Author Alan Anderson?s New Children?s Book Celebrates the Christmas Spirit

MURRAY, Utah (PRWEB) December 20, 2011

For many people, the Christmas season is a time of happiness, family and celebration. This is especially true for Alan Anderson. In his new book, The Christmas Sleigh (published by WestBow Press), Anderson weaves his fond memories of Christmas into a children?s story book that is sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit.

The Christmas Sleigh tells the story of a young girl who is out on the town celebrating Christmas. Her parents, who are separated, put aside their differences for the evening on behalf of their daughter. While on a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the park, the friendly driver tells an exciting Christmas story about his own life which in the end has a magical affect on his customers.

Tommy the Christmas sleigh driver only seeks to make his passengers happy, an outlook on life that Anderson hopes will touch readers. ?It is a story that can have great affect upon anyone willing to listen and apply, but there is more to him than meets they eye and Anya comes to learn his secret.?

?Happiness cannot be found in seeking after selfish pleasures,? says Anderson, ?it can only be found as one puts forth sincere effort to make others happy.?

About the Author

Alan Anderson lives in Salt Lake City. Since his youth he has loved writing stories and drawing pictures, although this is his first attempt to share one of his stories with the public. He loves everything about Christmas ? the lights, the music, the decorations, family, snow, giving gifts, the celebration of the birth of our Savior. Anderson contends that when we care about others, life becomes richer.

WestBow Press is a strategic self-publishing alliance of Thomas Nelson, Inc., the world?s largest Christian publisher, and Author Solutions, Inc. (ASI) ? the world leader in the popular self-publishing industry segment. Through this partnership, authors benefit from the rich publishing heritage of Thomas Nelson and the speed-to-market advantages of the ASI self-publishing model. Titles published through WestBow Press are evaluated for sales potential and considered for publication under the Thomas Nelson imprint. Thomas Nelson, Inc. continues to ?inspire the world? with distribution of products in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, or to start publishing today, visit or call (866)-928-1240. Follow us @westbowpress on Twitter for the latest news.


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Religion and Ruling Spirit Divided the World

Religion and ruling spirit divided the world.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

If we have a deep study of today, we shall come to know that this world has been divided by two main forces. These two forces are (1) religion and (2) ruling spirit. The world is divided in the following religious groups:-



(3)Christians and

(4)people who do not believe in religions.

And similarly the people who want to rule they have established separate countries and they are protecting themselves and their right to rule their own area. Some countries have established democracies, but still the ruling classes are functioning on the same pattern as their forefathers had been ruling us. The are not true representatives of the people of the country they rule because they are alive with the same spirit of rajas, maharajas, monarchs and the imperialists. These politicians are a separate sets of people who have adopted this line of politicians as a profession, trade, calling and employment. They spend on election and take these investments as trade investments and once they get power, they start recollecting what they had spent on election and purchase of party tickets. Therefore, though these establishments are called democracies, actually there is nothing democratic in these establishments because they snatch away most of the wealth of the people and they become rich and powerful. Therefore, it is in their own interest that they should keep the people divided. The British government in India invented the concept of ‘divide and rule’ and even after democracy the people are being divided and that is the reason, these people are getting votes and they are ruling us. Since in each country there are elections and the people elect their rulers with their own votes, therefore, the people are now left with no other alternative but to vote after each spell of five years or more and they are invited to cast their votes and then go back to suffer for another term of five years or more.

The ruling sets of people want that the people should remain divided and that is the reason they are able to elect a cause of action. They know that people could be divided on the basis of religion and that is the reason they are dividing the people on the basis of religions. We know that even this whole world has been divided on the basis of religions and some religions are at war. One group is showing its power in direct attacks and the other group has adopted the path of indirect path. One is attacking in direct wars and the other is attacking in indirect wars i.e. the path of terrorism and we have noted that both the groups are killing innocent people who have got no interest in the people who are attacking directly and the people who are attacking indirectly.

The people of the world know these two groups and they also know that they are not in a position to have liberty from these two forces and that is the reason they remain silent. We are having such instances in our own country when fake encounters and terrorism both are functioning with speed and we have killed lacs of our own people with our own hands and we all know that the people who had been killed by these two forces were totally innocent people. But the people of India are helpless and they are not in a position to stop these two forces. And similarly the people are silent when one country is attacking another country and the people in other countries are replying through terrorism.

We have noted that both the politicians and the fundamentalists had their ways in 1947 in Hindustan when about 8,00,000people were killed and about 11,00,00,000 people had been forced to migrate and it is on record that all these deaths and all these migrations had not been noted down in history books and none spoke about the people who had been killed because of wrong decisions of the ruling classes i.e. the politicians.This 1947 tragedy could be designated as the biggest tragedy in the world, but it had been allowed to go away without notice. The people who got an opportunity to rule have repeatedly said that the independence had been got without shedding blood. This is the biggest satire on those who had been killed or who had to migrate to unknown places. So the heart of these ruling classes works like this and therefore, the people of the world should not expect anything better from these politicians.

The politicians shall keep the people divided in religions and they shall be ruling us and therefore, there are no chances that this world shall become one world with one government. The politicians would never allow the people to join in a common religion and they shall make it sure that people shall remain fighting on the basis of religions.


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Let Us Adopt True Spirit Of Religion

Let us adopt true spirit of religion

                         Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

         This world had been divided into different religions and people have also been divided and now no authority on this earth is in a position to collect all the people of the world in one religion.  Different religions had been taking their birth at different places and in different times and that is the reason they have got different names.  But we must accept that basic principles of all the religions are the same.  All the religions are giving guidelines of the same kind to this man, but instead of adopting those guidelines, this man had been dividing this earth into different religions and if we go deep and read the history of this man, most of the wars had been fought on the basis of religions and if this man had been killing the other man, that too had been on the basis religions.  We have seen that the man had been dividing itself into religions and this process had proved bad for the man.  Religions had been established to guide the man and the religions never desired that the man must divide because of these religions.

                    But the true fact is this that these religions could not play a constructive role in the life of this man.  Even at present the world is divided because of religions and we have seen that one set of people are turning terrorists and one set of people are turning rioters.  The terrorists and rioters are at war and both are killing innocent people.  Even direct wars are like riots because one set of people go and kill the other set of people only because they are declared as terrorists.  Even in India we have seen that when the Sikhs were declared terrorists, they were given reply through riots of November, 1984 and muslims got reply through Gujarat riots.  Similarly we can note attack on Afghanistan and Iraq. 

               Religions might have served this mankind in the beginning, but at present these religions have divided this mankind and this division and distribution of this population is very dangerous for the mankind.  If this division continues, we shall lose the spirit of secularism and we must accept that tolerance shall be wiped out from this world.  The world is at war and even Muslims are thinking that they should join and establish a Muslim state in one part of the world and they have at target all muslim states even India where they believe that a big population of Muslims is available.  This Kasnir problem is also based on religion because Pakistan believes that if there is Plebiscite in Kashmir most of the Muslims shall not give votes in favour of India which they take up that it is not a Muslim country.

                 India is facing problems because of different religions and even Sikhs tried for the establishment of Khalistan and failed.  We have seen that some local people are giving shelter, accommodation, money, men, local information and hiding places after the operation and a small set of people coming from Pakistan, now are reaching every part of India.  So these religious trends are dividing this country once again

                    So religions are not playing a good role and even the next step at world level seem that they shall be establishing countries on religious levels and one set of countries shall become Christian, another set of countries shall become Muslim and the third could be of Dalits.  This third front may not come into existence, but the first two seems a reality.

                So the religions are not taking us to God, but on the basis of religions we shall be establishing countries  and basic principles of religions shall be lost for ever.

                                                     101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala




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Get in the Holiday Spirit as Cloud 9 Games Introduces Heavenly Harmony Christmas Classics

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 19, 2007

Cloud 9 Games, Inc., a leading Christian game developer, announced today that it will take its Christian karaoke game to another level with the debut of Heavenly Harmony Christmas Classics. Featuring 20 of the greatest Christmas songs ever written, Heavenly Harmony Christmas Classics will be the first music expansion pack for the world’s first interactive Christian karaoke game.

“Everybody likes to sing Christmas songs, whether they are young or old, Christian or not. These songs are without a doubt some of the most popular and well-known songs in the world,” stated Jennifer Ratica, Marketing Director for Cloud 9 Games, Inc. “Christmas is the time of year when family members unite from all over the world. What could be more fun, entertaining and rewarding than to gather the family, pass the mic around, sing, laugh and enjoy each other’s company?”

Heavenly Harmony Christmas Classics Music Expansion Pack #1 includes the following songs:

·    “Away In A Manger”

·    “Carol Of The Bells”

·    “Deck The Halls”

·    “Do You Hear What I Hear”

·    “The First Noel”

·    “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

·    “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

·    “Here We Come A Caroling”

·    “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”

·    “Jingle Bells”

·    “Joy To The World”

·    “O Holy Night”

·    “O Little Town Of Bethlehem”

·    “Oh Christmas Tree”

·    “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”

·    “Silent Night”

·    “We Three Kings”

·    “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”

·    “What Child Is This”

·    “Twelve Days Of Christmas”

Heavenly Harmony Christmas Classics is available for a suggested retail price of $ 19.95 at Christian retail stores or online at

Heavenly Harmony Karaoke and Vocal Performance Game is the only Christian karaoke computer game series in the world. It offers an unparalleled interactive music computer game experience that not only scores players on their singing pitch and rhythm but also displays the exact note they are singing and the note they should be singing. Using the hand-held microphone (included), players can sing to their favorite tunes as the amazing pitch-recognition technology displays their pitch accuracy in real-time, helping them stay on pitch and on time. Players unlock clothing options for their characters and move on to bigger and better performance venues as their singing skills improve. Heavenly Harmony also includes mini-games/activities to help aspiring singers improve their vocals as well as 25 great Christian songs to perform. These songs are a mixture of hymns, praise and worship, and contemporary Christian.

About Cloud 9 Games, Inc.

Cloud 9 Games, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is an independent developer and publisher of Christian entertainment software. Founded by a veteran of the video game industry, Cloud 9 Games is leading the way in creating quality Christian entertainment software for all ages to enjoy. Investment opportunities are currently available. Contact Curtis Ratica at curtis @ for more details.

Contact Information:

For additional information or to order products, visit

or contact directly

Cloud 9 Games, Inc.


info @

©2007 Cloud 9 Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Heavenly Harmony is a trademark of Cloud 9 Games, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners

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‘Travel with Spirit’ Delivers Inspirational Travel Tips and Resources for Christian Television Viewers

Huntington Beach, Calif. (PRWEB) August 10, 2009

Travel Network Group LLC, a leading provider of faith-based travel media and resources, announced today the launch of Travel with Spirit, a new television show focused on inspirational family travel. The show is broadcast on network television and the web, and leads the industry as the first and only Christian travel television show.

Travel with Spirit is produced by Travel Network Group LLC, the publisher of Travel with Spirit magazine and producer of Travel with Spirit radio. The Travel with Spirit brand has served the needs of Christian travelers, the fastest-growing segment of travel consumers, for three years.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to share exciting travel, mission and ministry content from all over the world, exclusively for the Christian consumer and group leader,” said Honnie Korngold, creator, producer and host of Travel with Spirit. “We’re the first show to combine the world of faith with travel, and we’ll be sharing some really remarkable journeys that will touch the hearts of our viewers, and inspire them to embark on their own spirit-filled adventures.”

Travel with Spirit is a faith-based, family-friendly television series that promotes exciting, inspirational travel destinations in the United States and throughout the world. With a keen focus on enriching experiences, the half-hour lifestyle series showcases places, cruises, tours and other travel products that bring Christian travelers’ faith alive. Each show also features interviews from travel experts, pastors, authors and music artists, all with unique insights into the Christian travel perspective.

“The Travel with Spirit brand has helped evolve the general perception of faith-based travel ,” said Korngold. “For many Christian travelers, their perspective has been limited to Holy Land trips and mission trips. Our goal has been to partner with travel industry leaders to share the most unique aspects of destinations that Christian consumers are familiar with, as well as open their eyes to the vast array of faith-based travel options that are available to them. Our new television show is just another way that we’re able to successfully accomplish that.”

Travel with Spirit viewers will experience the charm of European Christmas markets, the serenity of intimate river cruises and the excitement of Africa and China. Scheduled guests include Larry Ritter, president of Christian Holy Land Tours, Hyatt Moore, ‘The Barefoot Artist’, Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, and Grammy® Award-winning gospel recording artist, CeCe Winans.

Travel with Spirit is currently broadcast on the Inspiration Network’s i-Lifetv, Sky Angel’s Angel Two, the NRB Network, and on the show’s website at Past episodes are available for viewing in the show’s archives, also on the site.

“We’re looking forward to feedback from our viewers on their favorite episodes, as well as their ideas for future shows,” said Korngold. “We’re also thrilled about deepening our brand’s relationship with leaders in the travel industry and helping them connect to Christian travelers and church groups seeking service-focused firms to assist them with their travel needs.”

For more information, visit Check the website or local listings for airdates and times. Contact the Travel Network Group at 888-518-7571or 714-442-9973 (outside the U.S.) for advertising or sponsorship inquiries.     

Note to the media: Honnie Korngold is available for in-studio and phone interviews on topics relating to the travel industry, Christian travelers and faith-based travel. She can also provide tips for Christian travelers for feature or developing news stories.     

About Travel Network Group

The publisher of Travel with Spirit is Travel Network Group LLC, a group of companies that includes Christian Travel Finder. Its primary mission is to help Christians experience a deeper relationship with God through meaningful travel. Visit Travel Network Group LLC on the web at

About Travel with Spirit

Travel with Spirit is the flagship television show from the Travel Network Group LLC, also the producer of Travel with Spirit radio and publisher of Travel with Spirit magazine. The show highlights exciting travel, mission and ministry content from all over the world exclusively for the Christian consumer. It also features interviews from travel experts, pastors, authors and music artists, all from a Christian travel perspective. Visit Travel with Spirit on the web at

For more information, contact:

Sara Kew, Media Relations

(888) 518-7571 x215

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