Our Religion is not our Choice

Our religion is not our choice

We all know that our religion is not our choice. We have inherited this religion from our forefathers. We never chose our religion. The parents brought us up as per norms of the religion in which they themselves had been trained and since our birth we are following the same, whether we are liking that religion or we are not liking that religion. It is on record that at times people had been forced to change their religion and convert to the religion of their rulers and if they did not agree, there are instances where they had been killed . In India the Muslim rulers had been converting the people to the Muslim fold and we have heard that during the time of Aurangzeb there had been forced conversions and we have also heard that two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs had been bricked alive at Sirhind and this was done in times of Aurangzeb. There are instances when these Muslim rulers had been burning Hindu religious books and had been demolishing Hindu Temples and on those very places from where they had demolished Hindu Temples, they had been constructing religious places of their own religion just to establish that the Muslim religion is more stronger that of Hindus. And the present Muslims either in India or in Pakistan , their forefathers had not come from abroad but mostly they are Hindu Conferts. Therefore, the people who are following the present religion here in India and in Pakistan are not original Muslims or original Christians. Most of them are converts.

There are instances where the people are still converting or are persuaded to convert, but this conversion is still going on in each part of the world. When peopkle convert from one religion to another, they change their way of life, but they are not wholly changed and therefore, from these people we are giving birth to a new religion which they call humanity. There are people who are converting as Secular and there are people who are converting as fundamentalists. The fundamentalists are at war. They are converting as terrorists and as rioters and it is on record that they are killing innocent people when none of the religions on this earth is approving these killings. To give birth and to take life of man had been recognized as the realm of God, but these religious people are taking this work in their own hands and thus they are violating the jurisdictions prescribed by God but still they claim that they are near to God.

It must be admitted that these religions would not merge and form one religion. Because of these impossibility, a new set of people is coming out and they are calling themselves as Secular. They are really secular or they are just showing all these changes, is a question which cannot be answered at this stage because people in India are calling themselves as secular, but there are people who are still Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians and they are at war because there4 are terrorists and rioters and they are killing innocent people. The minorities are turning terrorists and the majority is blamed for riots in India. They are trying to equal the killings and if we count, at least 2,00,000 people might have been killed through terrorism or riots. This is the situation in a secular country and now people have started demanding reservations on the basis of religions and the Dalits are also declaring that they should be allowed to become full-fledged citizens of India.

Religions are taking place in politics and now the people are converting every religion as a political identity because politics give them power and there are chances when the religions shall be political parties. Man may be reaching God through these religions or not, but there are chances they shall establish governments on the basis of religions and all the people in other religions shall be slaves or second rated citizen in those religiously dominated countries. There is no chance that these religions shall play a good role in this world; The people are not following the principles laid down in religious books.


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