Founders of Religions are Sorry

Founders of religions are sorry

If founders of all the religions come to this world once again and see the people of their fold they shall feel sorry. They shall not be happy. They shall not be in a position to see even man who is following the teachings they had left for their followers. All have gone astray. None is following the principles which they had laid down and they had recorded in religious books left by them. The man has got his own difficulties. It has become very difficult for him to speak the truth. He cannot have a clean life. He has to commit so many sins, so many crimes and so many misconducts. He cannot be faithful, sincere and truthful. He or she cannot maintain full faith towards his or her life partner. At times they could be attracted towards opposite sex and there are chances of sex indulgence which is prohibited. They are not serving their parents in the manner provided in religious books. They are not bringing up their children in the right manner and there are instances where the parents are failing to give proper bringing up, proper education, proper training and proper adjustment in life. They are producing more and more children and they are not caring for their children. They are turning terrorists and rioters and there are instances where the people had been killing innocent people, which course is prohibited in all the religions. We have noted that the people are just showing that they are religious people and it is on record that people of one religion had been converting people in an other religion and if they were not agreeing, those were killed. There are instances when people of one religion had been demolishing religious places of another religion and had been constructing religious places of other religions. Such a course has not been provided in any of the religious book on this earth, but people had been doing such things and our history books are full of such instances.

No one can correct this man. He had been on wrong paths and there are chances that this man shall remain on the wrong path. They are visiting religious places, they are reciting religious books, they are holding discussions and discourses on religious matters and when they are returning to their home they are busy conducting in the same manner in which they were busy before going to the religious place. They are busy in competition and people of one religion are telling the people of other religions that their religion has got better concepts and principles of life. They are constructing beautiful religious places and they are visiting those places in large number. They are utilizing loudspeakers which means their God is hard of hearing. They are hiring people to conduct prayers for them and they are just paying them . Such hired people are conducting prayers for them or they are conducting prayers for themselves, is a question which is still unanswered.

None on this earth is a true religious person. All are artificial religious persons and that is the reason we all are on the wrong path. We have so many good principles maintained in our religious books and time has come when we should collect all such good items in one books and we shall try to adopt those good items and follow those items in our day to day life. None can follow all the items and therefore, it is difficult to become a complete religious person. But if we attain only 40 per cent marks, we shall be having some place in the room where good people are kept by God and if we do not attain this position then Hell shall be the normal place for us all. Since the Hell is already full, God is keeping those people on this earth and that is the reason more and more people are found who are committing crimes, sins and misconducts here on this earth. Our police stations are full, our courts are full and our jails are full and it must be admitted that most of the people could conceal much and if all sins, crimes and misconducts are open none shall be out of these institutions. When we all have gone astray, even God seems to have left us all alone and none is safe here on this earth. Religious could not play the role for which these religions had been established.


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