Aged house

A few nice christian singles images I found:

Aged house
christian singles
Image by . SantiMB .
Castellet i La Gornal, Alt Penedés, Barcelona (Spain).

This is a tipical rural house in Catalonia.

Castellet i La Gornal is located in the reservoir of river Foix, between the regions of Garraf, Baix Penedés and Alt Penedés.

It stands out by its castle of century X, also called of Sant Esteve. It was a fortress that defined the limit between Marca Hispánica (christians) with Al-Andalus (muslims). In century XVI it was destroyed, and it was reconstructed in 1925 for particular use by Mr. Peray. At the moment it belongs to the Fundació Castellet del Foix that has carried out the restoration until the present state.

Artizen HDR with Lock06 tone mapping. Removed TV antenna, applied gaussian noise, soft vignette and platinotype effect.

Platinotype is a monochrome photographic printing process, based on the light-sensitivity of ferric oxalate.

Ferric oxalate is reduced to ferrous oxalate by light. The ferrous oxalate then reacts with platinum (II) (or palladium II) reducing it to basic platinum, which builds up the image.

William Willis discovered the process in 1873 and the first platinum paper reached the market in 1881, produced by the Platinotype Company, a firm founded by Willis in 1879.

When Willis invented the process, platinum was relatively cheap, but it quickly became more costly starting in 1906. In 1907 platinum had become 52 times more expensive than silver. Eastman Kodak and most other producers stopped fabrication of the paper in 1916. Russia controlled 90% of the world platinum supply in World War I and all available platinum was used in the war effort.

Due to the shortage of commercial paper and high cost, photographers experimented with palladium paper and platinum-palladium mixes. Platinum paper has continued in use until the present, interrupted only by the world wars.


Impression, Bamboo Forest – Cuarta
christian singles
Image by Pathos Photos
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About This Collection

This collection of photographs was the result of a happy mistake while walking through the Hakone Garden’s bamboo forest in Saratoga. I was messing around with my camera on manual mode, trying different angles and motions when I noticed the resulting images resembled impressionist paintings. I liked how the bamboo forest was implied though color, light and movement, so I sat there for a while and tried different things until I got the look I wanted. All of these photographs are single shots with very minor adjustments in Photoshop.

S Stefano Rotondo Apse Mosaic
christian singles
Image by Michael Tinkler
We visited the church of San Stefano Rotondo on Thursday to look at the frescoes – but I love the apse mosaic, too. Sts Primus and Felicianus flanking a gemmed cross, c. 630. The main fabric of the church is late 5th century, with MANY modifications.

The single-line inscription is interesting. I’m trying to remember whether other small apses have such brief inscriptions as well.

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