Q&A: Why can’t the people around the world unite all Religion as one but keep their sovereign Gods?

Question by John: Why can’t the people around the world unite all Religion as one but keep their sovereign Gods?
All religion around the world is a one world religion, and all the gods around the wold talk to their people in each nation, all different gods talk about one thing is life, survive and thrive this is mankind’s religion is to survive why can’t we unite religion? they may have similarity beliefs, people bought religion as to feel safe to understand in their heart about their history and future. Why can we Unite religion?

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Answer by gutbucket
Simply because all gods are jealous of all other gods.

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  1. Jon M dn ?p?s s??? says:

    Some religions do fight for ecumenism, but the more conservative and fundamentalist the religion, the more they tend to be about the politics of separatism and hegemony than unity in God.

    Put in simplest terms: they have fun calling the others inferior: sinner, infidels, unsaved, heretics, etc. They NEED an enemy to feel better than. It’s the taproot of their whole spirituality.

  2. starterman says:

    There is ONLY One True Living God, and The Word tells us that He is a jealous one. He did it ALL, and it’s ALL His, there is no reason to put false gods before Him.

  3. JohnH says:

    yes we should.
    All religions teach us to return to God.


  4. Itachi says:

    That’s going to happen…. but my guess is Christians like myself wouldn’t do so…. because only through Jesus can we get our salvation……. which is why soon the world will turn against Christianity…. furfilling the scriptures….

    John 15:21 They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the One who sent me.

    I think the new age movement would be the one religion

  5. Carmen R (Now a Koala) says:

    No. Because what religion boils down to is ¨My speculation is better and more correct than your speculation¨ A better idea would be just to get rid of religion. Try it!

  6. Batty™ Just Naughty says:

    If you research the Bahai faith they have a similar underlying message.

    On paper it’s a nice theory…but then again so is Communism.

  7. Micky Mouse says:

    Hello? Knock knock are you home Macfly? Helloo. Are you home??

    Obviously not.

  8. darwinsfriend3 AM says:

    There are thousands of different denominations of Christianity and each thinks that they are right.If one religion cannot agree among themselves how would you expect them to be able to agree with anybody else?

  9. denise t says:

    There is just one religion that Christ institute and that is His Catholic church and people left it.Christ has one bride and that is the Catholic Church He does not have a collection of many Churches.Satan is to blame for all these churches because he is always trying to destroy the one true faith.

  10. hippo37 says:

    Because most monotheistic religions state that tehy are the one true way and that anyone who doesn’t follow their rules is damned. You can’t unite religions because they thrive on intolerance and division as this enhances the power and wealth of those at their heads.

  11. Vincent says:

    The Most High God of the bible has expressly forbidden His followers from having other gods. Worshipping any god other than Yahweh of the bible will bring God’s wrath down on people. It’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Most High God of the bible.

    I’m praying that God will open your eyes and give you wisdom.

  12. ÁGUIA VOANTE says:

    no communion between light and darkness

  13. dlherrmann says:

    Where does the idea come from that there is more than one Creator of the universe? Is there a committee out there somewhere???
    Something caused the universe to begin. That something is bigger than any of us. DUH!
    Some peoples have believed that different forces of nature or different things had spirits that influenced or acted upon humans. Now days that is generally known to not be true.
    Several individuals have appeared to human society and taught that there is one Creator of the universe and use the word “God” to define that Creator as something apart (greater than) humans. Different languages have different sounds for their word that means “God.” In English it is “God.” In German it is “Gott,” which is similar because the two languages have a common source. Other languages have very different sounds, such as “Wonka Tonka,” or “Allah.” All mean God, the Creator, Live-Giver, Sustainer of the universe.
    Baha’u’llah teaches that this Creator has sent Messengers at different times to instruct the human race. We are poor learners. We have sometimes killed the Messengers, but uniformly ignored most of their Message. We have certainly made different religions out of the Messages, then fought trying to force others to conform to our own understanding.
    ‘Abdu’l-Baha says when religion is the source of disunity it is better not to have religion. But that will be impossible to accomplish, so Baha’is try to show what the religions have in common (and there is a great deal) so we can all have some basis for getting along. We would frustrate the Creator’s purpose in creating us if we self-destruct.
    Sometimes it would seem that creation would be better off if we did self-destruct. But Baha’u’llah says we can get through this period of time and, by appreciating each other, we can create a better future.
    We’ll see.

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