Q&A: Is it time for a new world religion and what should that religion be?

Question by Mr. M: Is it time for a new world religion and what should that religion be?
One where people don’t judge and condemn others.
One that isn’t so full of logical contradictions that it is impossible for some to believe.
One that creates hope instead of instilling fear in the people.
One that acknowledges there is a higher presence, but doesn’t define that presence with ridiculous terms.
Any ideas for a new world religion are welcome here.
If you don’t have any please don’t post.

Best answer:

Answer by Follows Jesus
If man makes it up then its not a religion

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15 Responses to “Q&A: Is it time for a new world religion and what should that religion be?”

  1. Lord Crotch The Womb Raider says:


  2. Luke Was Here says:

    So are you saying one with Buddhist principles?

    If so, then this teaching (NOT religion) has been around for many, MANY years. People just don’t see it.

    To be honest, that sounds strikingly similar to Buddhism. I follow it for those reasons. It is not a religion, which is WONDERFUL! the stigmas cannot be attached to it!

    You can even be agnostic and follow it, because there is no guidelines for God, God just “is” everything.

    Thumbs down? That is fine. I forgive you, thumbs-downer.

  3. Disko Pickle says:

    “One that creates hope instead of instilling fear in the people.”
    What would be the point of that?

  4. meekless2001 says:


  5. Jane says:

    It’s time for a rejection of religion, not a new one. Why replace one cancer with another cancer?
    It’s time to reject superstition and choose reason.

  6. whathappentothisnation says:

    According to the book of Revelation this will occur, just prior to the return of Jesus Christ 🙂

    It will be established and run by the Anti-Christ.

  7. Pirate AM™ says:

    Religion has a poor track record, so I’d say no new religions. There is no reason that people need the concept of a higher power in order to live or to have hope.

  8. MSB says:

    I’m not aware that there are any old world religions– at least not world-wide religions. There have always been many, and new ones are always springing up.

    Not all religions judege, condemn, contradict logic, or instil fear.

    Try Unitarian Universalism at UUA.org. Here’s what UU’s believe:

    There are seven principles which Unitarian Universalist congregations affirm and promote:

    – The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
    – Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
    – Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;
    – A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
    – The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;
    – The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;
    – Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

  9. neil h says:

    The world would be better off without religion

  10. Yani A says:

    You shouldn’t focus on religion

    focus on God and abstain from sin

    and repent and humble yourself to God

    that is all you need.

    Pray to God and ask him to show you the way. Then follow.

  11. Ashleigh H says:

    If there was a religion like that, then i would actually have one. I like the name Humanism also. and whoever said “it isnt religion if you make it up” thats not true because basically all religion is made up to explain why things go right, and why things go wrong in the world. but i think that we should stick without a god, jesus or any deities because that would create problems. i think it shoud just be some way of uniting people

  12. marriedandamom says:

    How about the one where all people give their hearts to Christ, inviting Him in to their lives, living their life by the bible, all faiths uniting and sharing ideas in love along with biblical principles and following the golden rule, ten commandments or whatever?!

  13. kazandar says:

    throughout history humanity has tried time and time again to make one religion dominant over everyone else. the problem has and always will be that in order to have one religion you have to destroy the others and there you go destroying the very attittude you are trying to achieve. as long as man existes he will dream and attempt to dominat other through one means or another.
    We are actually heading toward that goal again to try to have one world religion and many dominant leaders of churchs are trying to push it together.
    The Dark Ages were called that because of the evil and sinister things that were done in the name of “God” and “religion”. in truth though it was so man could dominate other men.
    will one world religion ever happen ? no it wont but men will try very hard very soon to make it happen no matter the cost of lives or morals

  14. maria says:

    The truth endures incorruptible. The truth is inanimate, neither sentimental nor displaying favorite anything. It just is, and doesn’t sway or bend or accomodate. It is us that are all those things, and that is our problem.

  15. camtm says:

    That almost word for word sounds like Buddhism. All except the higher presence , but that could be defined as our relationship to the world and the universe. I am Atheist, but I feel buddhism would do all of that. You never hear of buddhists attacking and murdering muslims, jews or christians. And you never hear them criticizing the faiths of others. Just a thought!

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