17 Responses to “14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts : Plus One More”

  1. akalis77 says:

    wow the world is going to hell in a hand bag. Held by the Rich and powerful. I guess if you live in U.S.A and you still belive in the BOY SCOUT MOTTO (BE PREPARED) then you’re a potential terrorists. Well I guess that includes at least 90% of all the people in the country.

  2. MsPatriot77 says:

    Lamestream media sucks!!! Thanx Mary for the info. I watch all your vids. A lot of gr8 stuff.

  3. lauraasims says:

    First they laugh at us….then they realize you are right and sit there like a deer stuck in your headlights-scared shitless-not knowing what to do…….god, I can’t wait for the next phase!

  4. 1eyednewt says:

    @woddensoapbox Deffinately the mark!!

  5. carriellbee says:

    Thanks for this…

  6. misshotyoga says:

    Ooo, I can’t wait till I have time to actually sit down and watch this, I saved it to my playlist.

  7. ealamin says:

    That reminds me on a word of pastor Martin Niemöller : He said” when they came to arrest the communists, I said nothing, When they arrest the jews, I said nothing, when they arrested the socialists, I said nothing. When the Nazis came to arrest me, there was no one left to protest.

  8. woddensoapbox says:

    @1eyednewt yes it states right on the bill it will be ‘any other data deemed necessary by the secretary’.. which would not only include your medical records but ALL records including education, police, IRS, social security, all banking including credit cards, and family history..

    this will be the mark of the beast

  9. r3VOLt23 says:

    World we are living is Here is how it look fascism, the modus operandi
    Way conformist become* respectable* citizens, bow to boss, policeman
    Rest is criminalized constantly, who protest or disagree are put in jails..
    Fema camps .. one conspiracy not mentioned, more
    Here emigrant wherever we go,. so this point has always been for
    me a sensitive issue !!?? Which is conspiracy open or closed borders ?!
    See my point!? Emigration experience, may happen to us all now
    Truth of life n freedom

  10. 1eyednewt says:

    @woddensoapbox This would give the strong arm of the FED (IRS) instant access to our finances too!

  11. docatomics says:

    …telling it like it is and
    ~ pre-telling it like it is
    =is but a extension of our survival hobby
    +seriously question anyone that might derive conspiracy upon our reflection, such as these bureaucratic
    -only a insane bastard would try to hid from the truth or imagine they ever could

  12. woddensoapbox says:

    barry has a hidden agenda in the healthcare bill to microchip the people. it will become law and be mandatory in March 2013, which is the 36 months time frame that is mandated in the bill after its passing. HR3200 Page 1000, Section 2521, Subtitle C…..It is called the “National Medical Device Registry”. page 503 is about the Medical device “surveillance”…

  13. OnlyBoo1 says:


  14. vaughn496 says:

    the truth aways comes out sooner or later amen. the old marine

  15. skywriter1962 says:

    Guess we all have to start keeping our mouths shut!…leaves a bad taste in my mouth….one can see how and when the mark of the beast began, it started in 2011….

  16. ladyjewelsnc says:

    we are not conspiracy theorists…we are truth seekers or fact finders…lol…great post thanks for sharing!!!

  17. enslavetherich says:

    Micheal Snyder…… He comes up with some great articles and statistics.. One of my favourites from Blacklistednews.. Nice to see you picked up that one too, and took the time to share it with the world.. 🙂 Love the one about mobile phones.. Always hated those things, and still happy I don’t own one..

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