Religion Today : March 5

Religion Today : March 5
Religion Today is a listing of special events held at Racine County churches and is published every Saturday in Faith & Community. Notices of regularly scheduled services and sermon topics are not used. Announcements must arrive by noon Wednesday to be considered for publication the following Saturday, as space permits. Submit information to The Journal Times Online Calendar at www …
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Statement by Ambassador Kelly on Freedom of Religion in OSCE
Over the course of the last 12 months, the United States has taken the opportunity to address in the Permanent Council a number of issues thematically concerning implementation of our commitments. We have done so on Media Freedom, on Trafficking in Human Beings and on Corruption issues.

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Q&A: Siddhartha Gautama founded what has today become a major world religion. What religion did he found and where?

Question by Jonny Q: Siddhartha Gautama founded what has today become a major world religion. What religion did he found and where?
Siddhartha Gautama founded what has today become a major world religion. What religion did he found and where?
peanutz.. apparently u are a snobbish arrogant fool. if you think so high of urself.. why dont u answer all my qns.
nobody has got the exact place yet.

Best answer:

Answer by Askme
In india..gaya?

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If World religion should lose its hold on the people today, would you be financially affected?

IF WORLD religion should lose its hold on the people today, would you be financially affected? Think carefully. If religion went out of business, would it affect your business or livelihood? You have to take into consideration, especially if you live in Christendom, the Christmas shopping season, you have to consider Easter with its incentive for new attire for the “Easter parade,” you need to think of all the exchange and employment in the sale of candles, images, crosses, religious objects, church construction and furniture, church weddings, funerals and the like. In fact, what activity of life is there, from the cradle to the grave, where the church does not have some influence, and most of these things with a cost attached? Many people, merchants particularly, think of the great religious holidays first in terms of the commercial aspect, the shopping and gift-giving and the like, before they do the religious even greater influence in a commercial way has been exercised by world religion as it has had to do with the control of business. In whole countries, states and provinces the dominant religion often holds a large share of industry and business. Religion is often the factor that determines the individual’s business opportunities and employment. There is no denying that the religion of this world has catered to those members of its churches who are most influential in business. The concern has not been ‘How did a man get his money?’ but ‘Does he have it?’ Religion of this world has always had riches. In pagan lands as well as even in some controlled by Christendom, the poor are in poverty while the temples of religion are filled with objects of gold. Many of the temples and churches have spires, domes and the like that are covered with gold, making the building the most magnificent one in the community.
With these facts in mind isn’t it more obvious that the Bible is absolutely true when it describes what the fall of this great religious empire will mean. Rev. 18:11-17?