25 Responses to “Is it Okay for Christians to kiss when dating or in courtship”

  1. TheMistercassidy says:

    ? Did you kiss when you were in courtship?

  2. toda9008 says:

    @TubeheadSkinnymike im 21 and a virgin 2 and ive never been kissed, ive never held hands and i want 2 so bad i do not want 2 die without experiencing a kiss but i want it to be special and i dont want 2 die a virgin either so hopefully God gives me a long life so that i can get married one day & experience it.

  3. ldog2010 says:

    That is the best advice on youtube right now…follow the holy spirit. That is basically the answer to every question about dating…or anything really

  4. AmyRosario37 says:

    @app424 Are you two still dating? 😀 God bless you guys…

  5. lenoralb says:

    I can agree with you to a certain extent; however, with you saying there is no clear cut defined answer… you know there is. If God is Love – it is defined. Plus, there is always 1 Corinthians to make it as clear as it can be. Continue to do well. I can appreciate your efforts seeing there are too few people that discuss this subject well. I also have a passion to help and get solid instruction to believers too. I am still doing the research first; nevertheless, I will subscribe to you.

  6. AmadeusMusatin says:

    O man, thanks so much about this, its true as you”ve said ” if you have the Spirit of G-d and He convicts you in the conscience not to do something, then whatever its contrary would be sinning. As Paul says Romans 14:23..”…. for whatever is not from faith is sin.”

  7. Laurenisdorothy says:

    I come from a very kissy affectionate family so I’ve grown up pecking my friends and family so this came as a surprise to me. I feel like if you have someone really special and love them they should get something a little more than just a peck like everyone else, but not so far ad to heavy petting and that person should understand your limits.
    I really liked that holy spirit = gut feeling idea I’d never been taught that kind of concept but it’s really helped me make these type of choices 🙂 th

  8. nicoley4ever says:

    @ACat216 Good for you! I’m 15 and on the same boat too!:)

  9. cute251000 says:

    i only do sweet kisses

  10. AYSynn says:

    Good point that we can sin to the point that we don’t feel that sense of wrongdoing any more! There’s this idea out there that we should do what “feels” right, but I think it’s a dangerous idea, and a lot of people get hurt because their moral compass is screwed up. I think it’s also really true that what could be too much for one person is okay for someone else. If you’ve already opened yourself up to lust, it’s a lot harder to abstain from. Someone with a cleaner mind is safer.

  11. niquestl99 says:

    I think you are totally right. We should be lead by the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of us in this matter. Good video

  12. VirtuousTv012 says:

    I think a peck is the limit. Tounge kissing leads to other things. And from my experience. I feel the conviction of the holy spirit when I tounge kiss.

  13. 13SuperKings says:

    I think you are right about this is a holy spirit issue.

  14. mininananana says:

    My view is that you should Kiss
    Well I will anyway
    I know where Ive been want to go
    So things like temptations will not be an issue (the power of prayer)

    It might differentiate between born again and virgins,

  15. ACat216 says:

    I am 15, never dated, never kissed, and sometimes it’s hard. I’ve been asked out before by a guy I really liked, but I had a gut feeling that i shouldn’t do it, so I didn’t and I know that my husband is out there and I will meet him some day.

  16. TubeheadSkinnymike says:

    And since pt. 1 didn’t show up, I basically said that I’m a (proud) 21-year old virgin that has never kissed. But I would REAAALLY like to to see how it feels, and the feelig one gets when being able to share such a moment that no one else will with you. Then I’d be “complete”: no marriage, intercourse, kids, etc. In fact, I’d have no problem if God calls me to remain single. But I refuse to leave this Earth without that kiss (in the right context). Feedback please!

  17. TubeheadSkinnymike says:

    (Pt. 2) Another reason I’d like to get my “mack” on XD is because time is short and the days are running out. I saw a bit on the Discovery Channel where a woman died and met God and felt love unlike any other emotion she ever felt. But she begged to go back (somehow) because she wanted to have children and would never be able too should she stay with God. So even though she chose a lesser thing, it was a thing that would never ever happen again in the next life. That’s how I feel with my kiss.

  18. skittlesweet94 says:

    Well it all starts the moment the couple look at each other. Each couple should define their own lines that they are not to cross until their wedding night. They are the only ones that can measure their own self control.
    I won’t make out with a guy. No tongue. Not at this point in my life because I feel that it presents too much temptation. Merely kissing presents none to very little for ME.

  19. MrWelsluth says:

    My original response didn’t go through but it’s not commanded or forbidden in the bible and is therefore an adiophron. If your concience has a problem or if you are worried about temptation then you shouldn’t do it and the rest of us should avoid kissing in front of you so we are not a stumbling block but I think it’s okay and I don’t imagine ever dating somebody that doesn’t expect a kiss at some point in courtship.

  20. g2a5 says:

    @Tips4ChristianDating Thank you, I didnt really think so but wanted to ask. I dont know if anyone else has asked but where do you suggest Christians meet other real christians for dating?

  21. zairekrieger says:

    One time in our church we all took a test on what is our ‘love language’, so, how we like to express our love towards someone. Turns out my 2 main love languages are ‘touch’, and quality time. I was asking myself up to now, if you don’t kiss someone untill ur wedding day, how will you know if you are sexually attracted to someone. Because we all know, don’t lie, for your marriage to succeed, you have to be attracted to each other in that way. But hey, I guess you just have to trust God in that.

  22. Shaylashay says:

    I feel like a kiss on the cheek/forehead/back of hand are perfectly fine. A kiss on the lips is truly where temptation begins to sneak in.

  23. Tips4ChristianDating says:

    @g2a5 scripturally speaking I dont think its possible, especially for a minister of the gospel. How can two walk together except they agree. if you willingly join yourself to an unbeliever you have automatically given the enemy a point of entry into your home. As a minister of the gospel you need someone in your life that is spiritually inclined, someone who can back you up in prayer someone who is sound in the word that can encourage you and life your spirit when your faith is low.

  24. g2a5 says:

    Any insight on whether God will excuse or allow a minister to date and marry an unsaved man?

  25. saleebyman says:

    altho i like ur vid…i think ur point in sayin the holy spirit convicts on u on wat is right and what is wrong in regard to kissing and stuff…i jus think the devil can disguise himself and influence ppl in such a way to cloud wat is right and wrong for u…in grey areas….anywayz thats my 5 cents…like to think wat others think

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