Q&A: Is it safe for U.S. citizens to visit Australia?

Question by Anonymouseezz: Is it safe for U.S. citizens to visit Australia?
There’s this Yahoo Answers Australian user, Edvard J or something like that, on the religion category and every other answer he has he’s putting down Americans … “Americans are uncivilized” … “Americans are thick” … “Americans aren’t welcome in Australia” … etc, etc, etc. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t care what ONE guy thinks, but this guy is level 7, one of the top contributors in multiple categories and he has dozens of fans. I frequently see comments on here from Australian people saying Americans should accept socialism, ban guns, etc, and that we’re stupid for not being like Australia or whatever. The other day, I was viewing this article on an Australian news website that was comparing this American “tea party” group to the KKK (outright lie), and the comments to the article were ridiculous “America is a Christian theocracy”, “Americans need to be stereilised”, etc, etc, etc.

On THIS category I see comments saying Americans are all stupid, Americans are too conservative, that Obama is stupid, that American Democrats are comparable to some racist group in Australia … WTF? I don’t see any of this sort of stuff on other travel categories.

Can someone explain what the deal is?

And the reason I ask is because I plan(ned) on going to Australia with two friends, but I feel anxious about going now and quite honestly feel like I’d rather not go after seeing all the animosity on here. I haven’t told my friends about this, they don’t use this site or even the internet much so what would they know, but I don’t feel comfortable spending so much money on a trip to the place if that’s how it is.

I do think I have a right to be concerned, considering how much $ $ $ it costs to get to the other side of the world.
Ashlee, if you’ve been taught in school that the U.S. is *still* testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean (we’re not) and you’re presented Michael Moore movies (biased with a political agenda) as pure fact … then the issue is obviously worse than I thought. But thanks for the insightful answer anyways.

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Answer by Skylar
As long as you aren’t rude or insulting towards their customs, and you follow their laws, you shouldn’t have any problems traveling anywhere, keeping in mind events of war, or civil unrest.

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Is the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. wrong? Did you see him on ABC World News Tonight last night?

Question by mouthbreather77: Is the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. wrong? Did you see him on ABC World News Tonight last night?
The story was about the alliance between Israelis and the evangelical Christians because they believe the end of the world has begun. The Israeli ambassador said that Jews don’t have to believe in Jesus until the Messianic age. He said Jews will ask the Messiah “are you coming or returning?” and that “until then we don’t know whether the world will be Christian or Jewish”.

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Answer by Daniel ben Yeshia
Both believe in a Messiah.

I even had a friend who recently returned from Jerusalem and was praying at the Kotel (Wailing Wall) who said he overheard another man pray “O L-rd, send Messiah now! O Messiah come quickly, even if you are Jesus”. Obviously, he doesn’t speak for the majority of Judaism, nevertheless the feeling is there.

Judaism believes in 2 Messiahs. The first is Messiah ben Joseph (Messiah the son of Joseph) who would be like Joseph in Egypt, but would be killed. Joseph, if you recall was hidden from his brothers, they thought he was Tzafnaspenach, an Egyptian. And yet, even when his identity was hidden from them, he still saved them from the 7 years of famine. (Compare to the Christians 7 years of Tribulation.) The revelation that this pagan was not a pagan and was actually their brother didn’t come until the 2nd year of that time of tribulation and famine.

The other Messiah is Messiah ben David who reigns over all the earth in the time of Geulah (Redemption). Judaism teaches that Messiah ben David comes just after the battle in which Messiah ben Joseph is killed.

So the main difference is that 2000 years ago there were some Jews who believed that Yeshua (Iesus in Greek) was Messiah ben Joseph and that he would return one day as Messiah ben David – 2 Messiahs in 1 person. The rest of Judaism believes in 2 different Messiahs that are 2 different persons. The exception to this being a small subset of the Chabad Lubavitch movement who believes that their last Rebbe died as Messiah ben Joseph and will one day return as Messiah ben David. Some of them even claim that the Rebbe was “the L-rd incarnate”! That becomes scary similar to Christian belief.

The nature of Messiah is revealed in Torah and the Prophets. Both Christians and Jews are waiting for Messiah to come and reign. The main difference that I see is that the Jesus of Christianity they say came to do away with the law (the Torah), while the Messiah of Judaism will be one who upholds the Torah and establishes it. So Christians are expecting to follow after a ruler that is a man of lawlessness. (Which, oddly enough, is a description their Bible uses for the “Anti-Christ”.) So Christians are likely to be decieved in the time of trouble that preceeds the arrival of Messiah and will follow after a false leader.

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Why a Post-Mubarak Egypt Matters to the U.S.

Why a Post-Mubarak Egypt Matters to the U.S.
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Digital Praise to Exhibit in the Focus on the Family Booth at CBA International 2004; Christian Game Developer to Unveil Two New Interactive Game Titles to Assist Christian Booksellers in Capitalizing on the $7 Billion U.S. Entertainment Software Industry

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2004 –

Â? Digital Praise Inc. announced today that it will exhibit in the Focus on the Family booth (number 1621) at this yearÂ?s CBA International show in Atlanta. During the event, the company will offer attendees an exclusive sneak peak of two new and exciting interactive computer games based on the ever-popular Adventures in Odyssey radio program. The titlesÂ?Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of the Spirit and Adventures in Odyssey and the Treasure of the IncasÂ?were announced today in a separate, joint release by Digital Praise and Focus on the Family.

Christian Games: An Opportunity for Christian Booksellers

An enormous appetite exists for Christian entertainment in various forms. The recent success of Christian music, books, movies, television and art all testify to the importance of Christian content in all media. There is also evident growth in the U.S. entertainment software industryÂ?up 8% in sales to $ 7 billion in 20031. Recognizing growth in both the Christian entertainment and the software entertainment markets, Digital Praise predicts healthy demand in the emerging interactive Christian games market.

Â?Interactive Christian games represent a burgeoning market, with annual sales estimates ranging between $ 100 and $ 200 million,Â? said Tom Bean, president and CEO of Digital Praise. Â?Industry executives compare the increasing demand for Christian computer games today with the growth in Christian music seen in years past. Our goal is to provide top-quality titles that will allow Christian booksellers to take full advantage of the huge opportunity that the Christian games market presents.Â?

Â?Adventures in Odyssey is one of the strongest entertainment brands among Christian families,Â? said Michael Sparks, manager of Christian Book Center in Newark, CA. Â?With the combination of this hugely popular brand and a growing interest in interactive Christian games, I expect the new Adventures in Odyssey titles from Digital Praise to be among my best-selling software titles, especially as the Christmas season approaches.Â?

Adventures in Odyssey and the Sword of the Spirit and Adventures in Odyssey the Treasure of the Incas are designed for ages 8 and up, and each promises hours of exciting game play. Expected to be available this fall for both the PC and Macintosh platforms, the games emphasize challenging, fun game play in a context that reinforces personal virtue and family values such as cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness. Each title is priced at $ 29.95 (MSRP).

Resellers interested in more information about Digital Praise and the new Adventures in Odyssey interactive computer games can contact 510-770-0244 or sales@digitalpraise.com.

About Digital Praise Inc.

Digital Praise (www.digitalpraise.com) is an independent developer and publisher of interactive Christian games for kids, teens, adults and parents. The company produces games that are designed for families looking to enjoy interactive entertainment software that promotes virtues and family values like cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and kindness, without the violence, hatred, horror and sex that fills computer gaming today. The companyÂ?s goal is to equivocate the Digital Praise brand with Â?just good clean fun.Â? Focus on the Family has granted Digital Praise the rights to publish interactive games based on its world-renowned radio program, Adventures in Odyssey. The company is located in Fremont, CA.

1 Â? Entertainment Software Association.

Digital Praise is a trademark of Digital Praise Inc. Adventures in Odyssey is a registered trademark of Focus on the Family. All other trademarks and trade names are hereby recognized and may be registered to their respective owners.

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Patrick Crisp, Velocity Public Relations             



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