your religion may be good for you

Your religion may be good for you

                   Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

        There are so many religions in this world and if we go deep we shall find so many sub religions and we shall notice that there are deras, asharams and mathhs which are breeding so many new sub religions.  But one thing is very good in all the religions and sub religions that those all are giving us good advice and no religion is misleading us.  We must note that though all the religions had been taking birth at different places and at different times, with different names, yet all the religions are giving us the same guidance and no religion is misleading us.  All the religions are telling us that there is one God, all preach the truth and all say that we all have been sent by God and therefore, we all belong to one family and none is stranger on this earth.  All the religions are directing us to remain peaceful and believe in non-violence .  No religion is giving us directions that we should interfere in the religions of others and none is telling us that we should change religion of others.  All the religions say that we should remain peaceful and must love each other and go ahead and trace out what God has given to us in shape of His blessings.

            So we should be tolerant to all religions and we should never discriminate with others simply because they belong to another religion which is different from our own religion.  This type of actions are sins and even God shall not give us pardon. Therefore, we must try to learn from religious books the principles of all the religions and if we do it, we shall find that all the religions are giving the same types of guide lines to us and if we study all the religions, we shall become secular and we shall start loving all the religions and when we are young, we must try to read all the basic books of each religion and must avoid to become a fundamentalist.


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