Can Religion Survive Quantum Physics?

Our world is on the verge of dramatic change.  Quantum discoveries will inevitably restructure our world view. Since this is a shift none of us can escape, we must ask ourselves if our current belief systems will be able to endure the change.

Most religious beliefs arose from our need to explain the natural world. When food was plentiful and conditions stable, our ancestors gave credit to a good power they called God. When disease, drought or natural disasters occurred, they blamed an evil power. Religions were formed when people decided these powers must be appeased.   Bible teachings are based on the belief that good and evil powers are locked in a cosmic struggle. Is this world view supported by quantum discoveries?

The quantum universe is one continuous, interconnected whole. If there was a cosmic struggle going on between good and evil, it would be apparent at the quantum level of the universe. That’s not what quantum physicists are seeing. At the quantum level, our universe is completely interdependent and linked by shared consciousness.  Even if good and evil powers existed outside the universe, they aren’t having any effect on it.


We see a world of separate forms, but everything in existence is one cohesive whole. We see a world where good and evil appear to exist, but they all disappear at the quantum level.  Since this is true, there must be another way to understand the problems in our world.

Science poses a threat to all religions that base their beliefs on human perception.Science supports belief systems derived from a direct personal experience of God.  There are only two belief systems available, those that tell God who God is, and those who let God tell them. When we let God tell us, our beliefs harmonize with scientific truth.  Listening directly to God is called “gnosis,” which means “knowing.”

Many of Jesus’ earliest followers knew him as a gnostic teacher. The message they heard Jesus deliver closely parallels quantum discoveries. These early Christians preserved Jesus’ quantum message in writings we now call the Gnostic gospels. The Gnostic Jesus is an enlightened teacher, fully aware of the true nature of the universe, a teacher who has the capacity to carry us into the emerging quantum paradigm.

Quantum discoveries will shift our world view, whether we’re willing or not. We can cling to our misperceptions and allow them to handicap us, or we can willingly move into the quantum world by adjusting our view. Albert Einstein was well aware of how quantum physics would change our world, but he envisioned a bright spiritual future when he said, “…religious teachers…will surely recognize with joy that true religion has been ennobled and made more profound by scientific knowledge.”

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Lee Hager and her husband Steven are the authors of The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son, a spiritual quest and scientific adventure based on Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, quantum physics and the gnostic gospels.

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