It is completely free. You can find out if other members have mutual friends with you or similar Facebook Likes! Also they have member videos too!

    A lot of people say they met their gf/bf through another friend. Friends Match Me helps you do that.

  3. DR.SKY says:

    Some of these sites below have online dating,singles meetups,gatherings and even professional matchmakers for the serious kind. Look for one in your area.
    Change your method / approach, and love can come to you anywhere, anyhow.
    Just to give you hope, even 90 year olds getting married,so dont give up. Just keep at it.

    http://www.single-america.com (try the christian singles meet)
    (add www to the above)
    In addition to just looking / searching, gaining wisdom and working on the path of love, will bring one closer to love.
    –(very important)
    There is a spiritual side to love & marriage as well.Do browse thru this and follow. Has helped many.
    ——Self-speculation / self-analysis & rectification is the cornerstone.
    Follow drsky on twitter for love & marriage quotes,messages,advice: account id: drskyluvmarrg

    Read the book:
    Love will find you: 9 magnets to bring you and your soulmate together
    By Kathryn Alice


    Read these books, The SECRET(part about winning relationships)

    ==The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts
    By Dr. Gary chapman

    If one has past baggage issues or negative energies(an example is: facing hurdles or no success):

    In order to get rid of the past baggage issues:

    Join kriya yoga, it will slowly release the negative impressions of the past and will give a fresh lease on life



    Speak to doc and yoga teacher if any ailments.
    Do the golden light meditation, it is a general cleansing process, do the introduction meditation first.


    Wish u best

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