Q&A: Is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world, should Christians be worried?

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Question by Joey: Is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world, should Christians be worried?
Is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world, should Christians be worried?
The following table has been quoted as taken from the 2005 Encyclopædia Britannica. Its figures for percentage growth come from the 1990 to 2000 version of the World Christian Database given above.

ReligionBirthsConversionsNew adherents per yearGrowth rate
Christianity 22,708,7992,501,396 25,210,195 1.36%
Islam 21,723,118 865,558 22,588,676 1.48%
Hinduism 13,194,111 660,377 13,533,734 1.14%
Buddhism 3,530,918156,6093,687,5271.09%
Sikhism 363,677 28,961 392,638 1.87%
Judaism 194,962 -70,447 124,515 0.91%
Baha’i Faith 117,158 26,333 143,491 2.28%
Confucianism 55,739 -11,434 44,305 0.73%
Jainism 74,539 -39,588 34,951 0.87%
Shinto 8,534 -40,527 -31,993 -1.09%
Taoism 25,397 -155 25,242 1.00%
Zoroastrianism 45,391 13,080 58,471 2.65%
Global population 78,860,791N/A 78,860,7911.41%
By all the reliable sources, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It has been verified by many independent sources, many of which are listed below.
CNN World News ( 14 November 1997 Report — See link below )
World Christian Database ( 200-2005 Survey — See link Below )
Foreign Policy ( May 2007 Report — See link Below )
And also, by many other websites like,
People’s Daily Online ( 2 Nov, 2006 — See link Below )
Islam is Growing ( — See link Below )
And, the number of adherents of Protestants and Catholics is decreasing. So, as people are accepting christianity, they are leaving it at a greater rate as reported in leading newspaper. The New York Times ( 25 Feb, 2008 Report — See link Below )
Therefore, as verified by indepedant news media, western sources and even by the christian organisation itself, Islam is indeed the fastest growing religion in the world.

Another answer
In short- By percentage growth: Unknown
By real person growth: Christianity
By percentage growth the fastest growing religions in the world are the smaller religions. This is because with a smaller sample size, every additional adherent accounts for a higher percentage increase.
Therefore, by percentage growth we are uncertain what the fastest growing religions in the world are. However, logically speaking with statistics in mind by percentage growth the larger religions including Christianity (2.2 Billion Adherents), Islam (1.3 Billion) and Hinduism (900 million) are the least likely to be the fastest by percentage growth. An example to illustrate this point is Deism in the United States of America. Although in the period of 1990-2000 it experienced a growth rate of 717% the amount of new followers was very small and the large percentage increase is attributed to a smaller sample size.
The alternative measure for fastest growing religion in the world is growth by the number of new adherents. That is, the religion to gain more new believers each period would be the fastest growing religion.
As it stands the fastest growing religion by this measure is Christianity. Using the most up to date figures we determine that on average in 2007 Christianity gained 7-8million more adherents than any other religion (i.e. Islam, followed by Hinduism at 17million less).
In conclusion, the fastest growing religion by percentage growth is unknown as smaller religions are not usually account for. By number of new adherents per period Christianity is the fastest growing religion.
A side note, any argument that a religion is true because it is the largest or fastest growing is a logical fallacy. The amount of adherents or growth rate does not imply validity.

Sources: World Christian Database, 2006 World Christian Encyclopedia, 2001 FastestGrowingReligion.tk

Another answer
Deists or Deism by 717% which was the religion of most founding fathers of USA.
Religion 1990 Est. Adult Pop. 2001 Est. Adult Pop. % of U.S. Pop., 2000 % Change 1990 – 2000 Deity (Deist) 6,000 49,000 +717%
Taken from Sullivan county website.
Another answer
According to the ARIS survey, “deity” at a growth rate of 717 is not the fastest growing. “Wiccan” (for example) had a growth rate of 1,550%. In America it was Wicca.

Another answer
By number of new adherents Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world with 30,360,000 new adherents annually (from 2000-2005). This is followed by Islam with 23,000,000 new adherents annually and Hinduism at 13,000,000.

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No, we should not care.

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