13 Responses to “The Coming World Religion – Part 1 of 7”

  1. sp4miz says:

    @exmobro Awesome count of your childhood story. How can a man ever defeat the Living God?

  2. ArchangelSean30 says:

    Why don’t you read a real book, and turn off? the TV. Start with the Bible

  3. OFxJeremy says:

    Jiggajesse it is funny that you use the history channel and then talk about christian programming. They do call it television programming for a reason. They are programming your mind. MK ULTRA is a documented fact and I will give you a clue. Christians are NOT the ones operating in that realm. Look into the archeological evidence research MK ULTRA read the gospel of John and pray to the LIVING GOD Jesus Christ.
    Then analyze who truly are the bots?

  4. metamoredon says:

    @scottasbj start with the book of life .. and that is written in our dna …. God speaks we must listen 1

  5. scottasbj says:

    Why don’t you read a real book, and turn off the TV. Start with the Bible.

  6. bubba2509 says:


  7. jiggajesse says:

    How does the history channel mess things up? OH by exposing actual history behind religion and truth to the the origins of the bible…that totally contradicts what you Christianbots are “preaching” or programming into the masses.

  8. orlibonurb says:

    oh yes, LOVING your uploads by the way, thanks ! really good stuff

  9. orlibonurb says:

    My family (mother & brother) aren’t saved as well, but i’ve planted so many seeds, also left around 20gb’s of information in the pc for them and everyone else who will definatly need to realize the truth during the tribulation. I hope your family manages to get saved as well, that is very important.

    God be with you, stay safe

  10. orlibonurb says:

    Nice, glad he led you to be saved, really awesome.

    The new age movement is so dangerous, not even because it’s everywhere – tv, hollywood, music, alternative medicine, books like “the secret”, the list goes on and on, but the thing is that it sounds seductive for people who really dont know much about anything. Satan’s best trick since the beggining i guess, using seduction to attract people. He’ll have a good time in hell, that’s for sure.

  11. exmobro says:

    …knew that what he was saying was somehow very, very wrong.

    I didn’t know how I knew, but I knew. And I knew that I never wanted to say those words.

    I believe now that it was the Holy Spirit of God somehow shielding me from that influence.

  12. exmobro says:

    It’s interesting to get someone else’s perspective.

    I too was raised in an atheist household; my father was/is an atheist, and my mother was an agnostic. I think now she leans more toward the new age side of things though.

    The odd thing for me was that my father, the atheist, would curse a blue streak using the Lord’s name. As a child, part of me used to cringe inside when he did that. I didn’t even have a clue who Christ was, but some part of me just …


  13. orlibonurb says:

    I was borned in an atheist house as well .. long ago, i used to think “wow, cool, no religion – i’m free!!!” .. here i am today thanking God with all my heart for Him to show me His way. What an amazing God, I love Him and want to be filled with the Holy Spirit everyday !! ALL glory to the King of Kings & Savior Jesus Christ !!! Rapture ready !!

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