Why don’t we destroy all current religions and create a new One World Religion with the help of the spirits?

Question by Guy: Why don’t we destroy all current religions and create a new One World Religion with the help of the spirits?
Why don’t we destroy all current religions on Earth and wait for the God(s) and spirits that really exist to come and help us to create a One World Religion that would start again fresh?
That would stop religious wars and conflict between religion and science

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33 Responses to “Why don’t we destroy all current religions and create a new One World Religion with the help of the spirits?”

  1. John says:

    How exactly do you plan on “destroying” all the current religions? I don’t think you can destroy religions without destroying people. This sounds violent – and needless to say, I would not be in support of such a notion.

  2. † Yeshua Is the God of Israel † says:

    I vote you as the Anti Christ.

  3. SweetMisery says:

    different religions were made up to have an excuse for war by the people in control of everything. the elite ones.

  4. XY GTHO says:

    Your usage of the term “One World Religion” sounds a bit too convenient.

    I smell troll.

  5. Kaitlyn R says:

    I was with you until you got to the part about creating a new one.

  6. starterman says:

    We have to have the false one, before the return of Yeshua for the real deal. Don’t worry, it’s already here, we just don’t know it yet.

  7. Raogaru says:

    That is how all religions were created – to throw out all other religions and be the “One and Only’ religion. The exceptions are Hinduism and Buddhism.

  8. mama.duck says:

    Small moves…I think we are on that path…

  9. JStrat says:

    If all religions are dissolved in advance, I’m all for it. The “wait for the God(s) and spirits” is the best part of the clause. Long wait comin’.

    And there would be no conflict between religion and science, ‘cus then there would be no religion. Imagine. 🙂

  10. For Europa! says:

    If I actually believed in them, then I’d support that. However, I see no evidence to support the current “omnipotent” Gods that seem to grip the minds of too many people and spread like a cancer. I agree with you in that aspect.

  11. ashtelli says:

    lol…… Spirits and God will come to you personally.

    Certain things literally cannot be explained. I have had experiences but I can’t explain them.

    Some people never have these experiences. Some do. Depends on how spiritual you are with the occult and God I guess.

  12. I'm OK. Are you OK? says:

    That’s exactly what Islam proposes.

    How much better would anything like that be?

    Just a thought.


  13. rockorock says:

    In truth, the United Nations could never be a force for real peace. Its rider, “Babylon the Great,” is one of the most wicked war makers in history, and she is “drunk with the blood of the holy ones and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.” (Revelation 17:6) The wars of the nations who support that organization have soaked the earth in blood. (Matthew 24:6, 7) And the power behind them, Satan the Devil, “the great dragon,” is no peacemaker. (Revelation 12:9, 17; 13:2) Mankind will never enjoy security as long as these entities exist. They will have to be removed.

  14. ??????????? ... ? says:

    Because people are too reliant and dedicated to their faith to ever even consider destroying it and forming a new religion.

    That’s just wishful thinking.

  15. TaintedJ says:

    Read “Brave New World” it will change how you see the world.

  16. Carl says:

    It’s coming, just be patient.

  17. Dr. Bob says:

    That day is coming.

    You can find a description of it in the Bible, in the book of Revelation.

  18. Vicarious Cynic says:

    We already have. It’s called science. Question everything. But question critically, not blindly.

  19. Paula says:

    There will be a one world religion at the end of the age.
    When the antichrist rises up there will be a one world government.
    One world currency and a one world religion.
    People will follow the antichrist and worship him because he will announce that
    he is god.
    People like you will follow him because you do not understand the consequences that
    will follow.

  20. just me says:

    Who is the ” WE” that you are talking about? and what spirit are you talking about? is it the wine spirit? it seems to me that the moon is full again on your side of the earth.

  21. Iluminator says:

    That’s exactly what the UN wants and the world leaders – not to mention Lucifer himself.

    It’s also what Revelation predticts will almost happen. However, there will be hold outs that will cling to Jesus Christ (the remnant). The characterists of these people accordign to Revelation is that they keep the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Christ.

    If you want to live forever and go to heaven you had better be numbered with them in the 144,000.

    So that should answer your question. That’s why we dont.

    BTW – the commandments mean all 10! Including the 4th (not the Catholic 4th either)

  22. ~RED~ va va voom says:

    yes. that is the message from satan. you should go visit a holiness church and get it cast out seriously

  23. sali says:

    It’s actually a very old idea… it’s called “Religious Dictatorship”.
    Didn’t work for Nazi Germany and it hasn’t worked well for Maoist China either… among the very few!

    And I believe all clear minded people of all religions should consider science, the facts and the benefits. It would save many lives if germs, bacteria, viruses and such were even considered “real” in the world. Even the benefit of washing hands, containing sneezes and such.
    Most of could “share” more and “complain” less.

  24. Chase says:

    this will indeed happen but it will be a religion ruled by the antichrist and will fulfill biblical prophecy. You do not want to worship the beast.

  25. Ads says:

    Because we would be trying to do our will, do things our way not Gods
    The Bible says that he has an end time people, a Remnant people. God will come for his bride, a people made clean in the blood of Jesus. Then the world will be made new and we will have a fresh start then.

  26. :))) says:

    actually,that will happen in the near future but i hope that it’ll take another thousands of years for it to come,b/c that’s when one world government and religion will come.
    don’t worry this wont be easy on the christians…..there’s gonna be a great shaking for all.
    if you built your foundation on a solid rock,then you are ok if not..then..?? who knows after that.

    some faith church talks a lot about that,they believed that it’ll come in the future
    they don’t speak in tongues,they observe sabbath,God’s Holy Day.

  27. Destined says:

    why not instead…

    those who do not have intellect opt NOT to breed EVER… and then bias, bigotry, racism, sexism, ageism, ignorance would disappear…

    ergo no reason for religion, war or jails????

  28. Snotalie says:

    i personally think that is on its way. the idea of one world religion oppressing all others is predicted in Revelation in the bible. it heralds the coming of the antichrist who seduces with sweet words and then oppresses all and destroys mankind.

  29. profsk says:

    Thats exactly what the so called revealed religions,judaism,christianity and Islam said when they first came,that it was the only true religion and had come to destroy the older ,false religions.So what you are suggesting is nothing new or revolutionary.But it is human nature that people psychologically become so attached to their own religion,no matter how absurd,that they are not willing to change or adopt the new religion.And that has bee n the cause of mush bloodshed and wars.So your suggestion is completely impractible and against human nature and likely to lead to a lot of bloodshed.

  30. CrocoDuck says:

    I have to ask.. is this some kind of trick question. Looking at your profile it turns out you are actually a creationist, and appear to be a right-wing Christian. WHat are you getting at with this question? Your wording sounds like something right out of a paranoid right-wing conspiracy website. It also sounds a lot like something Pat Robertson would say.

    Do you hope to expose some sinister “New Age agenda” by asking this question?

    Because no such “agenda” actually exists. Society is becoming more tolerant and open minded, and finding ways for spirituality to co-exist with science… that is it.

  31. ?Pure Energy? says:

    live spirit is brought from dead matter
    .live spirit is bound into “dead” matter and vivifies the same.
    Works of fascination, such as operations of invisibility, and transformations of the apparent form of the person or thing concerned. This consists almost altogether in distracting the attention, or disturbing the judgment, of the person whom it is wished to deceive. There are, however, “real” transformations of the adept himself which are very useful. See the Book of the Dead for methods. The assumption of God-Forms can be carried to the point of actual transformation.

    Works of Love and Hate, which are also performed (as a rule) by fascination. These works are too easy; and rarely useful. They have a nasty trick of recoiling on the magician.

    Works of destruction, which may be done in many different ways. One may fascinate and bend to ones will a person who has of his own right the power to destroy. One may employ spirits or talismans. The more powerful magicians of the last few centuries have employed books.

    In private matters these works are very easy, if they be necessary. An adept known to The MASTER THERION once found it necessary to slay a Circe who was bewitching brethren. He merely walked to the door of her room, and drew an Astral T (“traditore”, and the symbol of Saturn) with an astral dagger. Within 48 hours she shot herself.

  32. PopTart says:

    That’s going to happen when Christ returns. Now you’re just stealing ideas from the Bible!

  33. halima says:

    one world religion?? sounds almost like the governments plan for new world order.. enslave us all..unitedly…one world….
    however the day the prophet Jesus comes back (peace be upon him) among many there will be no doubt what the true religion is.

    Also on the day of Judgement there will be no doubt.

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