The Conscious Army – Love Is The New Religion

This film was created to inspire participation in a GLOBAL Awakening that has the potential to change the world. This event is the SOLAR WAVE. This event takes place at Equinox and Solstice Sunrises. WHY, You ask? Because the fate of our planet, and the quality of life for all living things is in our hands. PARADISE is in OUR HANDS! More at Thanks to the contributors of this little film of the heart. This is where you can find out more about each of them. Aluna Joy Yaxkin ( thats me : ) for the sacred site travel photography & multimedia magic – . It is my passion to inspire oneness in every soul that watches this. Great thanks to Brian Piergrossi for writing Spiritual Conspiracy. The Big Glow – Insights, Inspirations, Peace and Passion. . It was Brian’s writing that inspired me to make this film in the first place. Great thanks to Peter Sterling for sharing his incredible music from his new CD Sands of Time. Song title “Arc of the Angels” . BUT most of all and what is most important, Radiant Blessings to ALL of YOU out there. You are all members of the Conscious Army, the SPIRITUAL CONSPIRACY, and yes you do know who you are!

25 Responses to “The Conscious Army – Love Is The New Religion”

  1. mamazion says:

    It’s always good if more people become aware of such simple realities.
    Jesus already said all commandments really only meant love.
    I just thought it was funny: “you won’t see us on the telly, you won’t hear us on the radio”
    but you can watch us on YouTube or find us on Facebook.

  2. TheSiSiDreamz says:

    wooww! this is soo interesting ..i always have said love is the only true religion ..i have a story about my spirtual journey that is overwhelming …i wish i could find more ways to spead love ..i really do! the power of love is the strongest force and ive felt it from deepwith in ! love will conquer everything ..i need more info 😀

  3. 1macboo says:

    Namaste, this is wonderful and beautiful. The Christian scriptures say that “God is Love” and this I know to be true. And love knows no boundries,.

  4. gogh2006 says:

    this is lovely; namaste 🙂

  5. herndog2usmc says:

    everything that surrounds us came from the blood,sweat, and tears of others….just because we cannot see, hear, or touch the suffering in
    the world doesnt not mean its not there…it’s there it just hides…behind the “public relations” of the world…the best revolutionary is one who fights out of love with the weapons of love….a love for their fellow human and all life so profound that they are willing to die no matter what…it is our hearts which will make things right

  6. illuminator871 says:

    Beautiful! This video speaks to the heart. 🙂

  7. ruthshivani says:

    Beauty filled, anywhere we can get the words – other than jotting them down from clip ? 🙂 have a beauty filled friday x

  8. karinarielle says:

    Lovely and timely – thank you!

  9. SojournerLi says:

    The greatest army, is the one without a voice. Silent and unnoticed all around. To make your world beautiful through Natural eyes.

  10. Eloryia says:

    Inspiring and encouraging …thank you

  11. SojournerLi says:

    I had myself a nice little awakening over the last few months. But I live in a small town and my friends all have other priorities. So much to see, so many to meet outside this limbo. Alone for tonight with a subtle plight. eternity tomorrow, for after some dreams i’ll remember that i’m not alone. Nice vid, i’m working on some video chronicles of the last few months. Just Peace Love and the good stuff. =D

  12. BeTheChangeUWant2C says:

    I love it. And love can be out loud and where everyone can see.

  13. KristyKandiko says:

    Yes!!! Love is the answer! If we can come together in love all things are possible <3

  14. UniversalPat says:

    AAH…. I found my Friends 🙂

  15. swalfe says:

    True words can inspire great minds, you have managed to do so. Well done.

  16. ChatwithChuck says:

    Outstanding!! 🙂

  17. sotciologist says:


  18. Boots8084 says:

    God is love. With the love of God in our hearts, nothing is impossible!

  19. mrjohnmeyer says:

    just what I needed thank you

  20. Neanerthebeaner says:

    what a great video….undoubtedly Love is the answer, we’ve known it for a very long time, but now we can support each other in the feeling that we are not alone….I have been feeling a surge for almost a year and a half now….the idea that there truly can be world peace …through love..simple and pure….humans have this potential.
    peace and love to everyone : ) 🙂 : )

  21. djdnauk1977 says:

    Namaste! great video thanks! peace and love to all!

  22. kovalien says:

    Shine on my friend!

  23. LightAngel1960 says:

    One spark of light can banish the darkness…the light from this army is stronger then bombs & bullets.

    Peace, Love & Light

  24. amyroe13 says:

    I love reading everyone’s comments!! This is beautiful!!! Love, love, love—It IS the greatest commandment!!!!!!!!!

  25. judithorloffmd says:

    got chills—beautiful

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