TD Jakes says Christianity is not the only way to heaven along with many others

In this video TD Jakes Joel Osteen Rick Warren Hillsong and the Catholic church say Christianity is not the only way and make steps for a one world religion. Here you will see buddist, hindu, american Indians uniting with Christianity and hillsong jining in.

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  1. MadeToBeUnique says:

    Wow – well put together (using the concert and pastors and information), thank you for sharing! added this to my favorites and will be sharing it with others!

  2. secondbible says:

    the only way to heaven is in a rolce royce with a 16000 dollar dog on the backseat.

  3. Lazarusrizing says:

    Thank you for this video. Really great compilation of stuff- I wish there was more about Jakes’ views though.

  4. paulbortolazzo says:

    TD Jake’s wont commit who is going to heaven and who is going to hell? This type of evil compromise is setting up millions of Christians to be swept away by the Beasts evil world agenda.

  5. Mamaluvsmambo says:

    Joel Osteen is a false teacher, And does not understand the Gospel of Jesus.

    Rick Warren is not a brother in Jesus Christ

  6. DistortedAudio says:

    What is the name of that documentary that starts this video off?

  7. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 If they preach the gospel that is preached from most AOG pulpits then they are not witnessing but damning souls to hell

  8. stephjh2006 says:

    not talking about earning salvation above, I clearly said you CAN’T tip the scale with works.Of course if you are truly saved your motives and your desires change, you are born again you are a new creation as you just said. AOG people, that i know, are saved, repentent, read God’s word, pray, and witness daily. What possibly seperates you from them as is my point. They believe the same Gospel as you but you lumped them all together and said they are going to hell (effectively not directly)

  9. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 You are just not getting it are you, its not to earn salvation but it is a result of salvation if the result is not there then salvation has not occured. The result of salvation is a desire to read Gods Word, pray and witness. If the result of your salvation is tv, movies spending more time in the world, there was no salvation

  10. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 We can know what Hillsong, TD Jakes believes and J Osteen by the books they write and what they preach, its another gospel and he who preaches another gospel is void of the truth and knows NOTHING. You keep making a strawman argument that I am not arguing and trying to defeat it. I am saying the majority at Hillsong and these AOG churches do not know God, I have spent time with them, I had family on their executive boards. I said Ive seen many of them drinkin, clubbing etc

  11. stephjh2006 says:

    I am saying that you can’t know what they believe from You Tube clips and TV shows. Like saying all AOG members are going to hell as they al go to strip clubs, party and don’t read their Bibles. It’s nonsence, I know hundreds of dedicated Godly men and Women who are part of various denominations. Here in Scotland AOG members are more dedicated to prayer than any one else. In the Brethern (Evangelical) there are some of the most learned people with the Bible, Baptists who work with the poor

  12. stephjh2006 says:

    Exactly you can never tip the scale. That is what all other faiths are trying to do. Even our best deads are not good enough. what you are saying is if these other things replace the place God should have then they are your god. it is another form of idolitry, but we need to be careful because so can our works. A good friend who is a missionary was going about serving the Lord, but he found that his ministry became his God as he substituted work for his intimacy with God

  13. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 Its not about tipping the scale its about the marks of a true Christian, if you are spending more time in the things of the world it means you have never really known Christ or understood the Gospel

  14. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 I can if the gospel they preach and believe is false. They may use the same words but the meanings they have are tottaly different

  15. stephjh2006 says:

    @corneloup81 Listen, I am sorry I threw some shallow remarks back to you which to be honest I don’t mean. I just don’t like Christian bashing on those in the public view, some of these churches personally I would not attend but I don’t just label them as lost because I don’t know them and I hate people relying on Gossip and spreading lies to attack these people. Especially when in some cases there are some great men and women of God being lumped into the same catagory by association

  16. stephjh2006 says:

    @corneloup81 With regard to other churches I don’t think you can take such a broad stroke. In every church, even my old church which is more my preference as they are stronger in the word, there are those whose lives are still very much in line with the world. As I said earlyer with my football analygy sometimes in enough numbers a minority can seem like a majority. I prefer to treat people as indeviduals and not label them with what others are doing

  17. stephjh2006 says:

    @corneloup81 I don’t drink, I don’t go to parties (except nice parties with people from church like last week we had a BQ and socialised, we also prayed so it’s ok) don’t enjoy shopping, there is nothing wrong with a bit of TV but depends what you watch. I do read my Bible daily, I pray throught the day as I enjoy even as I work but to be honest it is not about tipping the scale, it is not a chore but a pleasure. Just like I enjoy company with my wife I love to be in the company of my Saviour

  18. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 If you spend more time reveling in the things of this world, like tv, movies, games, shopping and socializing then you do praying, reading the bible and witnessing, then you are most likely lost, as the great majority of these false congregations are.

  19. stephjh2006 says:

    @corneloup81 So I am lost?

    I have placed my faith in Christ who died for my sins, I have placed my faith in Him who is the only way to the Father, only by His blood could I be made clean and righteous. It was whilst we were all sinners that Christ died. I believe that it requires a genuine repentence of sin to be saved you must change your attitude to sin as sin is an offence to God and why would we seek to sin if we have died to sin and now live in Christ?

    If this means I am lost, Iam.

  20. stephjh2006 says:

    @corneloup81 I am a repentant sole who serves God, yet that in your eyes makes me lost? I have surrenderd my life to Christ yet that aint enough for you I must be reading no less than 2 books of the Bible a day to be a true Christian. I desciple many others to salvation and repentence yet I am failing them because what I should be doing is ensuring they work for their salvation first. Faith without works is dead but works without faith is insulting.

  21. stephjh2006 says:

    It was sarcasim, do you think it is our actions ONLY that God looks at, going back to the start the point is that Gosip and lying are sins also. Why gossip and lie about people you don’t know? Because they are on TV or You Tube you can gossip about them and spread lies? You know the Pharisees were great at what you do. Do I not read my Bible? I have read it numerous times thanks.

  22. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 You said “pray asking God if your earning the right to be a Christian”

    See this is what I mean you are lost in the false gospel and teaching, someone talks about holiness and a true desire for God and its foreign to you, you have no concept of it. You fail to understand dying to self and loosing you life, I bet you spend more time watching tv then reading the bible, this shows no desire for God

  23. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 There you go little cliches again, faith without works is dead in other words if you say you have faith good on you but even the demons have faith. I bet you hav not even read the bible maybe a few bits here and there, your like the child who has seen the trailer of a movie and telling someone they are wrong about the movie to the person who has actually watched the entire movie. Read the entire bible over then next month then come back, you truely show your ignorance

  24. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 It took the week to line it up to the bible and see if it was false, the moment I seen it was false I was gone, for the bible says to run from false teaching. See you mock the work of the Holy Spirit in a truely converted life, it was not hard I trwuely wanted to know what God said because I was actually changed from a creature that hated God to a creature that desired God with everything I had. This is called born again

  25. corneloup81 says:

    @stephjh2006 It took the week to line it up to the bible and see if it was false, the moment I seen it was false I was gone, for the bible says to run from false teaching

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