The Architects of the New World Order

These are some of the main men and women who have played a really important role in building up the future of this world the coming world goverment, world currency and world religion, know your enemies. Other men that contributed to this ancient evil cause are: Arthur Edward Waite Dr. Wynn Westcott SL MacGregor Mathers Dr. Gérard Encausse Dr. Theodor Reuss George Pickingill Tho I can be days typing the names of all the men and woman that have and are working for this cause, in the end they are slaves not masters, their master is Satan and their cause is Evil

25 Responses to “The Architects of the New World Order”

  1. mosquitobight says:

    This video leaves out some other important facts about the Illuminati:

    -God created the Universe at the suggestion of the Illuminati, who then assisted him.

    -Illuminati extraterrestrials were responsible for the genetic experiments that caused humans to diverge from apes.

    -The three wise men who visited baby Jesus were Illuminati.

    -Illuminati cartographers keep off the world maps and globes the two large holes at the poles leading to the interior of our hollow Earth.

  2. TeslaDRay says:

    what movie was that beginning part from? sounds familiar.

  3. marcusnlc says:

    hitler deep hatred? huh wonder who hates who? :PP

  4. mattboy88 says:

    I’ve never read so many crap in my life before.. Apart from that statement, let me tell you this: an eternal NWO is impossible. It will break down in the shortest amount of time because of dissension among its ranks. The minute the NWO exists, every powerful Illuminatus will try frame his colleagues.. All their power hunger comes down to uncontrollable ego and low self-esteem. They need to feel in control, because they were born weak. Do you realize now just how pathetic that whole NWO is??

  5. fastfoodclowns says:

    FREEDOM = “FREE EDOM” — Edomites are against Jesus Christ.

  6. k1llum1nat says:

    excellent vid…very good work…..thumps upp!!

  7. EdjeBos says:

    Very, very nice vid. I am collecting info on the links between Theosophy and the fake truth-movements, especially Zeitgeist/Venus-project. The info in this vid will really help in the making of it. Thanx again and keep fighting. It can not be stopped. The Bible says it will come. All we can do is reach as many as possible. That’s our task. Our mission. Only Christ saves!!

  8. spidersat71 says:

    @proudmason98 I love it when some local yocal gets on here and defends masonry as if any of these so-called illuminati are them. Their not talking about you buddy. Notice how nonone is on the same page as you>

  9. stigmurder99 says:


  10. WorshipInTruth says:

    Loyola was affiliated with the “Alumbrados” but he never classified himself as one. He denied it (naturally) to the inquisitional court which accused him.

  11. WorshipInTruth says:

    The Illuminati believe that Christ is the ultimate grandmaster of their order as do the Jesuits. Oh course it is the false luciferian “christ” which they really worship. The deified man-god, the eternal Horus.

  12. WorshipInTruth says:

    Adam Weishaupt pretended to be a pure athiestical rationalist but in reality he was an occultist. He studied manicheaism and many other gnostic-occult subjects. His comments regarding Jesus are understandable considering that he was a Jesuit posing as atheistical rationalist.

  13. WorshipInTruth says:

    The Rothschilds are hofjuden banksters for the Jesuits and Illuminati. They provide the moolah (actually they hold it for the imperial powers like the papacy and british crown), but people like the ones mentioned in this video are the ones who create the occult agendas which the Rothschilds finance.

  14. WorshipInTruth says:

    Actually you have that ass backwards. The Illuminist freemasons are luciferian gnostics who believe YHVH is satan and that lucifer is the real god.

  15. proudmason98 says:


    Yes I most certainly and I am in a position to know and understand obviously more than you do.

    Freemasons at any level either get upset or laugh when seeing videos like this because it is simply information that has been twisted and largely misunderstood

  16. johnnyeze says:

    @proudmason98 do you?

  17. johnnyeze says:

    @theseventhprotocol its not the jews, they aren’t jewish. Welcome to level 2.

  18. proudmason98 says:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about

  19. milobambino says:

    the jew god yavéh is satan, Lucifer is the Aryan God, the Real God!!! the mansonry are a yavéh-satanic group

  20. lorerax1 says:

    In this process of learning to live with each other in these chaotic changing, integrating times, we must learn to live with nature. Not control it, but yes attack or use it when it gets out of hand.

    The war w/ the banks is not the last war.
    For instance, we might have to wage war against jellyfish or sea otters (south park ref)

    Once we are able to cope w/ nature, the volcanoes, oceans, plants, and viruses, we can move onto magnetic fields, the sun, and possible alien attacks.

  21. lorerax1 says:

    If you quest for world power or control or personal gain other then what you need, you will loose. Certain parts do have to stay in check. Authority must constantly be questioned. History must be studied, misunderstandings must be investigated. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    First we learn to cooperate w/ family n freinds then our communities = volunteer help where it is due. Keep higher powers in check, constantly learn, teach, take care of yourself first.

  22. josepaul2000 says:

    I’m an indian and this word;aryan simply means a speaker of north indian languages and the svasthika (original pronounciation) which is now most widely knows as the nazi symbol actually means a symbol of good luck (both of these words are from sanskrit, although the word aryan also occurs in iranian ancestral language), this symbol was later adopted by many indian religions, for example in buddism its a symbol of universal harmony, by using these symbols from other races, nazis are hypocrites…

  23. TheEdittube says:

    agree, not very informative. bad math.

  24. zephranna01 says:

    it was called great because of its size, great doesnt have to mean good, as its commonly mistaken.

  25. savanny1976 says:

    ??xo8, 44 sd

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