22 Responses to “Q&A: Which religion has terrorised the World the most?”

  1. Ella Blue Duchess of Cookieshire says:


  2. The Tao of Atheism. says:

    So far, Christianity.

  3. jim C says:


  4. 'Kilo says:

    Christianity(all types incuding protestants and catholics). Crusades, Bush’s ‘calling from god’ to attack Iraq, witch hunts, KKK(white Christian supremacy), war in Ireland, Great British empire(God intended Brits to bring the ‘savages’ to him-all the European explorers including French, Spanish, Dutch, British, Italian did this) etc tonnes more examples.

    Islam is just flavour of the month, they are still in nappies in terms of the terror they have caused.

    *edit* Jim, communism is a political philosophy not a religion.

    Tag what you on about? 75%+ have mentioned a Christian faith



    The USA is one of the most religious western countries and most Christian country(80% claim to be Christian)which is amusing because it has some of the highest crime rates, one of the lowest education rates(for western countries)and has one of the highest poverty rates(for western countries again). Also look at its wars in recent history and its intolerance to certain groups and people(gay, abortion etc).

    Then on the other hand you have Sweden the most atheist country(85%)and its the exact opposite. One of the best welfare systems, lowest crime rates, one of the highest educated nations in the world and is extremely tolerant(although Scandanavia does have some of the highest suicide rates which is attributed to climate/lack of light etc not religion before you start harping on). When did you last see the Swedes invading a country controversially?

    What does that say about morals, religion and quality of life?

    Check it all out if you don’t believe me.

    Atheist societies are safer and more tolerant than theist ones.

    You are also wrong about crime rates. The highest murder rates are in the South, check http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1355/is_n12_v94/ai_21020057

    Also check this table out, southern states rank higher than northern ones in general for all crime http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/US_States_Rate_Ranking.html

    …and check the FBI website aswell http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/05cius/figures/regcrimefig.html


  5. Panarion says:

    Aethiests and communism

  6. John Lemon says:

    The IRA. They were the first. Still doing terror.
    Islamist fundamentalists like Osama are just beginers.

  7. Hugo says:

    Historically Christianity. The Conquistadors wiped out a fifth of humanity at the time, since then it has been involved in invasions, land theft, resource theft and general imperialism. Christian (classical) anti-semitism lead inexorably to the Holocaust. It was no coincidence that Jews and homosexuals were chosen to be exterminated.

    Christianity and Communism together are the two ideologies responsible for the most terrorism. Islam has some catching up to do.

    They all claim to be doing good.

  8. arikinder says:


  9. Rowan says:

    Christianity and Islam respectively.

  10. whoseafunnymoose says:

    The religion that’s been around the longest.

  11. cheap_papa3000 says:

    Not true Christianity; but so-called Christianity

  12. smk says:

    i’m surprised by the number people saying christianity. i though most would be saying Islam we muslims are always bashed now-a-days. however, i dont think any religion supports terror even if terrorists claim to be working any specific religion. i believe terrorism in itself is a separate religion.

  13. Randall says:

    Catholicism and all her daughters will soon join her to persecute like the world has never seen. You see their mistaken interpretation of God’s punishment of the wicked leads them to punish persecute the wicked in order to “save” them.

    Jesus said they would think they were doing His service by persecuting His followers. That wickedness would wear sheeps clothing and that the Devil would wear robes of light.

    Those who are quick to accuse are just where the devil wants people to be. It brings out their passions and gets them fighting. He just loves that type of sport. Then He points to God and gets men to blame Him and His people for all their troubles.

    In this war the innocent are considered guilty and slaughtered by both athiest and religionist. But the false accusations leveled against God’s people only prove their love to God.

    I dare you to read the book of Job. Job was a man that loved God and was tested and tried as all God’s children are tried to determine whose side of the battle they are really on.

  14. elegantelephants2 says:

    Catholic church- Crusades, murders of Jews,Agnostics, the true church, Protestants and Anabaptists, the Spanish and English Inquisitions, Magdalene Laundries,Industrial schools and child sex abuse.

    The IRA is not a religion.

  15. t1great says:

    Christianity. just look at all those tortured in the name of god.

  16. Tag23 says:

    Looks like your getting all kinds of religions. Think it could be misinformed people. I see it as people not searching for the truth.

  17. txnxd89 says:

    I’m sorry but it would have to be Christianity. If it wasn’t for them, there would be a lot more information for me and the rest of the people who share my religion. Heard of the Burning Times anyone?

  18. waygoddoesthings says:

    Why is it statistically that in the bible belt there is far less crime than in the northeast or big cities that have far less religious fervor.And then that secular decision to push evolutioon and secularism on our schools. They traded the ten commandments for metal detectors.And did you ever see a joyful liberal.They are always angry, unless they get to destroy a conservative.Then they clap their hands in glee.
    The most damaging religion is evolution, the most holy sacrament of the atheist coupled with abortion,The altar of the secular movement.Abortion alone has taken 45,000,000, lives in the U.S. alone.That’s right, the genius secularist consider in is not a baby because it doesn’t have air in its lungs. Never mind that the baby still breaths air through the babies mothers tubes.But they write off those murders because these babies would just get in the way of its parents having more stuff and an easier life.

  19. sublimity76 says:

    This is an interesting question, people have done a lot of evil things claiming it was the will of God.
    To get a better idea of this i would start by learning which religions have terrorised against or following their teachings.

    And remember, what people say they are is not always what they are.

  20. Gorillawits says:

    Devil Worshipers

  21. Thalia says:

    Those nasty, evil Buddhists! They have secretly been using their powers of meditation and karma-hexes to cause chaos for millenia.

    Every war there has ever been has been was orchestrated behind the scenes by the mystic mumblings of Buddhist priests and their evil mind-control powers.

  22. iCr@zy says:


    Wait, let me get this straight, you are granting people amnesty for the crimes, atrocities and other harmful acts they have committed in order to blame and attack religion.

    This one never gets old, sadly; however, it remains one of the most ignorant, moronic and irrelevant arguments to have ever existed.

    My atheist neighbor killed his family, no way did I even think about granting him amnesty in order to attack and blame atheism, that would be messed up. He killed his family, not atheism.

    One day I hope to rid this forum of ignorance, intolerance and arrogance.

    Give this answer a Low Rating if you are an intolerant moron.

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