Is Islam going to become the one world religion?

Question by Morien: Is Islam going to become the one world religion?
Because Islam has been the fastest growing religion in the world for decades..
Do you think that the end times one world religion will be Islam?

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Answer by Splash RROD
Over my dead body. Oh, wait…

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21 Responses to “Is Islam going to become the one world religion?”

  1. BartSimson123 says:

    No, money and power will grow and continue to be the one world religion.

  2. Mark says:

    That’s not true. Buddhism is the world’s fastest growing religion.

  3. Guy says:

    NO, because it’s not… LAck of religion is growing far faster, and THANK GOD!

  4. Guy from Canada says:


  5. Jackal says:

    By the time that happens, if it happens; you and I won’t be around to worry about it.

  6. oldguy63 says:

    No, not according to the Bible. The one world government will destroy all organized religion and worship the Beast.

  7. Kiwi Strawberry says:

    i highly doubt it- given how adamant ppl of other faiths and non-faiths are, i think that islam will soon stop being the fastest growing religion- i see the one world religion being more like ppl doing whatever they want without restraints and Islam is not like that.

  8. M S says:

    it always has been

  9. I love ?ALLAH? says:

    Yes, truth will always prevail, it is the only religion that worships God the one and only n acknowledges Jesus as a great messenger of God.

  10. Emma K says:

    I doubt it too.
    I don’t think there ever will be “one” world religion anyway.

  11. space monkey says:

    It is going to try. I do actually think it is going to be the cause of the worst misery we have seen yet. You notice it only get a hold in illiterate countries, among the most poor and illiterate????

    The civilized people are going to have to toughen up because the barbarians are at the gates and if we do not realize that our freedom came at a high price, we will lose it.

  12. ????? says:

    Quran 17:81

    And say: “Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.”

    InshaAllah victory is near 🙂

  13. laduni says:

    After the war on terror and the recent western invasion on Muslims countries, Islam is preparing to face the threat seriously, the enemies of Islam had shown themselves. It is about time we show ourselves.

  14. H S says:

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the sense that Islamic populations have the highest reproduction rates, much higher than the majority of European countries, for instance. Within European countries, the Islamic communities have much higher reproduction rates than non-Islamic communities. So, barring any change in reproduction patterns, there does seem to be quite a high likelihood that Islam will be the world religion with the most followers, perhaps within a matter of decades.

    When it comes to the religion which is growing fastest by means of conversion, that is as a matter of free individual choice, it’s difficult to be sure. It would be interesting to see good data on that, i.e. data resulting from some independent analysis, peer-reviewed and publicly accessible.

  15. Snowey says:

    No. Catholicism will be the final religion before and after the rapture. Islam is controlled by the pope, like a puppet on a string.

  16. anil k says:

    You are True, insha ALLAH

  17. fcm703 says:

    Only after they have killed off everyone else.

  18. Cerulean says:

    I doubt it. I don’t think that other people would be willing to give up their religion just because Islam is the fastest growing one. Besides, it is only the fastest growing religion because countries that are dominated by the religion have extremely high total fertility rates that are over replacement level (2.1)

    What is up with all of these hateful comments. Do you know how ignorant comments like that make you look? Not ALL Muslims are terrorists. Only a small handful of them are religious extremists, meaning they are religious fundamentalists who have been driven to the point of violence. However, many Muslims are religious fundamentalists who have gone back to the basics of their religion and have a strict interpretation of the Quran.

  19. Azrinsani says:

    I’m not sure about one world religion but I’m sure a one world government will come very soon. It’s the new world order

    The 9/11 scam showed how much the rich and powerful are willing to do to push their agenda!

  20. Adeem says:

    Yes Islam is the biggest religion of the world and end times one world religion will be Islam.So come to Islam as soon as possible.

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