Love Letter From God

Do you have days where you feel lonely, un-loved, and not wanted? We all experience days like that, don’t we? When I’m feeling down and lonely, I always turn to God in prayer. Here’s a Love Letter from God to all of us.
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This video” rel=””>stresses the importance of having men in your life as a single woman. Although girlfriends are great, men contribute certain things to your life that your female friends may not be capable of doing. Tags: Where are all the good men at, There are no more good men, Can men and women be friends?, Righteous, Big brothers, communication, protection, All men are dogs, Men with purpose, I don’t want no scrub, single mothers, holy, where to find a good man, different girl, finding a husband, wise counsel, inspirational, no good men, I can’t find a good man, Christianity, religion, instructions, commentary, all men are dogs, TorahCents, Baby mama drama, Intelligent men, Respectful men, wicked men, heathen
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Love Letter From God”

  1. JulezandChris says:


    when you are broken hearted I am there for you, AMEN! Thank you? Lord!

  2. JulezandChris says:


  3. mikk678 says:

    He is waiting for you!! He loves you <3! God is the? person with the most love!

  4. Hiltje94 says:

    every night before i go to sleep i close my eyes? and listen to this lovely letter from my God. He loves me, he loves you! (L) GOD IS ALMIGHTY and i love HIM! <3

  5. cool6897 says:

    It makes me cry. Thank you lord for your loving words. Even though I am a Christian I am turning back. But I know how much do you love me thank you lord I? want to be your child.

  6. thebigboxl says:

    Amen! I have been? unfaithful to God but he always forgives me for turning my back on him and redeems me. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! He is worthy of our worship!

  7. MarilynMonroe4eva says:

    This was amazing and so inspirational
    I? love coming on you tube and seeing these videos 😀

  8. anthonythecookieman says:

    God I am having struggling times right now. I am having doubts of you but i will persevere I feel lost in my sins again…take me out of this storm…save me from? …MYSELF…and my sins

  9. nhovie16 says:

    God the Father Almighty is always there to protect and guidance us. Don’t be sad if you failed or felt that no? hope at all, because I know that God wants the best for you. . . before you were conceive in your mother’s womb he has already done planning your brighter future. . . Keep praying to him. . . God Bless (“,)

  10. Kaboomcraze says:

    @wd40isgreat im 18, so im curious.? why not?

  11. Kaboomcraze says:

    @wd40isgreat im? 18, so im curious. why not?

  12. gymguy25 says:

    In early ’08, I dated the girl who was what I had been looking for my whole life, almost to the letter, after a lifetime of dissapointing relationships, I was convinced I had finally found “the one”,? needless to say, when I lost her, it was the biggest broken heart of my life. It was shortly after this that God revealed himself to me after I had asked him to… pay attention at 3:54.

  13. clintonreid18 says:

    @wd40isgreat he knew we? would screw up when he made us, the whole point he is trying to make is “no matter what you do i cannot stop loving you, you`re my child and my creation”

  14. clintonreid18 says:

    @wd40isgreat the answer is yes man. its hard to believe though, especially if you`re going through hard times in your life right now.satan keeps fucking with my head man, i love porn, and i have? done some sick stuff and try a lot of things but in all this he still loves me, i still don`t know why but he does, i`m trying to love him back but its hard i messed up everyday but yet he still loves me.

  15. ValerienVEVO says:

    186 people? will never be happy

  16. wd40isgreat says:

    Dear God, to answer your question ‘will I be your child’?

    My? answer is no.

  17. wd40isgreat says:

    @mimmby11 Oh I do believe in God. I just don’t? want to follow him that’s all.

  18. Suryoyogefe77 says:

    I love? you GOD<3

  19. mikk678 says:

    thank you for te life God you? are love and peace!!!

  20. TheImcool153 says:

    Thank you lord?

  21. TheImcool153 says:

    Ilove? god

  22. Pentdad says:

    The Lord is in this video, it is wonderful. But the worlds ills are more often than not created by Men of religion, which makes me? so sad. The mad mullahs of the middle east, the zionist jews on wall street, the compassionless christians of north america, the conquistadors in the name of God (but really for treasure), the terrible crusades, the protestants vs the catholics… God despises these people.

  23. TheMyotus says:

    @okauj I? love you.

  24. sharin14z says:

    I love? u God

  25. classicblue says:

    @okauj if its not relevant
    then why do you feel you have to go out of your way to? post such an ignorant post?

  26. NerdMentality101 says:

    Whoa whoa? whoa……my only problem with this is the video games comment!! Nothing wrong with relieving stress with games. Everyone needs their own hobby and outlet.

  27. FarroWife says:

    @BarbarianLion thank you, yours too. someone slid into his car that day & left a long scratch on the side. his lil brother was mad he did not call the police so he can act like he hurt to get paid. he let the man exchange info with him on his word? that he would fix it. the man than changed his number & his car never got fixed. i told him i would have understood that. he said it was worth it. his brother called him stupid then but say he see it was worth it now. lol

  28. FarroWife says:

    @BarbarianLion thank you, he had gotten into an accident that day also. someone else car slid into his, scratching all the side. his lil brother told him to call the police so he can act like he? hurt to get paid. he just wanted his car fixed. they exchanged info on that mans word and promise to fix his car. the man than changed his number so he did not get it fixed. i told him i would have understood that. he said its ok, its worth it. he gave it away and bought a new car. lol

  29. FarroWife says:

    @Cocosmyl3 thank you? lol

  30. BarbarianLion says:

    @FarroWife lol@ sliding side-ways, what that shows it that if a person really cares about you and wants to? be with and around you, nothing will stop him; nothing at all. May the MOST HIGH bless you and yours forever….LION

  31. BarbarianLion says:

    She’s telling? the truth, but many sistas in our community that hates truth will hate shat she has to say….LION

  32. Strafetyy says:

    way to break? it down for the ladies

  33. HowlingBenjamin says:


  34. SD4philly says:

    You speak? like an woman of Israel. Shalom

  35. misstree75 says:

    Thank you. I was looking for the Christian view of men and women being friends. I have male friends but they have a hard time being friends with me, and most are non believers. You make such a valid point. Christian men seem to be able to do it. I wish? every man was Christian. God bless you!

  36. errol1 says:

    I wish most black woman are like you. ? Keep it up!

  37. illholla84 says:

    i really enjoyed the vid… buy i dont know about platonic mentor brother sister relationships its a good idea. but both men and women can catch feelings and can sometimes key word “sometimes”take advantage? of exposed vulnerabilities

  38. IB1COOL says:

    maybe your not? the type that righteous men look for,lol

  39. royal001ful says:

    Ive never heard he truth spoken so openly from a woman, keep it one huned. In the absence of spirituality, all people, ( males and females) are simply emotional responses and genitals.? God makes men and women… America makes everything else.

  40. 7Poeticsoul says:

    @7Poeticsoul i mean a righteous woman?

  41. 7Poeticsoul says:

    @TorahCents i can’t find a righteous women thats my problem in? this vid you described me

  42. OctoberLibra1 says:

    I agree with u on a lot of what u said, but there are so many women who have brothers & uncles who will step in and be that? voice to tell her that she needs not mess with this particular dude for whatever reason, but that woman deep in her feelings will go against what that brother/uncle tells her is wrong & still walk into a terrible situation that means her no good.Women R emotion driven,men R sexually driven. Although women who have a lot of male friends gives them a better perspecitve on men

  43. brandell1976 says:

    your a very? smart women and i am happy to see that you think is still more good men out here

  44. princeofthepen says:

    This? is a powerful message!!!

  45. licialicous says:

    @TorahCents thank you? mamas =)

  46. TorahCents says:

    @licialicous Everyone should have a? dad like that. 🙂

  47. TorahCents says:

    @rosenuel1 Much love back. Thanks? for watching.:)

  48. TorahCents says:

    @moorishexecutive Thanks for watching. :)?

  49. TorahCents says:

    @BreiLenise Your welcome.? 🙂

  50. licialicous says:

    you described a couple men in my life? especially my DAD AWWWWWW =D

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