Q&A: is there a dating website where they have christian singles?

Question by : is there a dating website where they have christian singles?
i would really want to go out with a girl that is christian is because i am christian

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Answer by Dawnydawnmom
My husband and I met on eHarmony and a friend of mine from college got married eight days ago to someone that she met on eHarmony. Both of us are good Christian women, and so are our husbands. eHarmony asks all sorts of questions, including religious preference ones, in order to match you up. You should give it a shot!

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Anyone know of a website That follows world news on the daily looking for signs of the 2nd coming?

Question by static x: Anyone know of a website That follows world news on the daily looking for signs of the 2nd coming?
I was just wondering, I like to keep up with world news especially all the unique and spectacular current events that point to the 2nd coming.
example of current events:
Food cost crisis (33 countries)
War and rumers of wars
Especially the signs in space

Is there a site that watches these things from a Christian view point?

……….And for those of you that don’t care or believe in any of this stuff……………….I’m not asking you, so please keep your bias comments to yourself.

For those of you that care to help but don’t know of a site………………… if you are one that does your own independant “Christ Watch” I would love to hear any new input.

If you are interested in learning more or like to team up on the research email me I’d love to work others on this.

Ok Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May God’s Will be done in your life and your cup overflow!
Thinking cap never said it would events will take place over time yes but it does say He comes like a theif in the night.
Thinking cap….You see I believe that the whole 2/3 die n and the antichrist ect.. to occur during a 7 year peried in which hasn’t happened and I believe events are leading toward it and Jesus talked about signs coming from the ends of heaven. Today with events and theories of 12,2012 just upon usone can only anticipate and wonder. Example. For the first time in all of history we will be visiting the milky way from upside down which is also the end of the long count calander the mayans made up 1000’s of years ago. Calandor is more accurate then the one we use today.
With Israel in war and even being a state for 60 years seeing no peace and US calling for “two state peace agreement by the end of his term. An agreement that gives the Arabs part of the promise land away from Israel. The Nuclear threat against Israil and Iran are extremely high.What I’m looking for is current events that I believe are leading to a 7 year tribulation period that is about to be upon us.
Note *
I mention A date of great events but I also mention a 7 year tribulation so by no means do I think we can guess the day and hour for no man will know these things. However I believe blessed are the watchers.

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Answer by Thinkin’ Cap
Why do people look at the second coming of Christ as something that is going to happen at the snap of a finger?
There is already so much prophecy that has been fulfilled that leads up to the second coming and it has happened throughout centuries, not overnight. The Lord will come like a thief in the night. The Jews returned to Jerusalem in 1948, Caesar Nero is said to have been the Anti-Christ, The Black Death killed 2/3 of the worlds population. The best thing you can do to be prepared is to live as close to Christ as possible.
Peace be with you!

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What is the most popular Christian Singles website?

Question by ValleyR: What is the most popular Christian Singles website?
I’m looking to meet other Christian singles in my area, but most of the websites I’ve found have only a few members. And I live in a large metro area of the Southwest.

I don’t particularly care for eharmony as it takes HOURS to complete their profile.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by Deus Luminarium
Try christianmingle.com

I’ve met several nice people through their website.

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Q&A: Where is there a totally FREE christian singles website?

Question by TT: Where is there a totally FREE christian singles website?
I was sucked in AGAIN. I get in set up a profile get messages sent to me then I have to buy a subscription before I can send them a message. Do you know how frustrating that is? Is there any website that you can meet a christian, see there profile, send and recieve messages and potentially meet someone nice, completely for FREEEEEEEEEE?

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Answer by rahul_delhi_1986
there are many website like http://www.datingfunda.com/

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Looking for a good Christian Singles Website?

Question by LeighAnnah: Looking for a good Christian Singles Website?
Anyone know of a good Christian Singles website?

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Answer by da big guy
sorry i dont but im a christian and a good guy. check out my question please


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is there a good dating website where they have christian singles?

Question by : is there a good dating website where they have christian singles?
i heard that they are dating websites that have christian singles but i don’t know what the name of it is and i would really want to go out with a girl thats christian is because im christian and if you know what the name of the dating website is that have christian singles then please tell me thank you

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Answer by Joshua
www.eharmony.com (you create a profile and can say christianity is important to you)

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Christian Rock Band Tree63 Interviewed on Christian Music Monthly Website

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) February 11, 2006 -?

The Christian rock group Tree63 was recently interviewed by Mark Weber of ChristianMusicMonthly.com, an international website devoted to Christian and gospel music, and Christian Music Monthly, its accompanying e-zine.

Tree63 is a South African band. They cite U2 as an influence. Their music is considered mainstream in their native land. Now living in Nashville, the band has recently made inroads in the U.S. market with a hit Christian radio song, ?Blessed Be The Name.? The tune is also popular in many churches around the world, with several recording artists having recorded it. Tree63 has made the definitive and most popular version.

?Tree63 is extremely popular,? says Mark Weber, of ChristianMusicMonthly.com. ?They?re very appealing to young people, who are buying their CDs and attending their concerts in droves. I was fortunate to interview the lead singer about a variety of topics.?

With a focus on “artists you know and want to know more about,” Christian Music Monthly, which operates out of Buffalo, New York, as both a website and an e-zine, covers Christian and gospel music’s most popular stars, including Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Kirk Franklin, Nicole C. Mullen, Third Day, Jars Of Clay and others with sales in the millions. It also features up-and-comers and indies, providing readers with news and views about a truly wide variety of recording artists. Christian Music Monthly started out as ?Zeebozine,? with 50 subscribers in 2001. Five years later, the e-zine, renamed Christian Music Monthly, counts over 2,300 subscribers from the U.S., Canada, and many other countries all over the world.

Christian Music Monthly is currently being promoted on radio stations across the U.S. and in Canada.

“DJs are mentioning the website, http://www.christianmusicmonthly.com, on their shows, and some stations are even including the site on their “links” page because they recognize what a valuable resource Christian Music Monthly is,” says Weber. “Best of all, DJs and stations find that Christian Music Monthly is a great source of news they can use on-the-air, for free, and all they have to do is say it came ‘from christianmusicmonthly.com.’ I’m excited that the word is getting out in a big way that Christian Music Monthly has arrived.”

Christian Music Monthly is supported by paid advertising. It?s also linked to http://www.cafepress.com/jesusrocks716, where ?Jesus Rocks? buttons, stickers and t-shirts are selling well.

To read the latest issue(s) of Christian Music Monthly, the ezine, go to http://www.christianmusicmonthly.com and click on the appropriate link. In addition to the interview with Tree63, the website also features several other interview links with artists like Jonah33, BarlowGirl, Nicole C. Mullen, John Tesh, and Martha Munizzi.


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Q&A: What is the best Christian Dating for Free Website?

Question by Paul: What is the best Christian Dating for Free Website?
Hi guys… I have been out of the “dating game” for some time now and recently accepted Jesus into my heart and became a Christian. I would like to find others in my area who share the same faith as I. Which is the best Christian dating Site on the web currently? Bless you

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Answer by Orca
It’s called a church. Maybe they host some events.

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